Thursday, July 16, 2009

Overheard in Los Angeles

You just never know what you're going to hear...  

I was a busy girl this week, running all over town doing errands, shopping, schlepping and the likes.  In LaLaLand, aka Los Angeles, people say and do the craziest things.  And often times, they are totally obvious as to how loud they're actually talking!
Although I didn't mean to eavesdrop, here's what I overheard in my 'hood this week.  

"That ice cream will make my butt look fat tomorrow."
Twenty-something woman outside Cold Stone Creamery

"It's never too early to shop for Christmas!"
Hallmark card salesperson pointing out their Christmas ornament display to me-- in July

"Your tree is dead.  I hope it doesn't kill mine too."
Next door neighbor worry because the leaves on our tree are turning brown

"At @#$%^&! Disneyland?!?  Why aren't you at work?"
Mother in Macy's talking on her cell phone to teenage son

"It's so slow at the office, after lunch, I'm going to go sit in a stall in the men's room and take a nap."
Thirty-something business man waiting in line at Panda Express for lunch

"I've got to get my boobs done before the Emmy's-- I want to be a seat filler."
Woman talking to her friend in the changing room at Nordstrom

"Nice veins, I like your shoes too."
Nurse at hospital lab drawing blood from the person in the cubicle next to me

What have you overheard in your 'hood?

Welcome to The Fifty Factor  -  Joanna


  1. Hilarious. I think I have even heard this in Washington too :)

  2. Those are so funny! Although as a nurse - I get the vein one!

  3. Girl, you are the ultimate eavesdropper! High-5!! :-)

  4. So funny! But I must admit, I've already started Christmas shopping.

    And I haven't overheard anything juicy this week. Boring!

  5. This is awesome! I am so inspired and I'm going to copy you if you don't mind. Time to pay attention! :)



  6. LOL too funny..I love watching and listening to people..

  7. Since I work in retail, I hear crazy stuff all the time. I can't think of anything right now. I'll be sure to come back and let you know if I remember anything.

    That is one strange town you live in....


  8. I'd like to say that it is a case of being in LaLa but, it isn't! People have completely lost their sense of personal space. I want to wear a sign that is in big red letters; you know one of those old-fashioned sandwich boards that reads, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!!"

    Give me an effin' break! TMI people! TMI!!!!!!

  9. That's not just in L.A., girl, that's all over. I am amazed at some of the stuff people talk about. You know, I'm a nosey person, I admit it and when folks are talking, I'm listening.

    And the cell phone conversations??? Sometimes I feel like joining in and saying, "He's no good so leave him already!"

  10. LMAO. Those are great. Love the one about taking a nap in the bathroom. But seriously, I've heard of stories that people actually DO that! Crazy...

  11. CCD....or as Berger would say in NY....he's just not that into you! ;-)

  12. That was funny as heck! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!

  13. LOL; I don't think sometimes people realize what they say is being heard by A LOT of people around them. I haven't heard much lately but I've been home a lot and not out and about; I'll have to see if anyone says anything cleverly funny this weekend when I run errands and such


  14. Too funny. I'm going to have to copy you and do a similar post soon.

  15. I work in a hotel and people will walk around the lobby talking on their cell phones and these conversations should be PRIVATE. Why don't they understand that the rest of us do not want to hear their personal stuff? Sounds like you have been busy running here and there.
    The ones I enjoy are the kids like when they accomplish something or are big enough to reach up and get something.

  16. lol. i just listen to my kids...they are crazy...

    "so did you see a donkey in your dream last night too?" i dunno where that came from at the breakfast able.

    "brocolli is fatal." we had beef and brocolli for dinner.

    yeah those are my boys.

  17. So funny! Some of them cracked me up!


  18. I'm not a good listener, so I can't contribute. Man, that looks really bad, now that I've written it down. Anyway, I love the Disney comment. If I had been that mother, I would have asked "You're at f*&cking Disney? And you didn't bring ME?"

  19. I've overheard nothing exciting recently but my best so far has to be in my post about kids embarrassing parents ... One toddler was queuing alongside her mother in a crowded shop when she tugged at her Mum's arm and shouted loudly ''Mummy when I grew up I want to be an alcoholic like you''

  20. Very interesting place you live in I must say!
    As for me... well I've been too busy with friggin kids to hear anything else but:
    "Mum, he hit me"
    "Mum, it's my turn and HE won't let me"
    "Grandma... Griffin stuck his bum in my face"
    "Mum......Mum.... Mum"

    Get the drift?

    I try not to hear ANYTHING ELSE.
    Sheesh, I would like to be deaf for a day. Any day..... but right now would be good.

  21. i love it! thank you for his! i was watching a marathon the other day and while waiting for the runners to cross the finish line the women next to me was saying that marathons should be shorter so she wouldn´t have to stand at wait so long... made me laugh...

  22. This is a real slice of life! Manners and etiquette have gone the way of analog clocks and typewriters. These things are surprising and often funny to hear, but it's a pretty sad commentary about society. And there I go again, channeling my mother......

  23. I don't get out in my hood much but I guess I AM going to have to write up and post a phone conversation I had the other day. I've debated on it for a long I guess it's time to share it in the next couple of days.

    I liked the one about the nurse, the veins and the shoes.

  24. Do you really need big boobs to be a seat filler? Huh.

    And yuck on napping in the stall. ha ha ha. funny!

  25. I think I miss a lot, because I tune everybody/thing out when I go shopping....
    These are hilarious! And I´m going to be paying more attention next time I go out! :)

  26. Very funny!

    The best one I heard recently wasn't in my hood, it was at the beach. A lady walked past my daughter and I with her children. She told them they were going to find lots of seashells. We were at the lake. Lake, not ocean, so no seashells!!

  27. That is awesome, I need to listen more often! :)

  28. Tsk! Why, I Never Listen In To People's Conversations. I'd tell you what I heard, but I Never Listen In.

  29. OMG!! The boobs comment. I so believe that one!

  30. Thankfully, most people are unaware of how loud they are. I love a juicy tidbit! I wrote something similar called Beach Conversations.

    Thanks for following my blog, I love meeting new bloggers!

  31. You are a hoot- too funny!! Thanks for the smiles today. Have a golden weekend! xoxo

  32. Great idea for a post! Funny stuff, too ... I haven't overheard anything as interesting around here, but just noticed this sign above the propane gas tanks at the local market:
    "DO YOU HAVE GAS? WE DO!!" I tried to get my husband to pose next to the sign so I could take a photo with my iphone, but he refused.

  33. Overheard on a bus in Bradford (Yorkshire, England):-

    Girl (to boy): "Have you got that chewing gum that I leant you?"

    Boy: "No, I lost it"

    Girl: "Well, you'd better find it - coz it's our Robert's!"

  34. also in LA LA land on a popular street in Hancock Park:
    "I just knew that you would be the kind of mom that only lets her kid play with wooden toys. I am too"

    same street...

    "And in my arms, right there, I got to hold the baby seal. It was awesome" (2 girls in near tears listening to him)

    and my friend called to say she heard this

    "What I love about my house is that it isn't big. It is just 6300 square feet. I like it cozy"

  35. I guess I must get out more often and listen in on people. Really I just don't think to listen. Thank you for coming by, have a nice weekend.

  36. That Disneyland comment is a winner. Really enjoyed this post, Joanna, such a great idea.

  37. Goodness me - can't believe the amusing stuff that people say! Love it - especially the one about the brown leaves...!

    Hilarious stuff - can't compete over here, I'm afraid.

  38. I love overhearing funny conversations. There are some gems to be had. I haven't got a funny one but I did overhear a young girl saying to someone on her mobile - "It's not you, it's me." I didn't think people said that in the real world!

  39. Every week I hear such insanity that I post a Quotes of the Week blog. So far I think the winner was the quotes on the greyhound bus.


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