Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blog Changes & a GIVEAWAY

The clock is ticking and July 1st, when Google Reader disappears, is fast approaching.  I was late to the party learning about this and have spent a long day trying to figure things out.  But alas, I've switched my RRS Feed to Bloglovin' and, if the buzz around Blogland is true, I've added the new "Follow Me on Bloglovin" button you see in the top right navigation bar just in case Google Friend Connect disappears too.

So, to kick things off and ask you to pretty please click on my Bloglovin' Follow button, I'm having a Giveaway!

But first--  If you haven't made an RSS feeder change yet, you need too or you'll lose all the blogs you follow.  Yikes!  Here's the helpful blog that assisted me in making the switch-- Jilly Be Joyful.  I found her instructions very easy to follow.  But one thing--  I was not able to make the switch on Foxfire, I had to go through the process on Safari-- why I don't know, but if the switch not working on your usual system, try another one.

So about that Giveaway...  Thanks to the generosity of the awesome blogger, The Wizard of Otin, I have an autographed copy of his novel In Blog We Trust.  I found it to be a fast-paced thriller loaded with suspense, murder and a little sex, all tied a very mysterious blog that had people doing crazy things...  It's terrific and I think you'll enjoy it.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment letting me know you FOLLOWED ME ON BLOGLOVIN'--  Just click that button on the top of my Nav Bar in the upper right corner.

I've been reading Otin's scary stories on his blog for the past nearly 4 years and LOVE THEM.  He's a blogger who followed his dream and was able to publish not one, but TWO novels--  How awesome is that!  

Otin latest novel, 12:19 is available on e-Reader format NOW and is so scary I can only read it with all the lights on and when my husband is home!  Here's a little tidbit about his new book 12:19...

12:19…The time has been set…
Violet and Johnny Dotson pull up stakes and relocate to the beautiful countryside near Asheville, North Carolina in an attempt at starting their lives over after series of miscarriages. Unbeknownst to them they have actually been summoned there by a higher power.
Locked away in a mountaintop mental institution, J.C., a mysterious man who was the only survivor found at the scene of a brutal murder/suicide, will only utter five words… “I am the son of God.”
Strange events centered around the unknown patient spur Detective Tom Drayton to connect several bizarre deaths to the time of 12:19.
Armed with an old priest’s advice and a touch of new found faith, Tom follows a path that could very well lead him to the destruction of all mankind.  But is he doing God’s bidding, or could he in fact be the dreaded serpent himself?
12:19…The clock is ticking….

One of the darkest things you'll ever read!  Order info is HERE.

See, I told you it was scary!  Even the cover with that snake gives me the willies. 

The Giveaway closes at Midnight PT July 4th.  Otin will ship In Blog We Trust directly to the winner.  You must have a blog to enter and make sure I can reach you via email if you win.

So come on-- Enter to win The Wizard of Otin's (aka Michael Infinito) In Blog We Trust Again, all you have to do is click on the "Bloglovin's Follow Button on the top right navigation bar.

What RSS feed are you switching to?
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  1. You're awesome!

    I'm glad you like my books and I hope whoever wins your giveaway will enjoy In Blog We Trust!

  2. I had already subscribed to you on Bloglovin. I switched my blogs over a few weeks ago and it worked for me on Firefox.
    I'm still not used to it though!

  3. oy ok, let me figure this out...thanks for the link explaining...and mike, he's a great story teller...smiles.

  4. Two blog buddies told me google friend connect will disappear so I added and am now following you and all the blogs I follow on both bloglovin and on google friend connect, which is due to disappear on July 1.

  5. I'm following you since I switched to bloglovin a few weeks ago.

  6. Gosh darn I hate change. Thanks for all the info. I'll be following you.

  7. I switched over the The Old Reader, which I absolutely love. I tried a couple of others first. I signed up for bloglovin' because you asked, but I am very happy with The Old Reader, which imported all the blogs I follow painlessly. :-)

  8. Well of course you know I'll be following you via bloglovin JJ, I never want to miss out on your posts!! Hugs my friend!!

  9. Why are they doing this? Why are their "improvements" never improvements?

  10. I'm blogging again (formerly Eternally Distracted) and soooo happy to see you're still here. YAY

  11. "In Blog We Trust" sounds like a really fun read. I'll have to check it out!

  12. Thanks for the heads up Joanna. You're the best. xo

  13. I followed you on BlogLovin! And I took the opportunity to do this housekeeping on my blog!

  14. I don't have a reader! I've heard that Feedly is good too though.

  15. I haven't tried bloglovin but have feedly which is pretty easy to figure out. The cover of the book was enough to scare me.

  16. I'm in. Don't know what to expect, but why not! :)

  17. i switched over to as soon as google announced they were closing reader.

  18. I've made the switch to Feedly. I found it to be a seamless import and more similar to Google Reader than Blog Lovin. But of course, I follow you there now.. so not to worry. You ain't losing me as a reader.

  19. Hey, Joanna, I just got back to blogging and found out about the demise of Google Reader. I also signed up with Bloglovin. Of course I'm following you! I'm still unsure if our blogrolls will continue to update with or without Google Reader.

    So good to see you again!!


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