Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy, Calm and Um....

I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions for 2015 mainly because the thought of having one more thing on my "to-do" list was overwhelming. I was tired, stressed and worn down enough without feeling defeated for not accomplishing yet another goal.

A better attitude would definitely have been on my agenda if I'd made a resolution-- after all, the countless funerals I've attended in the past few years were more than my heart could stand and left me feeling stressed and sad.  Maybe that's why an emailed review request about a supplement called "Happy Calm Focused" caught my eye.

In all honesty, the super positive name and packaging had me rolling my eyes and laughing out loud at its claims.  It was early February and I'd already attended three MORE funerals of loved ones.  (I know!  When will it STOP!?!)  But if ever someone was in need of help being happy and calm it was definitely me.  So, after taking my head out of the oven I agreed to give the HCF supplement a try.  A free bottle arrived in my mailbox shortly thereafter.

Did I mention that I have never, ever, blindly tried a supplement before? Not once.  I called my doc who said it was okay to give one bottle a try to see if he helped.  Then I checked the mostly very positive HCF reviews online and popped the top.

The cobolt blue bottle made me happy-- I collect blue glass and even though this was plastic the coloring wasn't lost on me.

Could I have been momentarily happy before even swallowing the three substantial capsules that smelled a lot like herbs and the back of a pharmacy?  Probably not, but it made me smile nevertheless.  A good start, huh?

It's important to take HCF on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating in the morning-- That had me watching the clock because I wake up starved and actually keep granola bars on my bedside table.  As the thirty minutes ticked by til food time, I could still taste that herb/pharmacy/ick smell and was less than calm waiting to eat something to squash the after-taste.

Was Happy Calm Focused really working on me?  Fast forward three weeks...

Two more very sad situations with loved ones later (Again I say-- When will it STOP!) and I have to admit that I'm taking things in stride which I translate to being more calm in a crisis.  Happy might be too strong a word to describe my emotional state these days but the noise in my head when tracking the drama that surrounds me is somewhat lower. Both good things.

As for focused-- I'm afraid that ship has sailed for me.  I haven't been laser focused in more years than I can remember and have actually forgotten where I put the Happy Calm Focused supplement bottle a few times.

Will I continue to take the HCF supplement after the bottle is empty? I'm not sure.  The biggest down side for me is the indigestion and "repeating" of the supplement throughout the day.  I'm not crazy about that.  This is not a side-effect I read about in online reviews so maybe it's just my "delicate" system.

Happy Calm Focused isn't a "miracle in a bottle", at least not for me. Rather, it's an amino acid based supplement that might have helped make me feel a little better.  Will it help you feel happier, more calm and focused?  You'll have to be the judge.

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  1. I don't trust stuff like that. ::rummaging for link about essential oils, which I know aren't the same but the idea:::
    "all natural" etc...

    Basically, I don't trust anyone's claims, even those of modern medical science. But doctors scare me less than snake oil salesmen.

    And I'm sorry you're losing so many people you love. I don't know if there's any way to go through that unscathed. (((hugs)))

  2. sorry to hear about the recent losses. I take Vitamin D and glucosamine supplements along with my required blood pressure pills, that's enough for me.

  3. Before I retired four years ago I was on no medication. Now i have to have statins(tablets), inhaler for asthma and pessaries for a hormone deficiency. Just hoping the brain keeps working and I don't mix up my meds!

  4. Before I retired four years ago I was on no medication. Now i have to have statins(tablets), inhaler for asthma and pessaries for a hormone deficiency. Just hoping the brain keeps working and I don't mix up my meds!

  5. i love when people honestly share their opinions about things like this…so thank you! and focusing, yep, my ship sailed along time ago,too….damnit. {so sorry for everything you've been dealing with}

  6. I also offer my condolences at all the awful stuff in your life lately. Since I already take way too many supplements, some for my eyes and some for the rest of my body, I'm not going to add HCF, but I will look them up and see what's in them. I'm glad it seems to be helping you, though. :-)

  7. The hardest part about getting older is losing the people we love. I can deal with all the body stuff, gravity, wrinkles (I always think it's because I've laughed so much - whatever, it makes me feel good), but all the people I've known and loved no longer with me? Yes, very hard.

  8. It does seem to offer a lot of very different things from one pill.....!!

  9. I'm sorry for your recent losses, Joanna. I can sure relate -- it was a bumpy January/February for me. I ask the same "when will it stop" thing, but the fact is it is only going to increase and I need to find a way to keep my head. Grieve, yes. But keep my head. Lots easier said than done!

  10. I'm a skeptic to the core. It's not that I don't believe there are helpful supplements, I just want to see the research backing up the claims. (On the other hand, placebo effects can be powerful.)

  11. Hey, I just making the rounds again and so sorry to read about the loss of more loved ones. (Big Hugs)
    I love the bottles my beloved Mom collected the cobalt blue too. I have several of her pieces. They are beautiful.
    I think I need some of that Happy Calm Focus!
    Wishing you the best, take care :-)

  12. I haven't found any magic pills to calm me down. :) Sometimes I wish I had some though. I'm trying to learn a bit about reflexology- that seems to help me more than anything else.

  13. Thanks for the tip, JJ - and sorry to hear you've had so much bad news.

  14. I have so seldom lost anyone close to me. My mother died a year ago April 1st but, for all practical purposes, she wasn't alive for the past five years, since I went home to Georgia and found her post-stroke. She was in assisted living every since and really didn't know us or even who she was.

    Three people I dearly loved have died in the past three years and, since I'm 70, the numbers are bound to increase. My 50 year nursing school reunion is in New Orleans in October ( and I fly directly from India there for the occasion ). All my best pals from those days have made a pact that we will try to hang on till after the grand event. We want to be able to go to Pat O'Brien for hurricanes, polish off a few dozen raw oysters and hear Dixieland jazz like we did fifty years ago. Cross your fingers for us.

    I am so sorry for your losses. As for the pills in the cobalt blue bottles, not sure about that...but I did have some wonderful wine from Italy in a very tall cobalt blue bottle that certainly lifted my spirits.

  15. Hello darling girl, I'm so sorry you've had to cope with so much sadness. Come over here to Australia...yes run away...just for a little while...there's a spare room here...
    ps re the supplements, no don't get another bottle...just listen to your body and eat and drink what it wants...

  16. I kinda collect blue glass too...though I'm trying not to anymore cos I'm a bit of a collector of stuff I really don't need!
    There are no magic pills to make you happier... except high doses of antidepressants, and they don't really work that much either... except make you sleep. Trust me, I know.
    I hope your friends and family STOP dying/getting ill/stressing you out soon mate. We don't need that sort of shit in our lives eh?

  17. Is there something going on with the planets?? I also spent the first few months of this year dealing with sick friends and deaths!! Still waiting for this year to improve! Anyway, we were also sent some supplements not so long ago, something to improve memory. I wouldn't dare but my blogging partner took them for a while. No noticeable improvement in the memory department but lots of weird dreams!


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