Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aging Successfully

When 99 is the new 79!

Did you ever notice how some people just have "it"?  They are smart, interesting and have a great sense of humor.  They're the ones who are attractive, accomplished AND humble.  I have a friend like that and he just celebrated his 99th birthday.  Yep, NINETY-NINE big ones!  But, if you didn't know better, you'd swear he was only 79.

We're great friends and have been for years.  We talk at least once a week and have lunch every other week.  It's hard to get on his busy schedule so I plan ahead and always make a date, on our date, for our next date.  

When we're together, I secretly study him to try and figure out what his secret to "it" is and in doing so, wonder how the heck I can get "it" too.

His memory is better then mine ever was.  He swims every day and travels extensively.  And yes, he dates, a lot-- some pretty hot ladies who fall into the "80 is the new 70" category I might add.

I think his secret to aging is to always keep his mind busy.  We've all heard that before.  But how many of you know a 99 year old who's a whiz on the computer, attends 4-5 evening music concerts a week, sits on the Board of Directors to multiple major organizations, attends a variety of lectures each month AND has a great family life?  I'm telling you, this guy is way beyond Suduko!  He is serious about staying active, alert and loving life.

Today I discovered a new wrinkle and started to feel sorry for myself.  But I thought of my cool, older gentleman friend and turned off the magnifying mirror, turned on some classical music (his fave) and danced around the room.  Then, I attempted the New York Times Crossword Puzzle-- in ink!

What's your secret to staying young?
Welcome to  -  Joanna

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  1. if only we could clone him and use his youthful genes....

    that is pretty amazing. He is much busier than I have ever been, but it seems to keep him young. This post was written a couple of years ago. Is he still with us?


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