Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost Vacation

The piles for packing have started to form around the bedroom. Next Thursday, Godson and I take off for our annual summer trip to Ohio to visit my family. This will be our 6th summer to my hometown and everyone is very excited.

Godson is a "city boy" and my family lives in "the country" so it's a night and day experience for him. Plus, my family all lives within six blocks of each other, so they are literally next door and there is always something fun for him to do with all my nieces and nephews.

As we prepare for the tip, my pile are things like tee shirts, flip flops and sun hats. His pile consists of...

--His favorite brownie mix to make for my folks. Sweet huh, I couldn't argue with that even though Duncan Hines is sold back home.

--Balloons to fill for a giant water balloon fight with his "god cousins". This is an annual ritual that leaves the entire family soaking wet on a hot August night.

--Five pounds of See's Candy, because California See's Candy is better than the See's Candy sold in the kiosk at the Cleveland Airport.

--A enormous amount of Legos, dvds, games, books, snacks and the likes to keep him "occupied" on the 4 1/2 hour flight. I've been told that I'm not all that entertaining on a plane and these are vital for a successful trip.

--Pool shoes, goggles, a bucket and net, rubber gloves and a large plastic shovel for walking in the Chagrin River and catching frogs. The rubber gloves are apparently for me since I won't touch frogs barehanded. Um, I won't touch frogs at all!

--Several toys for my folk's new cat that he's anxious to meet for the first time. Godson wants to be a Veterinarian and is all about the animals. He wanted to bring bags of carrots and apples for the horses too but I convinced him long ago that the cousins had that covered for him.

--A firefly/lightening bug "catcher" that he got on our very first visit. We don't have fireflies in LA and these are a highlight of the trip, no matter how old he gets.

We have a week to go before we take off. As you can see, we'll be traveling light!

How do you travel?
Welcome to The Fifty Factor - Joanna


  1. have fun :) and you have a great blog !

  2. I love the packing and planning part of a vacation as much as the vacation its self. Sounds like godson does too. Have a wonderful time.

  3. Oh, I feel like I know all about this you shared the excitement of his first seeing the lightening bugs!

    Have a fabu time; can't wait to hear the tales that will come from this junket!

  4. Have a lovely vacation, it sounds like it will be a wonderful time for you both! Make lots of memories!

  5. Have a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to read about it.
    I'm due for a vacation myself. =)

  6. i tend to travel light and fast...which means my wife packs to make sure i don't forget anything. lol. love the list...sounds like there is a lot of fun in store! hope you have a great trip.

  7. What an awesome trek ya'll make each year along with all the memories.

    I travel as lite as I can, I pack more for rudey dog than myself...but I have to have my own pillow that is a must!

  8. OMG! I hope you are allowed to take off with all that luggage!

    Love the balloons. Nothing like a good waterfight - so much fun!

    Have a great time RMxx

  9. The brownie mix is the funniest part of this to me. I'm giggling! hehehe.

  10. Sounds great (: Love your list; um, brownie mix!! I want!

    La C.

  11. Aw that's so sweet! he packs like my 10 yr old. Here's to hoping he gets a whole jar full of lightning bugs!

    I tend to travel as lightly as possible, with clothes that don't wrinkle and only 1 pr of shoes.

    I hope y'all have a terrific time :)

  12. You can come visit us if you bring brownies and See's chocolates.

    He sure sounds like a great kid. You are lucky to have each other and your annual trip to Ohio. I wish I could go with you. I've always wanted to see Ohio!!

    Have fun!!

    Hugs and love,

  13. Chagrin River? C'mon, where are you FROM??? I lived in South Russell (w/a Chagrin Falls mailing address) 'til I was 7, then we moved to Geauga County.

    And girl, if your family lives within "blocks" of each other, they're not really in the country!

    Northeast Ohio in the summer, though, with the trees and crickets and sleeping with the windows's enough to think about putting up with 9 months of snow and clouds again (notice I said "THINK about...").

    You're gonna be there too early for the Great Geauga County Fair, aren't you? Dang, I was gonna ask you to mail me an elephant ear...*pout*

  14. I travel very light, by car, never in a plane! I usually forget a bunch of stuff, though!!! LOL!

  15. You guys are set! My inlaws love Sees candy.

  16. It's a good thing you are doing the packing early, that way you can unpack and re-pack as you change your mind and decide it is more important to take something else. Gosh, you are going to be so much closer to Nebraska! I am glad you are still writing posts on your blog and I look forward to seeing pics and hearing all about your trip and time with your family. Enjoy!!

  17. What is the cost to stow extra luggage on an airline these days, Joanna? My advice: arrive at the airport early and with cash. :)

    Have a fabulous time! Sounds like you are in for quite the event.


  18. Sounds like it'll be a blast!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  19. Joanna is there any room in that suitcase for me?! I want to go! Sounds like it is a lot of fun. My dear friend you are giving him more than money can buy- your time, and golden memories!! I wish I had a godmother like you growing up. Many hugs... xoxo

  20. Sounds like you are going to have a blast.

  21. See's candies- YUM. My vary favorite.

    I try to travel light, and I fail miserably. Last time I went on a trip, I took just a couple of carry- ons. But on the way back... well, I'd done some shopping. I had to buy a huge suitcase and it ended up weighing over 100 pounds. Of course I had to check it, and it was expensive.

  22. I never understood the hullabaloo about See's candies.....until I had some. Oh my! I'm just glad they only sell it around here at Christmas.

  23. I pack lightly. kids are heavy enough to carry :)

  24. and i mean, really

    you read books on how to blog.


    that might explain the hundred plus followers :)

    thanks for following me, you should comment more often. :)

  25. Heavy. Very heavy. Uzis, typically.


  26. how cute! its neat that Godson is thinking about what he wants to bring along and really everything on his list makes perfect sense to me!


  27. Have fun,
    Hope he catches lots of fireflies.


  28. Sounds like you are both going to have so much fun. Can he bring back a firefly for me? I haven't seen them since I was a little girl!

    See's candy is the best!!! I could probably eat a pound of it myself.

  29. Joanna, you are truly wonderful. Your godson is a lucky fella to have you in his life, making sure he will be comfortable on his holiday. I try to travel lightly, usually start packing the night before and right up until walking out the door.

  30. What a great list of things he's packing. he planning on bringing any clothes? ;)

    (As I mom of two boys, I know EXACTLY just how important packing Legos are, by the way.)



  31. This sounds like the best kind of fun to me: family, summer, snacks and catching lightening bugs. Brings back memories...although I would never have been allowed to pack ANY of that stuff when I was a kid. Times have changed! Have a great, great time!

  32. First off, you are a BRAVE woman! It does sound like a lot of summer time fun (before school starts up). Hopefully you will keep in touch while you are gone???

    Just an FYI, the post I had on Yooper Yarns about the vacation I ruined...I decided to remove it because I don't have a clue if those particular people might see it and then think I put it up there purposely hoping THEY would read it. Didn't want you to think any comments made on the post had upset me. I appreciate the support from you and others!

  33. How do I travel? I usually need a whole bag just for shoes, if that's an indication...

    You're headed out my way! Have a great visit!

  34. Sounds like fun. Have a great time!

  35. Your Godson sounds like a great kid. And this trip sounds like it is going to be fantastic! Have fun!

  36. Love the things you are packing, ha.

  37. Thanks everyone! I love your comments and good wishes for the trip. Our "piles of things to pack" continues to grow but hopefully by Thursday we'll have it down to a reasonable level. We're both very excited for the trip. Now all we have to do is pray the weather cooperates!

    Keep those cards and letters coming. I love to hear from you! xo

  38. : ) What a sweet blog. Have a great time!


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