Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Star Sighting: Eat Your Hearts Out!

A few  days ago I included a photo of a shirtless Daniel Craig aka James Bond in one of my columns.  OMG- That is one fine looking M A N ! ! ! Judging from the number of emails I received, many of you think the same thing too.  

Well ladies, eat your hearts out. Saturday night I was three feet away from the man himself!

I actually heard his sultry voice before I saw him.  Instantly I knew it was Bond-- James Bond.  I froze, my heart racing uncontrollably, my hair suddenly blowing softly in the breeze. Closing my eyes for a moment, I drank in the sweet sound of his voice and tried to inhale his exquisite cologne.  Slowly I turned to face him and there-- right there-- was Daniel Craig-- his piercing blue eyes shinning in the moonlight.  Our eyes met for what seemed like an eternity, then he graciously gestured me ahead of him as we entered the hotel together.  Later, in the Polo Lounge "our song" played on the piano as we sipped martinis-- shaken, not stirred.....

Insert:  Needle scratching across a record album!

Okay, okay.  It didn't happen exactly like that.  But we were both at the Beverly Hills Hotel in line to check in for an Oscar party. And we were just three feet apart-- Swear to god!  And yes, I could heart his voice-- English accent and all.  It made me weak in the knees.

If only I knew how to take pictures with my cell phone.

Who makes you weak in the knees???
Welcome to  -  Joanna

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