Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fifty Is The New Forty?

What exactly does "50 is the new 40" mean?  Am I supposed to "feel" forty?  Am I supposed to "look" forty, be more "viable", more "interesting", more "fabulous"?  Because frankly, I don't.  I'm still fifty and I'm not liking it!

As the big 5-0 approached, I felt myself falling into a sort of no woman's land without a parachute.  My clients, all senior level ad execs, were getting younger by the minute. My designer jeans and Manolo Blahniks were generating less and less interest from the opposite sex. My doctor asked if I'd started experiencing hot flashes yet.  And my hair stylist repeatedly mentioned shorter, more "age-appropriate" haircuts with  me.  Funny thing though, no one was mentioning my much anticipated clock rewind back to 40!  I dreaded turning 50 with every inch of my being.

My 50th birthday came and went faster than the pint of ice cream I consumed standing in front of the frig the morning of my "big day".  I did not hear a single angel rejoicing "Happy 40th!".  Not one peep.

Since the day my meter clicked over to 50, all I've heard about are 50 and 60-something women trying to "reinvent" themselves so they can survive in our youth obsessed society.  If fifty is the new forty and sixty is the new fifty, what the hell does that mean to me and how do I get on the bus?

Stay tuned, we'll find out together.
Welcome to www.TheFiftyFactor.com  -  Joanna

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  1. I always like to visit the first post. This made me giggle. I am one of those crazy peeps who enjoys my bday. Yes I even pass out bday treats throughout the day to strangers or I like to say friends I don't know. I love my bdays I guess I figure they are going to continue to come and faster as I age so I should just embrace them and enjoy the ride. Before I know it 52 will be here before I know it! Hugs... xoxo


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