Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fully Accessorized

Living in Los Angeles and being close to the entertainment industry, I've seen more than my share of rich fashionistas strutting their stuff.  They seem to be everywhere-- And not just on Rodeo Drive or at The Beverly Hills Hotel.  They're at the grocery store, the pharmacy, even the gas station-- all dressed to the hilt and fully accessorized as if they walked off the pages of a trendy fashion magazine.

Impeccable high-end designer clothing, gorgeous shoes, expensive handbags and perfectly coiffed hair and make-up, not to mention to-die-for jewelry-- are the norm for these gals-- Along with youth and beauty, of course.

Me? Most days I'm in Levi jeans, a white blouse, preferably without my lunch splattered on it, and comfortable shoes.  I carry the same blue backpack style purse regardless of what I'm wearing, and unless it's cold out, I don't even wear a scarf let alone "accessories".  No designer labels in sight and for the most part, I'm perfectly okay with that.  But I admit these totally put together ladies can be intimidating on occasion.

As if I'm not "fashion challenged" enough, I've discovered it's increasingly popular to have your house decked out in designer accessories too!
Case in point.  This little Fiat 500 Gucci car that is always sparkling clean and parked fashionably in front of my neighbor's house.

Seriously-- See those green and red strips-- That's signature Gucci.  On.  A.  Car!

Since I don't have a Gucci handbag it's doubtful I'll ever have a Gucci Fiat parked in my driveway but the bar in da 'hood has been raised. 

Maybe I'll plant some geraniums and call us even.  Ha!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ho Ho Huh?

It's not the season for Santa yet, although I have already seen TV Christmas commercials from K-Mart.  (Grrrrr!)  But apparently it is time for Jolly Old St. Nick to audition at 20th Century Fox Studios near our home.  Who knows what for, (a movie perhaps?) but these guys were leaving the Studio on Thursday and walking up the main boulevard this past week.  Like any (crazy) dedicated blogger, I pulled over and asked to take their picture.  By the way, it was 87 degrees that day!

I hope no kids saw them because it would really burst their bubble to learn Santa drives a blue Honda SUV.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Lost In The Parking Garage

When the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, I had to remind myself that I had an 8 o'clock training session at the Apple Store.  Mornings are not my fave time of day and kick-starting my brain for a computer class was not high on my priority list.  But, if you've ever been in an Apple Store, you know the place is usually always crowded and loud-- but not at 8AM before the store opens, thus my appointment.

The store is located in an upscale, outdoor shopping mall and also includes a high end grocery store plus a massive, multi-level, underground parking garage that I many or may not have been lost in a few hundred times over the years.

My session was going along swimmingly and I was picking up bits and pieces of info on my new MacBook Pro (which I LOVE!) when a lovely woman, probably in her 70s-- gorgeous actually, and very elegant-- came into the store clearly upset.  She reminded me of Catherine Deneuve and had the same lovely accent that sounds like a delicious melody despite her unsettled demeanour.

Apparently the woman had had an Apple training session the night before. Afterward she packed up her laptop and stopped by the grocery store.  After filling her cart with food for the week, she skipped the valet parking attendants who help load your groceries into your car and opted to do it herself.

Somehow in the process, she forgot to take her laptop out of the "kid's seat" in the front of the cart and drove off with her computer still in the cart in the parking garage.  She didn't realize her mistake until well after she'd driven home, unloaded her groceries, cooked dinner and had a bath.  In other words, there wasn't a  snowball's chance in hell she would drive back to the mall and still find her cart with the laptop.

Many frantic phone calls to the grocery store and mall security to no avail, she was at the Apple Store bright and early in hopes that some upstanding citizen might have found it, done the right thing, and dropped the laptop off at the Apple Store.

That did not happen.

So there she was, disappointed, upset and embarrassed by her mistake.  The Apple guy, as they always are, was fabulous and helped her "lock her computer" so who ever had it wouldn't be able to use it.  This process included typing a message to appear on the screen telling the thief where to return her computer.

The Apply guy typed with purpose, almost pounding on the keys-- in all bold letters as if to make a stern "I really mean it!" statement.


The lovely French woman thought about it for a moment and said in her elegant voice, "That seems rather harsh."  The Apple guy, who was about 22 justified his strong message and commented that he left out a few choice words.

The woman stepped in, erased his message and typed...

Would you please be so kind as to return my computer to the Apple Store at --- mall.  If that is not possible, would you please take a moment and email the photos of my darling grandchildren that can be found in iPhoto to (email address).  I would be most appreciative.
Thank you.

In all honesty, I doubt the computer or photos will ever be seen again but I was impressed by how this lovely woman kept her grace even under difficult circumstances.

If it was me, I'd have said something like...

If you can read message you have my computer which means...

1) Are a really, really great person trying to find the rightful owner. (Me!)  Your karma will be off the carts fantastic if you would kindly return it to the Apple Store.  Please and thank you very much!

2) You've already hacked into my accounts and stolen my identity which means you're greatly disappointed in my net worth and music selection on iTunes.

3) You've wiped my cherished photos clean and already sold the laptop on eBay-- You suck-- Plain and simple.  If your mother knew, she'd slap you across the face and kick you to the curb.

4) Your conscious is eating away at your brain and if you don't do the right thing by returning my laptop, locus, lice, and bedbugs will arrive at your doorstep and in your car before the sun sets.  Seriously.  There's still time to save yourself by returning my computer.  (Pretty please.)

5) If you don't return my computer, for the rest of your life you will know you are a dirty, rotten, thief and you will never, ever, be able to wash that stink off. 

So please, PLEASE, drop off my computer ASAP before you hear the locus buzzing.

What would you say?
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Photo credit: © Luis Louro -

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Shoe Shopping

There are usually two grueling, unbearably hot weeks in Southern California when I wish I had air conditioning and/or lived somewhere else-- like in a place where it was starting to feel like Fall.   This is one of those weeks.  As if on cue when the calendar turned to September, SoCal is getting blasted with a gigantic heatwave with temps teetering near 100 for the foreseeable future.

I'm spending a lot of time in the pool-- So much time I'm beginning to resemble a prune.

What I'd rather be doing is tossing the flip flops into the back of my closet while I'm pulling out sweaters and shoes and all things cozy.

Actually what I'd rather be doing is shoe shopping-- cuz this girl can always shop for shoes-- in a well air conditioned mall!

But "shoe shopping" has new meaning now with my acting feet requiring more "sensible" shoes.  Sensible does not make shoe shopping nearly as fun as it used to and honestly was a little depressing.  I was instantly shorter without my high heels and dressed a little more matronly than my 55 year old self preferred.

I must have complained about my aching foot and new-- ahem, "fashion style", or lack thereof, a bit too much (sorry about that) because the nice folks at Dansko contacted me and asked if I'd try out a pair of shoes from their lovely new Fall collection.  "Heck yes!" I said and these beauties arrived in my mailbox.

Pretty cute for a pair of "good for you" shoes, don't you think!?!  It's the Dansko Franka cross-strap low cut bootie with a 3 1/2 heel and their signature cushioned footbed.  Man-oh-man, are they comfortable!
I'm loving feeling taller again and, dare I say, far hipper in my new booties.  As soon as things cool off in these parts, I'll be wearing them with an outfit like this....  It gives me something to look forward too as this is really how I used to dress.  Kinda classic, kinda hip and able to dress up or down with jewelry.

I'm so happy!

Thanks to Dansko for the cool shoes!  You can find them and all the Dansko styles HERE or HERE on Facebook.  Or, if you're far more techno savvy then me, you can follow then on Twitter @Dansko

Are you ready to dress for Fall?
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