Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gal Pals Rejoice

My lunch appointment was late arriving today.  As I sat in a booth waiting at my fave deli, I listened to a gaggle of gal pals behind me and could not stop smiling. You know how the sound of babies laughing makes you feel good?  Well, these women and their laughter-- actually it was more like roars-- had the same impact on me!  It was all I could do not to ask to join them.

Instead I did the next best thing.  I ease dropped.  They talked about kids, husbands, parents, hot flashes and shopping.  They told stories on themselves and busted each other for silly snaphews.  Clearly these babes had been pals since they were kids.  They were more than comfortable with one another and were letting it all hang out as they say.  It sounded like a blast!

When they left, I admit, I checked them out and boy was I surprised!  Along with their designer bags, diamond encrusted watches, headlight sized rings and very expensive cars, they also had on ratty sweatpants, over sized tee shirts with silly stuff printed on them, bed hair and no make-up.  Funny thing-- they looked beautiful!

These fifty-something women were so comfortable in their own skin and with their best gal pals that all pretense was gone.  On a day they all appeared to have been cleaning house or working in the garden, they dropped everything and seized the moment to make time for each other.

The camaraderie was enviable, the support for one and all was unspoken but obvious, and I'm guessing they'll drop everything again to get together when the next opportunity arises-- regardless if they are "put together" or not.

I love that!

Do you have a great gal pal moment?
Welcome to  -  Joanna

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