Friday, August 6, 2010

Going Ape

Clearly having lost my mind, I agreed to head over to Universal Studios Hollywood this week with Godson to check out the new King Kong 360 3-D attraction. I knew better than to hit the park in August because it's too hot and way too crowded to really enjoy, but King Kong is new and was calling our name.

And it was so worth it! What a great, all be it too short, 3-D larger than life movie, ride, whatever you want to call it-- It was cool.

After a long day at the park, Godson's mom picked him up from my house and had the following conversation.

Her: So how was Universal Studios today?

Him: (half asleep) Fine.

Her: Just fine? I thought you liked the zoo.

Him: (waking up) Theme Park, Mom. Theeeeme Park. No zoo.

Her: Was it crowded?

Him: Jammed.

Her: (pulling his leg) Hogs, dogs and frogs everywhere, huh?

Him: (dead serious) Just people.

Her: I thought for sure there'd be dinosaurs.

Him: Only fake ones.

Her: Did you go on the new gorilla thing?

Him: King Kong 360-3D, it's huge, Mom. It's not a "thing".

Her: Did he bark?

Him: Who?

Her: King Kong. Did he bark?

Him: (now fully awake) No, but the dinosaurs sneezed all over us. That was pretty cool.

Her: King Kong's a dinosaur?

Him: No, he's still a gorilla but there were dinosaurs too.

Her: Any pink ones?

Him: *Blink*

Her: How about dancing girls? Any of those?

Him: Not at King Kong.

Her: Was Conan O'Brien there again?

Him: He got fired, don't you remember?

Her: So I guess that means the interview you did with him last time didn't go so well, huh?

Him: It wasn't my fault.

Note: This photo was taken at Universal Studios earlier this year when Conan had his brief stint on the Tonight Show. (NBC owns Universal Studios.) My guess is the wax figure of Conan is locked away in the basement somewhere.

Do you do amusement parks, roller coaster or the likes?
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  1. I do! Love them. We went to Universal Studios several years ago, and went to Disneyland a few months ago.

  2. You really must love that child to brave crowds AND heat! I am sure he had a great time. I will be too old for that stuff when I finally get a grandchild. I'll get in lots of hugs and cuddles when he/she is a baby, then I'll stay home and mind the granddogs so the parents can get out in the heat at the theme parks.

  3. I don't do amusement parks anymore. I did see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, but that's the extent of my adventurousness. You are a good godmom!

  4. No roller coasters for me, ever. I do enjoy amusement parks especially for the pizza and custard ice cream cones and french fries!!!

  5. I love going to amusement parks, any amusement park, with my grandkids. I will ride some things, but don't much like things that go round and round. Went with 2 of them to Disneyland and Universal a few years ago and had a really wonderful time.

  6. I used to love roller coasters - I still like them but not the wild ones anymore!

  7. We really don't do them anymore now that the kids are older...although Little Guy harasses us quite frequently. LOL

  8. Like I said, you are super "god-mom"!! :)

  9. Godson's mom sounds so cool. He is so lucky to have you and her both in his life. wow.

  10. What a terrific conversation between mom and son!! They both sound cool!!
    Glad you had fun!

  11. Many, many years ago we took our kids to Disneyworld. I do not like rides, but I promised myself and the kids I would go on anything they went on.....well they went on it all of course. I thought I was going to die on Space Mountain and will never ever do that again! Did I say never ever? I mean it.

    I went on it all except one thing. The Tower of Terror and the only reason was that people kept getting off and puking and we had just had a big greasy delicious breakfast and I wanted to keep it in my stomach!

    Your Godson sounds awesome! Love that conversation :)

  12. King Kong in 3D eh! HEEEEEEEEEEELP!"!

    Glad you enjoyed it with your Godson and loved the coversation.

  13. my son won't talk to me when he's tired, very patient is godson!

  14. I used to love roller coasters and all the rides, but cautiously might go on them now. We had a blast last time we were in Orlando. You were a trooper to take your Godson on a hot and crowded August day, but sounds like it was fun.

  15. haha. love the conversation...would love to go to universal... i like old wooden roller coasters better than the new super fast smooth rides...

  16. Roller coaster ride now there something to get your heart racing. children are wonderful,

  17. Use to love them but haven't gone in years....I think Dinsey Land in 1984 was my last.......the girls are right you are a good godmother, ......:-) Hugs

  18. I like rides but they have to be pretty tame. My husband likes the extreme ones and he's trying to get the boys to like them as well. It's not working. :)

  19. Love the conversation between mom and son! I used to take my boys to WDW, Universal, MGM, Busch Gardens and Sea World when they were younger and now I cannot wait until my grandson is old enough!

    I have said it before and I will say it again... I wish my Godmother had been like you!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  20. What a great pic of Godson and Conan! Godson looks so relaxed; has he done this before?

    I need to get to Universal on our next trip out! The King Kong ride must be really fun!

    I love amusement parks, but get sick from the rides. I enjoy watching the kids scream bloody murder as they are jolted to and fro!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. That boy is a genius. Pure and simple.



  22. I love, Love, LOVE amusement parks, rides, etc. It was terribly sad to me that our local Six Flags closed. Glad you had fun, heat or no.

  23. Universal Studios is wonderful! We've just done an amusement park in the rain for 8 hours on my daughter's birthday... and yesterday we did a safari park/ funfair/ zoo for a whole day. I'm exhausted... But boy is it fun!

    The King Kong ride sounds thrilling!

  24. I went through the King Kong feature at Universal in Florida. The ride takes you up close and personal, and you have this feeling of helplessness. It was quite memorable.

  25. Hahahaha, brilliant conversation between mother and son!

    We used to live a 20min ride from Chessington World of Adventures (a big theme park) when the kids were young, and I foolishly bought us an annual pass there. Every weekend - oh, boy did we get our money's worth. It wasn't until half way through our membership, I realised we could skip the queues by visiting the medical hut, for a disabled pass for my son. OMG, we were treated like VIP'S! Incrediblly, because I was only one adult with four kids - we ALL were allowed through together. At that point in our family life, my other kids kinda' resented Sam for preventing us doing a lot of stuff their friends could do. This was the start of a huge turn around, it really had a huge beneficial impact on our family dynamics.

    I love that theme park!

  26. It's not a thing? My gosh, EVERYthing's a thing or a thingie to me.

  27. I LOVE AMUSEMENT PARKS!! Before we moved to da U.P. I had a season pass to Cedar Point for many years. I would take a couple kids or a friend or both, hook on to the 5th wheel and haul butt to get down there and camp at their park for 3 nights. Sometimes 3 times a season. I've had some intersting times there (including Arseneo Hall...didn't spell that right). Enjoy both Bush Gardens and of course Disneyworld but Cedar Point will ALWAYS be my favorite! Prefer the front seat on the Magnum and the back seat on some of the others!

  28. Ha! Love Godson's mom! Sounds like a fun gal.

  29. That's one darn funny kid!

  30. You definitely get the Fairy Godmother award, Joanna, for braving the August heat to take your godson to Universal Studios.

  31. No amusement parks for moi .. but that was a fun exchange .. and I bet Conan took his doppleganger home

  32. Hi all, Godson and his Mom are a hoot. He's acquired her dry wit and sense of humor and the banter between the two usually has me biting my tongue to keep from laughing out loud. I gush about this guy a lot on my blog but I rarely give his amazing Mom her due. She's really why he's such a great kid. I get to reap the rewards when we spend time together. They're as close to me as family can be.

    THANK YOU for your kind comments. xo jj

  33. All I can say is your August must not be as hot as my August. G'son has been trying to get me to go for a bike ride with him. No way Jose. It's August.

  34. I like amusement parks, but not roller coasters!

  35. I feel sad thinking of a waxy Conan gathering dust in the basement.

  36. Yep! MAJOR fairy godmother points to you! :)

  37. oh, that really is a cool picture. Very cool.

  38. Sounds like fun! You're godson sounds like a great kid.

    I still love amusement parks (I know you're familiar with Cedar Point!!), but I haven't been to one in a few years. I can ride roller coasters all day long, but those spinning stomach can't handle them anymore.

  39. I love them and the next time I am in CA I am going to go to all of them...I haven't been to Disney Land, Knox Berry Farm or anything since 1978!!

  40. I used to like going as a kid but now I'm averse to the crowds. Although water parks can be fun on a hot day.

  41. What a wonderful relationship you have with Godson and all the great memories you make with him will last his lifetime. I saw King Kong climbin' a tower on the Hollywood Wax Museum in all places, Branson, MO.

    You have a beautiful day girl!!!

  42. Ok, last month I went to Universal with my sisters. I had not been there for 30 years.


    I would have gone on it ten more times.


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