Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Job

I'll admit, I'm a little cranky these days which is why I've been missing in action for the past few weeks. I've been nursing my annual end of Summer/beginning of Fall cold that will probably last me until Spring. But I'm starting to rally because I have a sweet job to do!

About this time last year, I introduced you to these three dynamo young ladies who participated in Lupus International's Race For Life to help raise much needed funds to support and educate patients living with lupus and their families....

Rosebud is on the left, Angelica's in the center and BB is on the right. They were 6 and 7 years old when this photo was taken at last year's Race. Rosebud and BB are cousins who know all too well how nasty lupus can be. Rosebud's Mom has lupus and the girls recently lost an Aunt to the disease. Angelica's Mom also has lupus. So do I.

I adore these girls and was thrilled to hear they are again participating in this year's Race For Life. But this time around one thing is VERY different. Rosebud is one sick little girl. In short, since last year's race, she's developed an auto-immune disorder that is severely attacking her kidneys. A transplant is not an option which means dialysis is just around the corner for her. Rosebud just turned 8 years old.


But her spirit is bright and she's still anxious to participate in the Race as best she can. Here, in their own words are how Rosebud and BB feel about their efforts for lupus...

We might just be 8 years old but we can still help other people. You don't have to be a grownup to make a difference. Help us. Join our team or donate what you can. Even if it's just $1, you will help other people.

Here's why we run and volunteer in our own words:

Rosebud says:

"Lupus is a very bad disease. My Auntie Linda died from it. I am very scared I might lose my mom. She has lupus too. So I am helping to cure lupus so I am putting on this bake sale and running in honor of my mom and other aunties. I have HSP too, HSP is a kidney disease. I have kidney problems. My name is Kelly "Rosebud" and I am 8 years old. I look fine but I really am not. I wake up feeling horrible so I understand how hard it is for people with lupus. I love volunteering my time and doing the bake sale so I can help find a cure for lupus. I have the most wonderful feeling inside and I love to run the race. It is so much fun and we have breakfast and do lots of fun stuff. I might not win this year because I don't always feel so good, but I'm going to try."

BB says:

"Lupus bake sale is important because my Aunt Linda died from a bad sickness called lupus. My other aunt has lupus too, but she's still alivve. My cousin has a kidney problem and she has to go to the hospital. It is so sad seeing her in the hospital. Sometimes I cry because she has to get her blood drawn and iv's. I feel like I'm being a leader when I volunteer for Lupus International, especially for the Lupus Race for Life."

Please come run or walk with us or donate what you can. Even if you give just a dollar is ok cause if you add them up it becomes more.

That sweet job I mentioned above is to bake my butt off for the girls to sell treats at their Bake Sale on Wednesday, September 29th. Stuffy nose or not, I'm getting off the sofa and putting both of my double ovens to great use-- I'm so into this it's not funny! When I'm done-- many, many pounds of flour, sugar, chocolate, oatmeal, caramel, bananas and nuts later, I'll have a mountain of baked good for these angels to sell to raise money for lupus patients.

If you live in Irvine, California please stop by their Bake Sale at Albertson's on Alton Parkway between 3-6pm. If you're in the LaMirada, CA area and want to join Rosebud and BB's Team in the 5K Lupus Race For Life on October 3rd, come on down! I'll be at both events cheering everyone on.

And if you can-- Please support an important and meaningful cause by sponsoring Rosebud and BB's efforts. Like they said, even a dollar will make a difference. Click HERE to donate.

A million thanks.

What's your favorite treat to buy at a Bake Sale?
Welcome to - Joanna Jenkins


  1. Oh, I wish I lived closer! What a great cause.

  2. God bless you and those sweet girls!

  3. Aww sweetie...I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this...huge hugs hon!
    I love what you are doing here...I love what these girls are doing. Amazing aren't they..what kids can do!!
    I wonder if donating a piece of artwork would help somehow...let me know hon!!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  4. brave souls! Thank you for doing so much...Thanks also for attempting to come to the show. Closing party is Oct.9th would love to meet you. cynthia

  5. It is so poignant that these little ones have had so much heartache and still have so much hope. You are blessed to have these girls as your friends and support.

  6. oh jj...i have never wanted to live there as much as i do right now...good old fashioned cookies please...

  7. way to make me cry! what sweet girls, and you are pretty cool too doing all that baking while you're sick.

    I am walking in 2 walks next weekend, one for Alzheimer's and one for Stop Child Trafficking. I love that everyone has their causes and that people are so motivated to make a difference---especially these young girls at their age. Off to donate!

  8. Oh how sweet and yet so heart breaking. These young girls are incredible. I wish that I lived there and could participate...I hope a lot of money is raised for such a worthy cause. I pray that you feel much better so that you can bake away. I am sorry but I didn't realize you have Lupus...I am so sorry. Prayers going out for you and everyone else. XX

  9. God bless sweet Rosebud. What a courageous young lady.
    I wish I could attend the bakesale in person.
    One of my dear, dear friends has lupus too.
    I'll say a prayer for all of you.
    ♥ Joy

  10. These girls are amazing! I can't imagine going through what Rosebud is and still having the forethought to think of others. I wish most eight year olds were this wonderful. I will head over and make a donation. And I wish I still ate sugar and could buy some of your baked goods online. It all sounds so tasty!

  11. I just popped over and donated Joanna. Glad to be able to help, although I'm sorry I live too far away for the baking. I am very partial to baking! :-) xxx

  12. Oh JJ, what a rotten disease to have to live with, I am so sorry hon (hugs). Those little angels bring a huge lump to my throat, they are such a shining, positive example to us all, their enthusiasm and courage is amazing. I do hope your ucky cold clears soon (I have one too, 'tis the season, as you say, eh?)and that your cakes fly off the stall, raising tons of money for the cause!

  13. You go, girls! I'm very proud of what you're doing!!!!

  14. Your story puts OUR lives into perspective. Most of us are extremely fortunate and it takes a story like this to remind us of that fact. You are blessed to have so many wonderful people in your life and THEY are blessed to have you in their lives.

  15. Well doesn't that just melt your heart??? The spirit of a child never ceases to amaze me. I sure wish I lived closer, I'd gather all my friends and buy them out!

    Lupus is a horrific disease. I've seen what it did to a couple of my coworkers at school. I'm so sorry your dealin' with it also.

    I pray the girls have a very, very successful fundraiser and I will add that precious little Rosebud on my prayer list.

    Checkin' out the donate sight right now..........

    God bless ya girl :o)

  16. Wow what amazing young girls! I love their spirit and will to make a difference! I hope you feel better soon too!

  17. Those little girls have learned some hard truths in life but they have maintained beautiful spirits of caring and doing for others. Big hugs to you, Joanna, while you bake and contribute to a cause close to your heart in many ways.

  18. Wow, that's heavy JJ. I get paid today, so I'll see what I can do. xo d

  19. What big hearts all of you have! Good luck with your bake sale!

  20. sorry to hear about your cold. good luck with the Race for Life and hopefully a cure someday soon. It's heartbreaking.

  21. Those young girls are heroes.. you too for doing all that baking. If I lived nearby, then I'd definitely be there to help.

    Hope all goes well! Take care.

  22. Sweet, sweet kids, and yes, a sweet job indeed.

    Good luck to all of you, and I'll swing by the site you linked.

    Big, big, big hugs to you girls!

  23. What inspiring little girls, sad they have experienced so much so soon in their lifes. their strength is inspiring. I did not know you had lupus, I have to read up on this illness more. my prayers are with you and the girls. hugs my friend.

  24. I will gladly donate to support the girls' walk. I can't imagine what a burden disease and loss is for such young people. My own childhood was not touched by such profound sadness.

    Brownies are my favorite -- the gooeyer the better.

  25. I was already tearing up, and then I read this line: "I might not win this year because I don't always feel so good, but I'm going to try."

    Sometimes the words of a child are more eloquent and meaningful than the most celebrated authors of the world.

    I'm donating. And hoping the best for you, as well.

  26. What a fabulous post Joanna! I have friends and family who have lupus. I will gladly donate to support the girls' walk. I will pray for you and the girls and also that the girls have a very successful fundraiser.

    I would have to say that my favorite bake sale purchases are brownies! Would not mind one right now!


  27. Hugs and prayers for this great cause, Rosebud, her mom, and everyone right now!!!!!!!!!

  28. Oh, this just breaks my heart, but it is also so inspiring to read these girls' brave words! Blessings and good health to all of you!!! Wish I lived closer so I could stop by the bake sale ... I hope it goes great!!!

  29. Joanna,
    Thank you for sharing this with us- so we can help in a small way with a donation- (although, I would LOVE to eat my donations)
    Bless your heart- I hope your cold does not stay around that long- what a trooper and giver you are - I think I would be cranky

  30. Heartwarming story and precious little girls. I will keep them and you in my prayers. Thanks for the link to donate. Hope you feel better, soon.

  31. oh my, that just made my heart break a little. what amazing little girls, i am heading over now to donate.

  32. What an inspirational story of these girls. I wish I was there to come and buy them out.

    And I did not know about your having lupus JJ. My prayers are with you.

  33. These girls are so young but so grown up. What a sweet post!! My heart just breaks when kids are hurting!!

  34. What absolutely gorgeous little girls...!

    Lupus is a nasty, nasty disease. One of my best friends has it. I didn't know you have lupus too.

    Take care of that cold. I just had one that last six weeks. Phew!

  35. Boy are those girls inspiring! I will be praying for Rosebud.

    At bake sales, I am a Rice Krispies treat.


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