Saturday, February 21, 2015

Four Reasons Why I Won't Delete My Facebook Page

It hasn't been all that long since I took the plunge and gave Facebook a whirl.  So many of my blog friends from over the years have moved to Facebook and I missed them.  Knowing little about the FB game, I've done my best to figure things out and "friend" people I know and bloggers from past and present, but I'm definitely not great at it.

It's been 3 1/2 months and until very recently I simply did not get what all the fuss was about.  To me, Facebook appeared to be endless postings about things that were of little interest to me.  I gravitate towards more meaningful posts about people's well-being, new babies, joys and successes.  I'm not interested so much in (most) jokes, the price of gasoline or the mean stuff that creeps in from time to time.

In short, I simply didn't "get" Facebook or why folks spend so much time on it.  And then the four reasons why I won't delete my Facebook page grabbed me by the hand within days of each other and held on tight...

1. Sam.

2. Rorry 

3. Fiona.

4. Patrick

Sam, my husband's business partner of 39 years passed away.  We adored him.

Rorry and Fiona, the beloved Scottie pups of my blog bestie, Holly Dietor from Your Mother Knows But Won't Tell You, crossed over the rainbow bridge to doggie heaven.

And, Patrick-- A big, happy, handsome relative passed away in his sleep of a massive heart attack.

They're why I'm hooked on Facebook.

The world-- literally the Facebook world-- took meaningful and thoughtful time to wrap their arms around Sam, Rorry, Fiona and Patrick, and their families, in a way I have never experienced before.

Facebook posts-- hundreds of them-- poured in with such love, compassion, support, and gratitude for these four amazing souls that there are no words to adequately express the heartfelt love that jumped though the computer screens to all involved.

And not just a bunch of thumbs up "likes".  There were posts that Facebookers wrote with long and loving comments.  Posts that included tributes more beautiful than any I've read before.  Posts that included photos of and for Sam, Rorry, Fiona and Patrick that embraced their families and helped loved ones through very difficult times.

Sam's posts included comments about his favorite movies and how he looked like a cross between Paul Newman and Kirk Douglass with sky blue eyes.  His grace and class were mentioned often and the words "A true gentleman." were repeated over and over.

Posts for Rorry and Fiona had countless beautiful photos of purple thistles, the national flower of Scotland, to help comfort Holly and her husband as they coped with the passing of their lovely Scotties who battled health issues.

And Patrick-- More than 500 photos with people toasting Patrick with Budweiser long-neck beer bottles-- Odd sounding perhaps, but Patrick was the guy with a big pick-up truck who not only loaned his truck to people moving, but he also actually helped people move-- Only thanks he ever asked for was an ice cold Budweiser at the end of the day.

My four reasons for not deactivating or deleting my Facebook page are these four souls with hearts of gold and all the people who love them.  I may not post often on Facebook but I'll keep my page active so I can look in on my friends and cherish the meaningful interaction that truly exists in cyberspace.

As for my Twitter account?  Probably not.  Too much chatter, clutter and endless pictures of sunsets taken through car windshields for me.

Instagram, maybe-- I've found some photographers, artists, performers and quilters who take amazing photos.

But Facebook-- You've won my heart.  I'm sticking with you!

Of course, FB, Twitter and IG are three reasons why I haven't blogged much lately-- In addition to too many funerals already in 2015.  But, I'm heading to Ohio next week, despite the horrendously cold weather, for some quality family time and to recharge my battery.  I hope to return ready to roll again with happier times ahead.

Until then, stay warm and maybe I'll see you elsewhere in cyberspace!

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  1. I love FB for all the same reasons: I keep in touch with family and friends, and I get to see what's happening in their lives without anything other than logging on to FB to find all this out. I've never tried the others, and I'll keep on with blogging and FB. Enough for me. :-)

  2. i gave up on facebook years ago...
    i respect your reasons...and they are good ones...but i had to break the craziness...twitter....i let that go too..
    but you know where to find me...ha

  3. I'm sorry for the losses in your world but glad you have found comfort in those who have come forward to mourn and share.

    I'm just getting a bit more into Facebook. I'm not overly fond of it but I'm not as against it as I used to be. That probably has something to do with living isolated from family and friends. Blogging is still my first love though.

    Safe travels.

  4. I feel the same honey. I don't post much but there are some I need to stay in touch with and, like you, I've found people to be so supportive and loving when things get tough. <3

  5. FB is decent. I've contacted old friends via my activity there; folks I never would have contacted again had I not been there. For that reason alone, it has been worth it for me to be there and perhaps blogging a bit less.

  6. Agree, a great way to keep up with a few select people ... too bad there's so much clutter. I've had to "hide" a few "friends" who just don't know when to stop posting pictures of pets, or links to their favorite political loudmouth. But were it not for FB I never would have seen a photo of my niece's baby, or found out my daughter had a new boyfriend!

  7. I have stuck with FB for all the same reasons....I love the way it lets me keep up with family and friends and it is a great gathering place in times of celebration or loss.

  8. I agree with you completely. I don't usually post a ton of stuff on FB -- generally photos. Nor, do I share a lot of the trivial (standing in line at the store -- yuck!) kind of thing. But when I have shared something deeply personal (the loss of the Gypsy comes to mind), I have felt surrounded by love and caring. Not just likes. Comments that boosted my heart. I have learned about deaths and challenges friends I see less often are facing and I can better offer support. I block the games, but I see the posts and have learned from some of the shared articles. You become selective, but you remain aware. It's not the be-all, end-all and it will never replace blogging to me, but it is indeed not a bad thing.

  9. And that is why I stay on Facebook too. I have such real connections with people and I care about them and their lives and loves and losses. Sometimes it's just stupid stuff, and then sometimes real life stuff happens that needs support and comments and comforting and Facebook gives you that opportunity. I also have to say I've gotten a lot of wonderful cheers and caring for my cancer and Cliff's and it's meant a lot to me, so I will stay on facebook, sometimes sharing important stuff and then just silly stuff about my coffee addiction. I love instagram and while not as personal as Facebook or Blogs, the pictures and such are fun to look through. Hugs my dear friend and I'm so sorry for all the losses you've recently experienced.

  10. I'll stay on FB for the family news but if it could be done with emails and attached pictures I would drop it. I just don't care for the reshared garbage on my FB feed. Blogging is much better. Never even tried twitter, nor do I see a reason to now. This sounds odd but I think FB would be better if people didn't use it so much.
    have a great visit

  11. I'm part of several groups featuring Zentangles and Zentangle inspired art. And in touch with people I wouldn't be in touch with if it weren't for Facebook.

    But I really don't like it for the most part, I find it incredibly superficial. Blogging-lite. If I had to choose either blogging or using FB, blogging would win.

  12. Oh... and so many people just click 'share' without even checking to see if what they're sharing is factual. The copyright thing. (I declare my stuff to be my stuff...) Political things. Etc. It's not that hard to check the veracity. Facebook is accelerating the dumbing down of the entire universe.

  13. I have a Facebook account just to keep in touch with EX bloggers! And friends of course. *smiles* And I rant on it mostly! I can't say very much on my blog about issues that get under my skin... FAMILY issues. But I can on my Facebook cos it's private.

  14. I used to love facebook, but not so much anymore. Blogging will always be my favorite means of communicating my love of photography and genealogy.

  15. Compelling reasons to stay on Facebook.
    Very moving account of your recently departed friends.
    I was on F/B for a while but seemed to drift off it interfering blogging.
    Miss you there, Joanna, and wish you the very best . . . Eddie . . :) x

  16. interfering should be preferring.
    I blame two things for that mistake:
    1. Spell-check
    2. Me, for not checking it . . . lol

  17. I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Facebook but when my beloved sister passed away a year ago, I took such great comfort in the words of love and support posted by my friends all over the world. I also loved reading the tributes posted on my sister's page by her friends and colleagues, many of whom I've never met. To read about all the ways in which she had deeply touched peoples' lives was simply a gift.

  18. I couldn't get rid of FB...I'm not sure how I got well over 600 friends. My youngest son - 30 - looks at me, sternly, and asks why I have so many young male friends. Many of them are the sons of my colleagues in India, all of whom call me "Aunty". How can I not "friend" these youngsters who treat me more lovingly than many of my own family members.

    I love keeping in touch with cruise friends, the owners of my favorite restaurants, forensic colleagues....sure there's no time for long conversations but a quick 'touch base" keeps me up to date and connected, especially since I'm not in India 4 - 6 months at a time.

    So how come we aren't FB friends, Ms Joanna???


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