Friday, March 6, 2009

No Cussing Week in Los Angeles

It's official, this week is "No Cussing Week" in Los Angeles County.  Will someone please tell me what a fifty-something with an occasional foul mouth is supposed to do with all the swear words, profanity rants and crude snips on the tip of her tongue?  

What happens if I squeak a peep of potty talk?  Will the Dirty Word Patrol snatch me up and duct tape my mouth shut?  If I stub my toe and spit out a few four letter words will I be added to the naughty list and get nixed at Christmas?  Will the Wash-your-mouth-out-with-soup Squad ring my doorbell?  This could be a problem.

Who is the snot-nosed cuss crusader-- a sophomore from Pasadena, who made up this squeaky clean idea?  Is this his idea of a joke on the cuss-challenged because I'm not laughing?  I think we're getting a bad word rap but I cannot really say-- without the possibility of incarceration.

Yes, "No Cussing Week" has been all over the news and I get the point of all the fuss.   For half my life, "stop cursing" has been on the top of my New Year's Resolution List.  But seriously, I don't cuss all that much really, just a tiny bit, from time to time, every hour on the hour.  But never, ever, at anyone.  Oh no, I'd never do that because, well, that's just nasty talk. But come on already, don't you think at fifty-something I've earned the right (and learned the place) for a little colorful language now and then? Okay, maybe not this week.

Are you "cuss-challenged"?
Welcome to  -  Joanna

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