Monday, November 22, 2010

In The News...

After 17 years of marriage, yet again, I am reminded how incredibly happy I am.... not to be single. There is no doubt in my mind that if I hadn't found my Beloved Husband in an airport in Italy, I would be forever single.... Not that there is anything wrong with being single, it's just that, in this day and age, I would never be able to "do" the whole dating scene again.

Case in point-- The gorgeous Cher. She's a huge music icon, an Academy Award winning movie star, has been in the entertainment business for four decades, and at age 64 still has one rocking body....

And she turned to the Internet to find her current boyfriend! Yes, the Internet! That's what she told Parade magazine in this past weekend's cover story.

She met her current beau online and chatted back and forth on Facebook before they met in person a month later at her sprawling Malibu mansion. They've been together for a year. (And for the record, he's a grown up... At age 52, her oldest boyfriend ever.)

Can you imagine getting a blind date Facebook "Friend Request" from Cher?

If I was single today, it would not be pretty. I can't figure out Facebook and with Cher in the dating pool I'd be toast.


Speaking of hot and gorgeous....

While I was reading the Cher story in Parade magazine at my favorite West LA deli, none other than the gorgeous Diane Lane and Josh Brolin walked in with their family and sat in the booth next to us.

In a word-- Breathtaking. I tried not to swoon or stare.


And last but not least-- A big congratulations to Four Is A Neff for winning my $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway. She's an awesome mom, a gifted writer, and has been a good friend and loyal reader of my blog for ages! Stop by and say hello-- She's posting a heart-felt series on "Thankfulness" that I think you'll enjoy. Tell her Joanna sent you.

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  1. Cher should have just asked me, and I would have told her that was the way to go!

    *From the commenter who met her husband online.

  2. I think one of the reasons I'm so happily single is that I closed the door on the dating nightmare years ago and never looked back.

  3. Ugh.. dating.

    Big congrats to Four Is A Neff!! :)

  4. I'm trying to be thankful that Four is a Neff won your giveaway but, in all honesty, I wish I'd won it!!! I'll check out her blog, though.

    It's nice to hear that someone is happily married and publicly says so, Joanna. I so seldom hear that from anyone these days.

    Too funny about Cher. I don't think I would rely on Facebook to find a sweetheart. Maybe that's why I'm alone, though!

  5. You met your husband at an airport?? I am impressed. All my travels have not produced such an outcome and my dabblings on-line have not been productive! But hey, I was happily married for many years before my husband died so I guess I mustn't grumble. Good for Cher, and good for you!

  6. I just got back from picking my daughter up from the airport and the first thing I asked was, "Was the pilots cute and single?" But, you just never in the airport works for me. I'm so glad you met your precious love that way.

  7. Oh, I enjoyed this post and I went back and read the story of how you met your husband as well.;) As an incurable and hopeless romantic that I am I relish in these kind of stories, so thank you for making my day.;)
    I am currently single and I really have not had much luck in love.;) But my recent relationship which fell apart about 4 months ago and which lasted almost 4 years was initiated online as well. It was magical from the very beginning and I would have never ever wanted to have been without this experience. Online dating is not as strange as it sounds, as todays technology has changed not only the way we live but the way we fall in love as well.;)
    And I am still dating men I meet online and it so much fun.;)
    Have a great day,

  8. If I wasn't married to Stu, I'd have no problem living the life of a nun because the concept of casual sex has become a bit too casual for my liking....and I'd be concerned about sleeping with all the people that any one man had been or was sleeping with. ICK!

    Josh Brolin is okay in my book too, but Diane Lane is quite wonderful. What a fun way to enjoy a meal!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, once again!

  9. I'm so jellus! Diane Lane is a real fave of mine!

  10. I love the story of how you met your hubby! How cool to see Josh Brolin and Diane Lane.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway - congrats to Four is a Neff!

  11. you know there was someone in the next booth over say...oh look there is jj from the blog world...sigh....teehee.....

    its a small world these days and nothing seems to surprise me...finding love on FB>...

  12. Love this post! I'll check out your suggested readings.

    Some of my best memories of working in Century City was anticipating seeing someone famous almost every day!

    I'm happy for Cher. She's been through some rough times.

  13. Kudos to Cher for taking her keepboard in hand and finding love. It seems to be the way of the world these days.
    I'm with Brian above....Josh and Diane should have been just as excited to be in the booth next to the famous JJ.

  14. I am soooo Excited!! Yay!! Thanks again, again and again!

    I love Cher She rocks nuff said :0)

  15. Cher declaring the benefits of meeting someone online does much to promote online dating. I met hubby online and it turned out to be the love of my life. Talking back and forth in email and then talking on the phone before meeting doesn't guarantee a positive first meeting, but it does help weed out people who just are not well suited. I really like Diane Lane. Nice to hear about her regular life with her family. Acting is after all just a job, and actors do have a real life.
    Way cool Four Is A Neff won your giveaway. She deserves it and she is a great mom.

  16. Cher IS amazing. And I personally don't get the whole face book thing. Maybe if I'd never blogged I might....

  17. I haven't dated since returning from Egypt n 1993 and finding that men (everywhere) hadn't changed one iota. Been happily single for about 14 years now and don't miss any of it, dating included.

    Congrats to Four is A Neff!

  18. I can't believe how great Cher looks! She's amazing.

    A friend of ours turned to online dating after his divorce. We were always on call to send an "emegency" page if he needed an excuse to get out of a bad date. He met some of the strangest people! The stories he would tell us....I'll have to ask him if I can share them on my blog one of these days. Eventually, he met the love of his life and is now happily married.

  19. I am like you, I am very happy to not be single these days. I do know quite a few people who have met on line and went on to marry...all of these have worked out except one.

    Happy Tuesday! XX

  20. I am (finally) happy to be single...
    Especially these days...
    With all the interesting people out there.
    That, being a (an?) euphemism for WTH?
    And I'm glad glad glad for good friends!

  21. Wow. I guess it must be tough out there if CHER has to go online to find companionship. Yipes!

  22. Awe Techno, I love you Big Hearts sent your way, what a Lovely thing to say! Cheers friend!

  23. I read that article, too. And, to be fair, she made that internet contact through a friend. So, not totally random. And Cher's been through about a bazillion relationships anyway. How can we help it if we're smart and selfless enough to actually pick one and stick it out?

    Nah, she's a serial dater; TOTALLY not in your league.

  24. My stepson met his wife on line and they'be been married for several years now and seem very well-suited to each other.
    Josh Brolin and Diane Lane...Fabulous!

  25. Wow...Cher had to use the INTERNET to find a date? Pickins must be slim.

  26. It's not having what you want
    It's wanting what you've got

    It's good to see some positive comments about online dating (maybe it should online selecting or something, you still need to do the "date" face to face right?)

    At my age, the thought of dating would freak me out, oh wait, I mean I would freak out any date.

  27. Cher is amazing I don't know how she does it! Oh JJ you have to post someday the story of how you met your love.....airport in Italy sounds so interesting!

  28. Waht to say first. You too met your husband on a trip! I will have to read that story. That is so funny that you said you can't figure out Facebook. I feel the same, yet we both have blogs -go figure. How cool you sat next to Josh B. and Diane Lane. Fantastic.

  29. that's too wild, meeting celebrities in a deli! Such is life in LA. Cher looks amazing. Interesting that she's dating.

  30. you made me smile with this post :-)
    I feel the same like you, I would be so lost if I would have to look online for someone and freaked out maybe lol ... I'm very grateful for my husband! :-) and of course I'm not Cher so that would not help ... ha! happy day!

  31. I read the same article about Cher and couldn't believe it!
    At least she has found love....again!
    But I concur...glad to be married and not have to deal with dating!!

    Enjoyed reading this post. Will check out the thankfulness post...I am loving all the writings about gratitude this perfect!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. Cher's cool, and I hope she has found happiness. Joanna, if I can figure out Facebook, anyone can :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. I love her songs. She's one of my favorite singers.

    And I'm a big fan of Diane Lane.

    I can imagine your excitement. We had a close encounter on the streets of Pittsburgh this weekend. I'll be sharing soon.

  34. If I were single again...I would forego the whole dating thing. Completely. Ugh.

    I love Diane Lane and Josh Brolin....good for you for keeping your cool. I grew up around a lot of celebs, and it was just not okay to go gaga over them. They are people, too!!!

    I'd love to hear more of the story of how you and your husband met -- sounds exotic.

  35. If I become single, then I think I'll ignore the dating scene... Might travel to Italy though!

  36. What deli do you go to? Yeah, I’d be a basket case if I had to date. Fer get aboutit! I’d be at home in my robe...disaster!!! Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving...keep warm and dry!

  37. Cher and her rockin' 64 year old body are the bomb in my book!

    Your always rubbin' elbows with some big star baby. 'Guess that's what happens when ya can see the Hollywood sign from your house! Heeehehehe!

    Congratulation for Four is 'Nuff on the great win. What a great pre-Christmas win!!!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving filled with family, fun and food baby, load of food.

    I've got to get crackin'...35-37 comin' tomorrow....Woohoo...then the grandkiddos are stayin' for a sleepover!

  38. If I wasn't married I probably would be hanging with the monks in Tibet.

    Congrats to Four is Nuff!

    Also, have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving my friend! xo

  39. I met my 2nd husband online. I have to admit, I only agreed to a date with him because I thought we shared the same birthday. Otherwise, I would have passed him over because he is above my height limit (6'0" -- he's 6'3").

    Dating after many years of marriage is hard and people have a lot more quirks or baggage, but I was very lucky to find my hubby.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    I agree with you about Diane Lane. She's classic beauty.

  40. I have quiet a few freinds who have found their 'other half' on the net!
    I am glad I am happily married too!

  41. LOL hon..I am right there with ya...trying to compete with Cher...yeah not so much! Hoping you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving hon..thinking of you!

    I have been hiding a bit..been a rough season..but still creating and hanging in there..thanks for askin' hon!!
    Hugs to you, Sarah

  42. I've always liked Diane Lane. And I think she ages with a lot more grace than most actresses.

    Happy Thanksgiving Joanna!

  43. Wow, I can't imagine having to find someone to date on FB. Cher and I share the same birthday.

  44. wow!! That's quite a story about cher and her new love. One time I was in a bathroom at Wendy's in Santa Nella, California and saw this girl..I said to her "did anybody ever tell you you look like that curly haired girl from CSI N.Y. ?" She said " I AM that curly haired girl from CSI" ... gasp..I jabbered to her almost like a normal person..I did make one mistake I's when I told her I usually watch Law/Order. hahaha..Melina Kanakaredes in the flesh!!!

  45. I'm with you on this one JJ- LT said he fell in love the moment I stepped out of the ambulance as a paramedic- I'm a spoiled rotten diva now- and love every minute of it;-)

    get excited every day at 1345 when I know he will be home at 1430 (pending any emergencies, of course)

  46. i surprised myself and met my husband on the internet, it was a scary and surprisingly fun adventure :-)

    it's strange and wonderful how we find whatever it is we want to find

    love reading your posts

    thanks for stopping by my blog ☺

  47. Do you suppose she typed in "Hi I am Cher"???

  48. I sure wouldn't want to be dating now!!

  49. Great post, Jo. I, too, met my hubby, Superman, online. BTW we got married in Sept. Happiest I've ever been with a man. =]

    I think it would be hard being Cher & dating or trusting any man she met off line or online. I chose the Internet because I hated the choices of where one would meet a decent man. I wondered the same as grannyann. What would you write about yourself in an ad if you were Cher? lol

    Josh's little brother, Jess, used to hang out at my business (an outdoor flower cart) in Ojai, CA. His dad was not yet divorced from his mother but was dating Connie Selleca. (spring 85) He was in a boarding school nearby & spent most weekends at the school. It was sad really because he was lonely. He told me he knew he would never be a star like his dad or bro because he wasn't handsome enough or good enough. The highlight of his days was the times he could see Connie. lol He had a huge crush on her. It made me feel good giving him a safe place to hang out & a neutral ear to listen.

  50. What a fun life and blog you have Joanna. It's so very nice to meet you. I can't even conceive of being on the dating scene now. I'm gratefu for my husband, too.

  51. Watching my single friends makes me thankful daily for a wonderful husband. Actually, watching some of my married friends makes me even more thankful I have a good one.

  52. I can't even imagine Cher going to the internet for a boyfriend!! How does that even happen?

    Also, saw Burlesque. IT was awful, awful, awful.


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