Monday, October 26, 2015

A Great Big Country Wedding

A full heart, one that you can actually feel expanding in your chest, with joyful tears pouring out of your eyes, doesn't happen every day.  At least not for me.

I am incredibly blessed to have a great big family that brings me much joy.   And a recent wedding of my baby sister's oldest daughter gathered our entire family together and still has my heart overflowing.

My niece, the recent graduate of Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University, (I've bragged about her before in this space.) tied the knot with the love of her life.

Despite college graduation and State Vet exams, packing up her Columbus, Ohio apartment and moving to Kentucky where her husband is in school, starting her first job as a Vet, starting an awesome pet accessory business AND getting married, all in the span of two very short weeks, this was one cool and very happy, drama-free Bride who, along with her equally happy Groom, paid attention to every detail of the wedding planning including making many of the table decorations.

Our Bride is a country girl-- always has and always will be one-- Same goes for her Groom.  So a country themed wedding was a natural choice for them and both participated in making the details and special touches happen-- Like the Groom cutting down a tree on his family's property to make the wood table chargers and decor.  The dads helped with the engraving to make it a total family affair.

Giving their guests a memento to help remember their special day was also a top priority and these were engraved with their own hands.  The mugs doubled as their table numbers cards too.

The "guest book" below was another personal touch by the Groom that turned out great.

You can't have a wedding without flowers and the Bride made her bouquet special with photo charms  in memory her grandparents and her aunt and uncle.

The Bride had her wedding band, her mother's and her grandmothers' rings with her as well.

As I looked through the hundred of photos from the photographer, I laughed and smiled and shed more than a few tears.  They reminded me of a beautifully perfect day, of the happiness and the wonderful life these "kids" will have together, of the loved ones who watched all the festivities from heaven, and of my deep, deep love of family.

I will always remember catching this glimpse of a quiet moment between the Bride and her three sisters.

But of all the memories, the one moment from the entire day that is etched in my brain forever was when...

The Bride was walking down the aisle with her dad and got close enough to make eye contact with her mother... And how very much the Bride looks like our mother.

Aren't weddings grand!

Welcome to  -  Joanna Jenkins
Photo Credit: Hurley Photography
Flowers by: Bouts and Bouquets Geneva, Ohio

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dr. Who and the Tardis Quilt

Dr. Who collectables scatter my godson's bedroom and Tardis comments pepper his conversation on a regular basis.  I've never seen an entire episode (Shh, don't tell!) but-- I can assure you, Godson has seen them ALL and he and his friends LOVE the show.

Over the years I've searched far and wide for Dr. Who collectibles and treats, picking them up in my travels and hoping it's something he doesn't already have.

This year, I'm pretty sure his upcoming birthday will make me a bit of a hero, if I do say so myself.

This is what I made for him...

(It took a while to put together using the Relatively Dimensional quilt pattern by Hunter's Design Studio.  I made the border slightly larger using Quilter's Linen Metallic-- the solids are Kona Cotton. All are from my favorite fabric store-- Sew Modern in Los Angeles.)

While working on the quilt, I tried to subtly drill Godson about specifics on the Tardis so I could quilt it as "real" as possible.  That process was a bit like pulling teeth but in the end, I figured out enough to give it a go...

Late in the game I learned there is some sort of round seal so I winged it to give the very basic "idea" of where it belongs.

Spoonflower was my source for the printed panels.  Info for that was included in the pattern.

I'll give the quilt wrapped with popcorn and all the goodies to go with an evening of Dr. Who binge watching with his friends.

The quilt has been washed so it's super soft and crinkly, which I love.  And it'll get even better with each washing.

Happy Birthday to my favorite Dr. Who fan!

Welcome to  -  Joanna Jenkins