Saturday, June 26, 2010

Winner Winner!

A million thanks to the great folks at for offering up an $80 Gift Certificate for one of my fabulous readers to win. All you has to do was leave a comment on any or all of the five posts I wrote between June 17 - 25. So who won the loot????

She's one of the coolest bloggers out there and I'm really happy for her. Unknown Mami, your Gift Certificate is in your email box. Happy shopping at


And for more winners-- Stop by Suburb Sanity to enter Debbie's Dressing Your Truth Giveaway. You could win... Carol Tuttle, a psychotherapist, best-selling author, and 20-year pioneer in the self-help arena has a wonderful new book, Dressing your Truth: Discover your Personal Beauty Profile. Her unique Beauty Profiling system will help you with all these problems and more.

Then stop by Sarah's Cottage Garden Studios and check out her new Let Fly E-Course. It sounds very interesting and might be just what you're looking for. Let Fly is designed to help you find the magic in your story and let you step away from what is keeping you stuck. Fear, pain and trauma often shut us down and make it hard to step out of the story and into what we really want for ourselves. Our perspective and experience often keeps us from living to our full potential, finding our bliss and taking advantage of our gifts. Please join me for this eight week course and we will take a journey together as we use writing, art and photography to help you find you’re a way back to your life. As we learn to LET FLY with beautiful you!!

Last but not least, for your viewing pleasure-- Stop by Dr. Christine's blog and check out her amazing photos and journal on her recent trip to Tibet. It's incredible and one of the most stunning trips I've heard about in a long time.

So there you go-- Two chances to win some cool stuff, a great self-help course and photos that will blow you away. Please check it all out and tell 'em Joanna sent you. Now go, go, go and start with a comment below to enter to win $80!

Welcome to - Joanna Jenkins
Photo Credit: © Kareem Saady -


  1. congratulations, unknown mami! xoxox

  2. Way cool that Unknown Mami won!! I am so happy for her. She is awesome and a great blogger and mom and wife and latina bonita!

  3. Congrats to Unknown Mami. I missed out reading your blog for a couple of weeks. I lost out on the giveaway.
    Have a good weekend...:)

  4. Well, congratulations to a local blogger on the win....of course, I would have preferred it to be me.

    Thanks, Joanna, for your generosity!! You're the best.

  5. Unknown Mami is a great choice. All my admiration to her creative ideas and style. You both are two amazing people and bloggers. I am so glad I have found you in the imensity of the blogosphere!

  6. Yea! Unknown Miami mamma. Congrats.

    Thanks for the fun games JJ.

  7. Congrats to UM!!

    I just came from the Tibet pics--so fasinating!

  8. Get out!!! I had no idea. I just did a double take when I saw I won! Thank you so much!!! I am stoked and I know I will find something wonderful to buy.

    I am overjoyed!!!

  9. Well done to the winner.. what luck!


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