Friday, June 5, 2015

A Vacuum Cleaner Beating

It all started innocently enough--  Vacuum the house and then go for a much-needed walk on a warm Southern California day.  It's feels (and looks) like about a decade since I worked out and I figured the combo of vacuuming and walking was a good place to start and would count as weight training and cardio (That's only a little stretch of the imagination, right?).

But half way through the living room chore my trusty vacuum started wheezing-- just a little at first, but than it worked itself up into a high pitched screech that had the neighbor's dog wailing. 

I fussed and fiddle with the machine trying to make things right, but couldn't identify where the noise was actually coming from-- Not the hose, the bag or any one specific place.  Screaming at me, it was as if the entire vacuum was either in shock that I was dragging it around cleaning... Or it was on it's last leg.

Dang.  I really like this vacuum too.

Since the vacuum was still picking up dust, I kept pushing it along, praying the noise would stop, and cleaning from one room to the next, until the exhausting and nerve-wracking job was finally finished. 

By this time, I knew I had to take the machine in for repair and was giving myself a good talking to because I couldn't identify the source of the noise-- Translation:  Not paying attention when I pulled the plug out from the wall while at the same time stepping on the button that retracts the cord and winds it up inside the machine all nice and neat.

Well... like I said, it's been a while since I was the one doing the vacuuming around here and I'd forgotten about the crazy cord rewind.

Note to self:  Do not bend over, thereby putting your face too close to the machine when the cord is whipping towards you at the speed of light.

Faster than you can say "Mike Dyson", the plug and my face-- specifically my lip-- collided in a rather uncomfortable smack, just barely avoiding chipping a tooth, but definitely doing significant damage to my bottom lip.

Let's just say much blood followed and by the end of the day I looked like I'd gone a few rounds with an able-bodies contender.

But it was only the vacuum who beat me up-- The vacuum that was repaired waaay before my lip healed.  The vacuum that didn't dare wheeze or screech while I still had a fat lip.  The vacuum that taught me a valuable lesson-- not the least of which was that from now on, I'm letting someone else do the cleaning around here!

# # # # #

Gosh, I can't believe how long it's been since my last post!  All's well, I've just been really busy.  I have lots to share and promise to be back soon.

How are YOU?

Welcome to  -  Joanna Jenkins


  1. Glad you're back! Although it's no fun being a cautionary tale for the rest of us.
    I generally get whapped in the ankle by my vacuum's retracting cord - painful, but at least not disfiguring.
    From now on, go with dusting.

  2. Nice to hear from you Joanna, terrible freak accident though, I can see something like that happening to me.

  3. I say it a lesson more vacuuming.To be on the safe side it might be a good idea to avoid any kind of housework (at least that is what I would take from it.) :)

  4. Glad your back in blog land JJ, I missed you. Now for that lip accident, OUCH!! You poor thing, it just proves vacuums are killing machines that we should not have to deal with, haha. I'd say anything to get out of vacuuming and mopping, of course it doesn't work, I still have to vacuum and mop and perhaps cuss a little while doing so. Hugs and Welcome Back my friend!!

  5. good to see you again, sweetpea! bad news about the vacuum! i made the ultimate trade off, yep, gave up the housekeeper to pay for a personal trainer. her advice was that her 91 year old grandmother still cleaned her own house, one room everyday, except sunday. go figure. ;) xoxoxo

  6. Miss your posts. Hope you don't have an argument with the toaster or washing machine. Those guys are ruthless!!

  7. I knew it! Vacuuming is hazardous to your health. I avoid it myself except with that little dust buster thingy. So glad to see your "face" back in Blogaritaville! :-)

  8. I think I am in much worse shape than you are! My confession -- I don't have a vacuum. It broke and i thought "we'll see how we do." So far, so good. I get good bending exercise reaching down to pick up stray bits and cat hair and every couple of weeks someone does it for me. (The vacuuming, not the bending.) It all works out in the end. Take care of your face!

  9. what other appliances have you had fights with? Watch your back the fridge is getting ready to throw ice at you. Great story.

  10. I've been away for awhile, too! Welcome back.:)

  11. My vacuum broke my toe! I think they should be classified as dangerous animals and not let in the house.

  12. Welcome back JJ - I've missed you!

  13. Sometimes, we get a little behind in blogging. I am just appreciative that , treasured friends, like you, don't write us off. It's good to see you back, even with a tale of woe. I guess that's why I've sworn off cleaning for awhile. In India, wherever I'm living, a beautifully sari-clad lady cleans, & often cooks, at a minimal fee &, ironing, my eternally most hated task since my youth, costs 6 rupees/piece - 9 cents US. I iron practically everything!

    I hope, by now, you mouth has healed &, if you must clean, you'll pick up a broom!

    Thanks for visiting me.

  14. I've never heard of someone having that kind of accident. Ouch!

  15. These types of vacuum cleaner do not come with various parts which may perhaps stop working and bring about the appliance to work badly. The vacuums may scratch the hardwood floors.


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