Thursday, August 19, 2010

84 Things

It has come to my attention that taking a "Blog Vacation" is easier said than done. August 10th I posted that I would be missing in action for three weeks to enjoy the rest of the summer. Less than 72 hours later, I posted again. And here I am today with yet another post-- I guess "vacation" is a loose term.

I've been reading blogs too and one caught my attention-- Ridgely at Savor The Ride posted a list of "84 Things" about herself and put the challenge out to other bloggers to do the same. She got the idea from Jorja's "84" at Living Beyond The Pale who also has a terrific "84" from author Theo Nestor.

It was an interesting exercise, all be it very "me, me, me", but I had fun doing it so I'm putting it out there and passing on the challenge to you, you, you!

In no particular order-- My 84 Things you might not know...

1. Anything with chocolate works for me.

2. Lemonade always quenches my thirst.

3. I'm old fashioned and think girls shouldn't call boys when dating.

4. Wegman's in Buffalo, NY is the best grocery store I've ever shopped in-- Which is disappointing since I live in Los Angeles.

5. When moving homes, leaving jobs or (before I was married) breaking up with boyfriends, I never look back-- literally, not one last look.

6. I am a licensed real estate agent but I've never worked in the field.

7. I prefer (hard) scooped ice cream that's melted to soft-serve ice cream texture.

8. The mailman ran over my puppy when I was 8 years old.

9. A manicure/pedicure always makes me feel better.

10. I can name all 50 United States in alphabetical order. I learned them in a song in the 6th grade.

11. The above information came in very handy during bar drinking contests in the late 1970s.

12. Blue is my favorite color but red is all over my house.

13. Pink peonies and yellow garden roses are my favorite flowers.

14. When Godson was 2 months old he fit inside his Christmas stocking.

15. Intuition doesn't lie.

16. I believe in "paying it forward".

17. Yosemite National Park is my favorite place to visit in the United States.

18. Blue jelly beans are good. Pink ones are better.

19. When we got married, the florist brought someone else's flowers to our reception.

20. I miss my family in Ohio all the time.

21. A boyfriend once told me I couldn't live without him. He was very wrong about that.

22. I am named after my mother's best friend.

23. I recycle. A lot.

24. My posture is terrible. I need to work on that.

25. I do not like to drive.

26. I used to be able to stand on my hands, head and tip-toes-- for long periods of time.

27. Someday I will wear a really fabulous red dress.

28. Worrying is a waste of energy.... I waste a lot of it.

29. I believe everyone has a soul mate-- the perfect match. It's just a matter of finding him/her.

30. I'd like to see fireworks at Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July.

31. Although usually disappointing food, room service is gloriously enjoyable.

32. When in doubt, I call my mother.

33. I cook a nice Thanksgiving dinner but usually never actually on Thanksgiving.

34. I wish we had air conditioning even though we only need it about 3 weeks a year.

35. Snow and I are not friends.

36. I'm still trying to figure out where I'll live in my (very) old age. All I know for sure is that it won't be in California.

37. California has too many earthquakes.

38. I'm a Mac, not a PC.

39. I volunteer for Lupus International and UCLA's Design for Sharing.

40. Roller coasters are not my idea of fun.

41. Puddle jumping after a spring rain is a blast.

42. I don't mind flying but I do not like heights.

43. I bought a lottery tickets today for a $100 million mega jackpot.

44. I really hope I win.

45. The celebrity gossip TV show TMZ cracks me up.

46. Having my picture taken makes me very uncomfortable.

47. I wish I had long hair again.

48. In the past 4 years my weight has ranged from 146 to 103 pounds and is now somewhere in between.

50. An outdoor sleeping porch is on my "wish list".

51. If money was no object, my entire family would live in nice houses, drive nice cars and never have to worry about college tuition.

52. Dirty feet bug me.

53. If you lie to me I can't be your friend.

54. I do not like hospitals.

55. My husband has been telling me he's on the "3-year plan to retirement" since our first date 22 years ago.

56. I wish I hadn't retired in preparation for his retirement. I'm so unemployable now it's not even funny.

57. I'm rarely awake for the sunrise and prefer to keep it that way.

58. The smell of fresh basil is intoxicating.

59. I've been to the Academy Awards. It was very cool.

60. Once in the early 1980s, I was a guest and had floor seats at a Laker's Basketball game during the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird years. It was even cooler than the Academy Awards.

61. In my mid-20s, I sold imported plumbing supplies. Yawn.

62. I was a waitress for A LOT of years too. It was hard work but usually pretty fun.

63. I'm a very good tipper in restaurants.

64. It's easy to spot me on the beach. I'm the one wearing a hat the size of a circus tent.

65. I could eat pasta until I go into a carb coma.

66. Top Gun, American President, Something's Gotta Give and The Thomas Crown Affair (remake) are the videos/dvds I've watched more times than I can count.

67. I miss the old Tom Cruise movie star.

68. My great-grandmother prided herself on the fact that her husband never saw her naked.

69. I'm a Food Network and HGTV junkie.

70. I will never own a gun.

71. Bubble baths and long hot showers are a pleasure.

72. Riding motorcycles is not fun to me. I did it once. That was enough.

73. Table manners are important, so is saying please and thank you.

74. I recently bought a GPS because I have no sense of direction and was always lost.

75. I spent the first half of my life trying to get out of Ohio and the second half trying to figure out how to get back.

76. The older I get, the less I'm able to multi-task.

77. I love songs by the Rat Pack-- Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Joey Bishop and Whatshisname.

78. Getting "real" mail-- letters and cards from family and friends is a treat.

79. My life changed for the better the second I laid eyes on my husband.

80. I do not like how corny that sounds, but it's true.

81. There's a new show coming to Fox tv in September called Lone Star with a very cute *ahem*much*younger*cough* leading man-- James Wolk. He's half my age, but I might just swoon over him.

82. If there was an elevator to take me downstairs to my treadmill, I'd workout more.

83. I hope I never run out of kisses.

84. We're going to New York for the week!

Yep, I'm actually really going on vacation!
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  1. Now it's YOUR TURN! Take a crack at "84 Things" and let me know if you post. I want to be sure to read it.
    And... Once you start writing, 84 comes pretty easy so don't let the number scare you off.
    Cheers, jj

  2. I would love to hear the story about why you got your real estate license but never used it!

  3. Great list, think I will try it but I'm not sure I can come up with 84 things about me, I am pretty boring....:-)Hugs

  4. A big yes for #38, they are the best.

    40 and 42 do go together but roller coasters are a blast for me.

    Whatshisname is really smooth.

    Enjoy --

  5. I think I'm up for the challenge. Let me give it a try!

  6. Hope your vacation ROCKS and you get so teat a lots of yummy chocolate! Enjoy your blog-cation!

  7. Whatshisname is Peter Lawford (I think).

    James Wolk is definitely swoonworthy.

    Good list Joanna. I might give it a try.

  8. Loved your list Joanna, I think I will try that, will need to be more awake. Have a wonderful time in New York. glad you snuck back to us even only for a moment. hugs eat lots of chocolate, wth.

  9. So proud of you Joanna- filled my heart with joy this early morning to read your list of 84!

    So many items on your list struck home, then I realized- well, hell, girl- she is in the greatest age group of all time :-)

    I convinced my mommy (78 in Oct) to do hers- I had NO idea she was a member of the Village Vamps in college!!! who knew- my debutante mother!-- how we are so alike, yet so different- she abhors public speaking,not at all competitive- give me an audience and a contest- I'm good to go;=)

    Thank you dear lady for sharing- will be sending my readers your way-

  10. Oh boy girl, you live a full and good life! Love your priorities (smile), and feel I know you better for them. Great reading, glad I popped over today (when I am meant to be packing, insteaed - ugh) We are off to Spain for a week in the morning, and my way of coping with all the stuff to do, is to open the laptop (blush). Have fun!

  11. Very interesting reading! This would be a real challenge for me since I've been so "out there" with my blog and snowmobile trail reports when I did them.

  12. why you pasta eating puddle jumping non-vacation taker...teehee. good to see you jj...and intersting list...

  13. Wow! I don't know if I could come up with 84 interesting things about me. BTW whathisname was Peter Lawford. Enjoy NYC!

  14. Okay I'm game to do the 84 things...will post them this morning. Have fun on your vacation.

  15. 84 is a little daunting, but it might be fun to try. You did a great job.

  16. Hi Joanna! I am too lazy to do the list, too many items but I enjoyed yours! Have a great time in NYC. My friend Elizabeth and I will be there Sept 8 & 9 at the Waldorf!! Fancy fancy!! I am sure I do not have the appropriate clothes for my 2 night stay there... xoxo

  17. you made my morning here.
    thank you ... and you know that every time I'm on any beach I'm going to be stalking all the big hats to see if it might be you.

    hugs, and have a great time in NY!

  18. Maybe if it were 50 I would attempt it. But 84 is just too daunting for me. I have heard you speak of lemonade in past posts, so I know it is a fave of yours. I am like you with #5. Both my daughters in your area have real estate licenses too.
    Oh yeah, #9 too. I think you should put up a post of you singing the 50 states song. #38 Right on! #53 Absolutely. Enjoy your vacation in NY and we will be looking forward to reading about it when you get back.

  19. Ha!! What a fun list!! I am a good tipper too but I was never a waitress. Snow and I aren't friends either. I am loving the summer...please stay!!!! I miss my family in Ohio too!! Boys never call so I think girls should. Ha!!

  20. Great list! I'm still laughing about your great grandma being proud of the fact that her husband never saw her naked. I also love number 79, I feel the same way about my husband.

    I'm going to try to tackle this challenge, too. I'm not sure I can come up with 84 things, but I'll try!

  21. It's always the way, isn't it - say you're on blogleave and the writing bug strikes!

    Have fun in New York! Will you still be writing? ;)

  22. That was fun to read Joanna, I might give it a try - although I don't know if I can come up with 84 things, but we'll see.

  23. great list, sugar! i'll let you know when i post my 84! enjoy NYC! xoxoxoxo

  24. Here's another great 84 THINGS to check out by Gaea Yudron at Sage's Play. SHe did a great job....

    Cheers, jj

  25. 65. I could eat pasta until I go into a carb coma. ........Totally ME!

  26. Stupid mail carrier! Seriously, that's just not right. Poor puppy. Poor you!

  27. Hey all, 84 was really EASIER to come up with than you'd think. The first ten took longer than the last 74, so go for it!
    Cheers, jj

  28. lovely thoughtful list, have fun in NY, guess no chance you'll make it to Wegmans?

  29. My list would be very similar to yours. I LOVE Wegmans. I live about at minutes from one. When TBHITW and I bought land in upstate NY I made sure there was a Wegmans within 1 hour.

    Thank you for your kind words. You are right. Everyone has a soul mate. I found and lost mine but am so grateful to have had him.

  30. 15 - I meant 15 minutes from Wegmans

  31. Simone at CHOCOLATE COVERED DAYDREAMS posted her "84" too. Check them out...

    Cheers, jj

  32. Hi Joanna,
    Glad you enjoyed my 84 items. The Barbara Sher book on Scanners that I was reading is titled Refuse to Choose. She has written several others, all best-sellers.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  33. That was a great list and I'm not lieing- or is it lying. Anyway that's the truth. Would love to know more about some of those. I know the 50 states song too and when you wear your red dress please share with us even though you don't like having your picture taken. Most of all have a super fun week in NYC.

  34. I adore these random lists. I am not a fan of the roller coaster either.

  35. excellent! I may just try this.

  36. I have to think about that for awhile. I enjoyed yours.

  37. How fabulous to learn more about you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  38. Well, just look at you barin' it all. You have nothing to hide now. Heeehehehehehe! What a great exercise and so fun for us to get to know you better.

    God bless and have a relaxing vacation weekend!!!

  39. Tom Cruise is Caraaaazeeee!!
    That's a lot of things to post about yourself, Kudos! (I'm not doing it)

  40. I always like these lists. I did a similar one early in my blog, but it was 100 things.

  41. Hells Bells that was a lot of information!
    Enjoy New York... somewhere Stew and I would love to visit one day. Just have to keep on hoping we win LOTTO! It's too far to swim there... *smiles*

  42. I really enjoyed reading your 84 things getting to know you! Now have lots and lots of fun in New York and come back and tell us about it! :)

  43. I will never own a gun... at last, someone after my own heart! Not that you can own one here in Sweden...

    Please and thank you are always important. As is chocolate.

    Finally - enjoy New York!

  44. Check this 84 out too-- From Last Stop Willoughby. She did a great job and I learned a lot.

    Cheers, jj

  45. Cathy at Yooper Yarns joined the party too. Her "84" can be found here....

    Come on-- Give it a try. You'll come up with 84 things before you know it!

    xo jj

  46. I'm with you on a few of these but particularly number 28. Have a great break!

  47. Thanks for visiting my blob, and we have a Wegmans here in Ithaca, NY too :) You have the coolest thing going here!

  48. I enjoyed reading this, JJ...and related to a good deal of it.

    I can't write 84 things about myself in one fell swoop. I need to swoop about a dozen or more times to reach 84!

  49. I recently did a 10 things about me post, and had to really think to get them.

    I think your list confirms what I already knew about you. That you're a really good person.

    P.S. That #2 made me laugh out loud really hard. I'm sure it's a typo.

  50. I am a new follower and am up to your 84 challenge.
    I like your no 72 and 78.
    Now I have to brainstorm and come up with my 84

  51. Have a wonderful time in NY. I've been in Seattle for 10 years, but any Wegman's store in Rochester, New York (my hometown)is my favorite grocery store.

  52. I've been thinking about doing a 100 Things tab for my blog...maybe I'll give this a shot.

    PS We have a lot of things in common!

  53. oh this is an excellent list!

  54. how long did it take you to do these? That is a lot of work for someone who is supposed to be on vacation!

  55. You had me at #1!!!! And the mailman running over your dog :( :(

    See, when I take a blog vacation I really do it. I've only posted 2x this whole summer!

  56. Oh the one that really caught me was the outdoor sleeping porch. do you have any idea how much I would love one of those? Right now? As I'm dying inside here? :)

  57. I think it is really cool you have been to the Academy Awards too ; -) Have fun in NYC! (and the postman running over your puppy - the heart breaker)

  58. hmmm 84 things, might give it a go. I can certainly identify with some of yours already, hard scoop icream and the roller coaster thing

  59. Being #60 in your comment list .. I am sure you are gone but I hope you get in touch while you are here .. I will even buy you a lemonade!

  60. Same here on #'s 1,9,16,28,29,53,63,65,76 and 78. Love reading these!!

  61. I'll bet doing this list gave you some ideas for future blog posts. Have a great time!

  62. I love 79! The direct fact of it. And, WEGMAN's!!!!! I am so with you on this! LOVE me some Wegman's.

    And, even though I can't think of 84 anythings I'd feel important enough to share about me at this moment, I must admit, I'm glad you did this.
    Now I know you even a bit better...and that's a grand thing.

  63. looooving this!!! So many here I agreed with...Am a green the snow and want a sleeping porch...the old Tom..yup the new one is odd. So much fun I think I will join you hon!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank much for pimping my thrilled you will be joining us hon!!! Hugs an love to you hon!!!

  64. Thank you for sharing. I did 70 things about me a while back which I know you read.

    #10 - I know the song - Fifty Nifty United States and still know all the States as well.

  65. Brilliant! I don't think I could do that although I could easily cheat because I could honestly cut and paste somewhere around 80% of that and remain truthful - well... fairly truthful. ;)

  66. love love love your list.
    you're a brilliant writer and list maker.
    i won't lie to you... promise !

  67. I also need GPS because I have no sense of direction either.

  68. Once you've been to Wegmans, you can never go back to the typical market! If you liked the one in Buffalo, you should see the once we have here in Rochester - the home of Wegmans!

  69. Just about any of those 84 things sounds like a blog post in the making..

  70. Baby what an interesting person you are! And generous...thanks so much for taking the time and sharing parts of yourself with I'd love to sit down and have a chat! My love to you...

  71. This was awesome! Really fun. We have a lot of things in common.

    Have a GREAT vacation...LUCKY!

  72. what a great post to come back to. i´ve missed you! have a great time in ny!

  73. Hey sweetie, I was just checkin' in to see if your were back yet. Hope your havin' an incredible time.

    God bless!!!

  74. I found your blog from Gaea's as she wrote about her '84 things'.

    I especially appreciated your comment about spending the first half of your life trying to get out of Ohio and the second half trying to get back!

    Life is full of twists and turns. And, when I am not being too serious I really can laught at it!!

    Wishing you the best. I'm going to try to the the '84 things.'


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