Sunday, February 22, 2009

Barbie and the Academy Awards

So our doll Barbie is turning 50 years old in March!  Can you believe it?  She's 50 and her breasts are still high, her mascara still thick and her legs are still long and lean.  I wonder if she's having hot flashes yet?

I wish I still had my Mattel Barbie Dolls from the 1960s. I'd sell them on eBay and put the loot towards the full body lift I've been dreaming about.  After all, I grew up thinking Barbie had the perfect body and longed to look like her.

When I was a girl, I loved the evening gowns Barbie wore.  I'd change her outfits all day long and never get tired.  The "mermaid" or "fishtail" gowns we my favorites.  So were the great big, fluffy, layered gowns.

I saw several Barbie gown knock-offs at the Academy Awards tonight.  Did you?  With all due respect to the designers, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a stunning Barbie gown.  It was so big and full.  She looked like Princess Barbie only with better hair.  And Miley Cyrus was Sweet Sixteen Barbie in her ball gown.  I wonder if she ever played with Barbies?

Teen sensation, Vanessa Hudgens, was wearing a black Barbie mermaid dress, or rather the dress was wearing her.  It was a very big and very mature dress for such a little girl.  Maybe she wants to grow up to be Barbie? And, Beyonce rocked the Kodak Theater Red Carpet in her black and gold Barbie mermaid gown. What a body on that girl!

But it was the lovely Penelope Cruz that took my prize for "Best Barbie Dress" of the night, although her dress is actually 10 years older than Barbie!  Yep, Miss Penelope wore a 60 year old vintage Balmain ball gown when she nabbed the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Vicky Christina Barcelona".  I just love that she recycles.

Hats off to all the ladies tonight.  Dressing for the Oscars is a seriously big job-- Even for Barbie.

Who wore your favorite dress at the Oscars?
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