Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Chance - $80 Giveaway Reminder!

Don't forget-- You have until Midnight, June 25, Pacific Time to enter my GIVEAWAY to win an $80 Gift Certificate. Leave a comment below and on all my posts starting HERE. You know you want to-- It's Eighty Bucks!!!!

And, stop by Suburb Sanity to enter Debbie's Dressing Your Truth Giveaway. You could win... Carol Tuttle, a psychotherapist, best-selling author, and 20-year pioneer in the self-help arena has a wonderful new book, Dressing your Truth: Discover your Personal Beauty Profile. Her unique Beauty Profiling system will help you with all these problems and more.

Then stop by Sarah's Cottage Garden Studios and check out her new Let Fly E-Course. It sounds very interesting and might be just what you're looking for. Let Fly is designed to help you find the magic in your story and let you step away from what is keeping you stuck. Fear, pain and trauma often shut us down and make it hard to step out of the story and into what we really want for ourselves. Our perspective and experience often keeps us from living to our full potential, finding our bliss and taking advantage of our gifts. Please join me for this eight week course and we will take a journey together as we use writing, art and photography to help you find you’re a way back to your life. As we learn to LET FLY with beautiful you!!

Last but not least, for your viewing pleasure-- Stop by Dr. Christine's blog and check out her amazing photos and journal on her recent trip to Tibet. It's incredible and one of the most stunning trips I've heard about in a long time.

So there you go-- Two chances to win some cool stuff, a great self-help course and photos that will blow you away. Please check it all out and tell 'em Joanna sent you. Now go, go, go and start with a comment below to enter to win $80!

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  1. Thanks for the reading ideas, always fun to discover new blogs!!

  2. I've been to Dr Christine's and her pictures and her reviews of the trip were truly awesome.

  3. Definitely, I'll have to check out the Tibet trip and photos. I always dreamed I'd get there some day but looks like vicarious journeys are my mode of travel these days.

    Joanna, did you write a review of my poetry book? Someone did and I'm not sure who it is. If you didn't, could you go to the Amazon site and do that for me. Also, email me at if you would like for me to send you an autograph for the book. I'm doing something on 3 x 4 labels.

  4. Oh sweetie..I am so touched that you did that for me...thank you so very much hon....great big huge hugs!!!!
    Well how did I manage to miss the giveaway...ackkk off to add my name to the last minute hat!!!
    Love and hugs, Sarah

  5. that sounds like an amazin' book,.. on my way,.. maybe someday i will win something real ;)

  6. let fly e-course - It's a writing course but not just focused on women?

    I'll check it out but please let us know how it goes as you take it.


  7. You are quite the little news hound today, JJ. Happy weekend!

  8. Gimme gimme!

    Oh wait, where are my manners?

    Gimme please! ;-)

  9. Lots of goodies around blogland. I will go look at the amazing photos now.

  10. The links sound great. I´m going to check out that Tibet trip for sure.
    Have a good weekend jj! :)

  11. Sounds like fun ... I've been SO out of the bloggy loop this summer, what with working too many hours, then losing my father-in-law. A heavy duty summer here, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello. Miss you!

  12. I have a look at these blogs sometime today.
    Have an awesome day...:)

  13. I need to get me some of this giveaway action :0)

  14. yay a finally a blog for those of us over 50 and some great new blogs to check out


    Unknown Mami WON!

    Thanks for entering,


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