Saturday, August 1, 2009


Have you met Rebel Mom at Another Day In The Mad House? She is a riot. I highly recommend you stop by for a good laugh and a hello.

She tagged me today, and since I'm avoiding all the things I need to do this weekend, I'm playing along. Here's how it works:

--Mention the person who tagged you.
--Complete the list of 8's
--Tag 8 others and let them know. (I'm not naming names for the tag, so anyone can play along... or not.)

Here are the 8's....

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1) Seeing 500 Summers with my hubby tonight
2) Not cooking dinner for the above mentioned movie date
3) Vacation on Thursday to Ohio
4) A bag family BBQ in Ohio with everything homemade by my sisters
5) Meeting my friend's baby girl who was born this morning! Emily is 5 lbs, 10 oz.
6) Sleeping in Sunday morning
7) Watching TiVo's episodes of Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood-- I'm hooked!
8) My 100th Post Giveway starting August 4th

8 things I did yesterday
1) What day was yesterday, I can't remember, oh right, Friday
2) Physical therapy for my tired, old, aching body-- Ouch and boring
3) Lunch with my 99 1/2 year old friend-- He's perfection and a great joy!
4) Shopped at the produce market-- Strawberries, blueberries, melons and pineapple
5) Cleaned and sliced fruit for dinner party with friends
6) Went to dinner party
7) Laughed my ass off at dinner party
8) Went to bed way too late thanks to dinner party

8 things I wish I could do
1) Touch my toes again-- It's been years!
2) Do the splits-- You never know when that trick might come in handy.
3) Skip lunch and lose 3 pounds-- Ahh, those were the days... about 35 years ago
4) Win the lottery has a nice ring to it
5) Have a fabulous weekend getaway and invite all my blog friends with the lottery loot
6) Have a big vegetable garden. It would be great to say "I grew this corn myself" :-)
7) Dance at the Rainbow Room in NYC-- It sounds so romantic
8) See Paris with an unlimited budget

8 places I've traveled to
1) Most of the United States
2) A lot of Canada
3) Rome & Milan
4) Venice
5) Paris and Cannes
6) Mexico
7) Israel
8) Poland/Ukraine-- Once was definitely enough!

8 places I'd like to travel to
1) Ohio, always
2) Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July for fireworks
3) Africa on a safari
4) Tuscany for a month of cooking classes
5) Yosemite, again-- I seriously could live there! It's so beautiful.
6) Provence, France
&) Australia to meet Lilly and Rowe and my other Blog friends who live there.
8) India, to meet Braja of course.

Want more? Check out these "8s" players. Let you know if you play and I'll add you name too!

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Welcome to The Fifty Factor - Joanna


  1. I know you like games, so
    join in on the fun!

    Have a great vacation!

  2. OK, this looks like fun and I haven't done this kind in a while. I'll play!

  3. OK, I did it!

  4. I like reading these in people's blogs; always fun to learn more about them. I've never been to Yosemite, but the checker at the grocery store was saying she was going on vacation for a week up there starting tomorrow and was telling us about the cabin she/extended family were renting. Sounded heavenly!

    how neat with the new baby for your friend; congrats to all

    and how special to have a friendship with the 99-1/2 year old man; the stories he must have


  5. Are you a game bird???

    Love the bit with your 99 and a half mate. If He/she lived here they would get a telegram from the queen!

    And I wish I could do the splits too!


    Pleased you like it xx

  6. Wonderful! Loved your answers. I'm too brain dead to post the same eight answers for the eight hundreth time, so I'll just stand on the sidelines and applaud.

    Nicely done. :)

  7. I would LOVE to be able to do the splits too .. What is it about those darned splits?!!

  8. Perhaps someday we may see each other on an African safari!!

  9. Great lists! How was the movie?? I wish I could do half your list especially the travel part and well touch toes and splits would be nice! Have a great weekend.

  10. I'd love to go to Tuscany for a month of cooking lessons...

  11. You forgot to say you wanted to travel to Western PA to spend time in the Laurel Highlands with your snarky sister. Isn't that just like a snarky one to forget!!!

  12. hope you and hubby had a great movie date tonight. count me in on an african safari as well. very cool.

  13. Finally I am here and I ahve some catching up to do. This was a great list.

    Now let me tell you I will gladly go to the cooking classes in Tuscany with you. My most favourite place in the world. And yes, I do know what you mean about Poland too.. I hope you get to live out all your wishes. And youg et to have a great holiday with family too!!

  14. GREAT EIGHT! Now, I would gladly go to Tuscany with you and sample all your masterful cuisine. I know, I know...I'm generous to a fault at times. It's my burden to bear.

  15. that was a delightful read...

    best wishes for your happy holiday

    Ribbon :)

  16. Enjoyed reading your tags. Have a nice week.

  17. OK OK - I'll go and do mine now. :-) I'm just not sure that I did 8 things yesterday!

  18. Just one big favor I'd like to ask you....If you ever get to go to Tuscany for a month of cooking classes, will you please take me with you? I would love that!

    Love your answers. You are so interesting! Hope the movie was good. I'm a little late.


  19. 8 things I'm looking forward to next Friday. Pints of beer...

  20. 8 things I'm looking forward to next Friday. Pints of beer...

  21. It is fun o grow things- my husband is great at it. All my stuff dies unless its a cactus.
    Our garden is in a friend's yard where we've all combined efforts- they had the land, I had the seeds, Matt has the brains. We deep- fried some of our squash today- delish!!

  22. Thanksfor your comment in my blog. And in reply - my daughter-in-law is in labour right now. I've just had a text from my son. So hopefully I will have some news of Lily before the night is out!

  23. this was a good read, especially the travel stuff! hope you get to visit more of your 'to-do' places.

  24. Touching your toes and doing the splits?! Are you crazy?! We don't want to end up in traction...

  25. Loved your list but if you get to Tuscany, can you come back and teach me all that you've learned? Maybe we could open our own restaurant??

  26. Great list and you sound like a whole lot of fun.

  27. what great eight lists! i'm always amazed at how much we learn about each other with these games. Hope you had a fabulous non-cooking, sleeping in, visiting baby kind of weekend :)

  28. It's never too late to learn to touch one's toes and/or do the splits!!

    In my yoga class, there is an 80 year old woman that kicks my ass!

    And I am envious with your world traveling :)

    OK-I took the challenge and here is my Eights:

    take care :)

  29. What great lists! I might play along too!

  30. This was a fun read--I sure learned a lot about you--and gee you've gotten around (in the sense of TRAVELING, that is!)

  31. Hi Joanna, this was a really fun post. Please do come to Australia one day, I would be very glad to meet both you and Lilly, and any other blog friends you could pack in your suitcase!


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