Monday, March 23, 2009

To Spanx Or Not To Spanx

How a little-ish piece of spandex changed my life.

My grandma wore a girdle.  A serious girdle.  I have no idea how she wiggled into it but she wore one, every day of her adult life.  I swore I never would.

Well times have changed baby!  Hallelujah for Spanx and all things stomach sucking, gut pulling, and waist minimizing!  No more pooch for this grandma.

I have Spanx in every size, shape and color.  And, I often wear them all at the same time.  Yes, I layer my Spanx for maximum body shaping results.  Call me delusional but by the seventh pair I'm sure I actually have a waist.

It cracks me up when I hear some young thing like Eva Longoria, for example, say she swears by Spanx for her Red Carpet looks. Heck, I swear by them everywhere!  Especially when I'm in the bathroom and have to peel them all off.  In the middle of a hot flash that counts as a workout.

Some days, when I wear my industrial strength Spanx, I can actually cheat the "sizing chart" in a clothing store's fitting room and shave off a full size.  Add in "vanity sizing" by designers and voila! another size instantly disappears.

Now, at fifty-something, as my butt runneth over and my love handles merge into muffin tops, I can honestly say-- completely sober by the way--  that Spanx are the greatest invention of my lifetime.

Ahhhh, who knew in every package of Spanx came a pound of denial.

Welcome to TheFiftyFactor -  Joanna

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  1. I love Spanx too! I don't wear them every day (I like to breathe easy) but they are the greatest invention since Post Its. They make great socks too. Ha, ha, very funny post. Love the layering image.


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