Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Botox Nation

I was born with crows feet-- Those nasty, deep, sunburst wrinkles engraving the corners of my eyes.  You can actually see them in my baby pictures, as well as my high school senior class photo, my various head shots for business, my wedding pics and even my reflection in shop windows on the street.  Seriously!  Thanks to high cheek bones these babies are "crater crows" stretching all the way to my jaw line.  Despite dunking my face nightly in wrinkle creams and anti-aging lotions, they still continue to spread-- like wild fire.  And, they've always really bugged me.

I met my Botox doc a few years ago when I decided it was time for a little nip tuck to surgically erase all age lines from my face. Leave it to me to find the only Beverly Hills plastic surgeon NOT to recommend surgery! Instead, he turned me onto Botox with the promise that he'd tell me when it was time to go under the knife.  Now, I'm a card carrying member of the Botox Nation and proud of it!

Please spare me the lecture about what I'm injecting into my face.  I've already heard it a million times.  Botox is my drug of choice and I'd rather live in my car then part with it.

In the interest of full disclosure, injections also include my brow lines but-- No, my face is NOT frozen and expressionless. My crows feet and brow lines are so frigging deep there's not enough Botox on the planet to completely erase these lines.  But they are "softened" and not nearly as scary.  When I hear snide remarks about "frozen Botox faces" you can easily tell by my furrowed brow and crinkled eyes that mine are not included in the analysis.  It's an injection, not plaster!

In my quest to be a "new 40-something", Botox is part of my bag of tricks along with massive quantities of skin care products. Maybe it's not for everyone but I look more rested and feel less self-conscious than without it. So no wise cracks please-- No pun intended!

What's in your bag of beauty tricks?
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  1. But does it hurt? I'm afraid of needles. Yikes!

  2. Dear Midlife Mama: I have two words for you-- NUMBING CREAM! Insist on it and it's totally painless :-)

  3. Botox rocks! I can't live without it!!! You go girl.


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