Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Four cross-country flights in five weeks--  Phew!  I'm tired, but even after all my years of flying, I learned a few things.

The "Friendly Skies" are pretty cold these days, especially if you pony up and pay extra for leg room in Coach Class seating, which, if I calculate right, is about $10 per inch!  But leg room on a nearly 5 hour flight makes a huge difference on my tired bones so I swiped my Visa for $69 (gulp!) and off I went.  Thing is, I thought I'd signed up for a ride on the Polar Express!

It seems the main Coach Class air conditioning unit is located directly over the "Priority Seats" making the premium pay passengers freezing cold compared to the cramped passengers towards the back who were boiling hot.  And I mean freezing-- even with a long sleeved tee shirt, a hoodie with the hood up and a cashmere shawl wrapped around my head and face.  It was C.O.L.D. and not fun.

One of my flights to Ohio left at 6:05AM-- a gawd awful hour, especially when you factor in getting up at 2:45AM so I could get to the airport in time and snake my way through the painfully slow security line.  I made it with 20 minutes to spare before boarding and would have traded my soul for a cup of hot tea and a bagel.  Unfortunately, airport food service doesn't open until at least 5:30AM, with many not opening until 6AM.  Translation:  No tea for me.

Another flight was extremely turbulent, as in the flight attendants were strapped into their seats for a full 2 hours!  But apparently violently bouncing around at 30,000 feet doesn't bother some people.  Fourteen passengers had to be told to SIT DOWN!  And these folks weren't even up to use the restroom.  Nope, these idiots wanted their fair share of the "free" soda pop.  Grrr.

But the travels were well worth it as each flight delivered me to family and happy occasions, like my niece and nephew's high school graduations.  Both are headed off to college in the Fall and we couldn't be prouder.

 She's my baby sister's baby.

 My brother and his oldest son.

And I got to snuggle with my just turned 3 years old great-niece too.  Talk about time flying by in the blink of an eye!  I can still close my eyes and see this little munchkin as a new born.

I plan to keep my feet on the ground for at least a few months this summer and look forward to visits from my niece K and my fave Aunt and Uncle in August.  I'll warn them about cold flights, packing a snack if they fly at dawn and hanging on for dear life on bumpy flights.  But mostly I'll be happy to see their smiling faces at the airport when I pick them up.  There's no place like home... unless home comes to you!

What are your summer plans?
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  1. awww...def worth the 30000 foot bounce house to get those snuggles and see the kids graduate....smiles....kinda glad i am not having to travel by plane as much any more....

    summer with the boys....finding fun each day...just got back from the spray ground...

  2. You are definitely the jet-setter!

  3. oh how I hate to fly, and sounds like you got some of the best things flying has to offer, NOT. Glad you had a good visit and spent time with family, sort of makes all you go through worth it, huh. Wish I could tell you our summer plans, all I know is we better get to planning soon or summer will be over before we know it. Hugs!!

  4. A bumpy ride is alright and sometimes a break from the boredom. Back in the golden days of flying when they served food (never very great food but still food on a tray) I didn't care for the bumps to mess with serving and eating.

  5. After 3 trips in two or so months I think I am home for a while. It took me a few days to recover from a recent overnight flight from Hawaii...not as easy as it used to be. I opted to pay for valet parking instead of extra leg room and I was still freezing-so cold that I wore the airline's blanket home. Your great niece is so cute. I'm glad you got to see her. Enjoy your visitors.

  6. Remember when flying was exciting and fun? Not any more. I went on a couple flights from Seattle to southern California and worried the whole time they would lose my luggage. Not to mention I paid a bundle for the privilege! :-)

  7. Flying is certainly not what it used to be. I'm sorry you had such a rough time flying, but am so happy to hear about the reasons! Your niece and nephew look like lovely young adults on the brink of a great life adventure! That said, I'm glad for you that, for the next family visit, your family is coming to you!

  8. congrats to your family Joanna, you have been busy doing important things!

  9. Oh, flying has become a miserable way to travel.
    Glad all that beautiful family made your effort worthwhile, though.

  10. No food and a bouncy flight sounds like a great reason to always keep Luna bars in your bag.

    But worse yet, a cold flight. So we have to pack a few of those heat packs now as well?

    Did you ask for a blanket; wait! They charge more for those now, don't they? (bastards)

  11. Flying is no longer the "friendly skies". It is not for the faint of heart for sure.
    Your niece, adorable!!

    Amazing how fast they grow.

  12. The only thing to recommend flying is that it gets you there faster. There is no other benefit!

  13. Yeah, as they say, the best part of flying in the getting there. But ... congrats to your family and your proud soon-to-be undergrads.

  14. The memories you have and how special for you to be there....I hope your summer is relaxing by the pool and a drink with a fancy umbrella!

  15. Well, you got to a nice place with nice people, so that's good, but doesn't flying these days stink? I hate it, and I used to truly love flying. Now I'd rather take the bus.

  16. That saying about the journey being more important than the destination isn't always right!

    Luckily, what was at your destination was well worth all the aggravation.

  17. Maybe being in the cold spot could be a blessing; instead of paying for more baggage, you could just wear all the extra stuff!

  18. I'd much rather take a road trip than fly in a plane (I'm a fearful flyer), but when you're going from CA to OH, I can see where you'd have to fly. All that aside, you're a wonderful auntie, and I'll bet everyone back home was thrilled to see you! Cheers!

  19. I just can't do the flying thing...nope. lol

    JJ, Email me when you get a chance.

  20. Wonderful abour kids, even if a tale of woe from the flight angle. Gosh, I am happy I coughed up the price of first class when I flew to CA last October. Now I gotta save up for the next trip at least a year away. I am cold in a warm house. Dianne

  21. Flying has really lost something, hasn't it?

    Still: what beautiful pictures!


  22. Every time I travel anywhere with all the prep and getting there hours early I wonder if it's worth it but by looking at your wonderful photos of family celebrating such special ocassions I would say it was! I'm so glad you were able to be part of the joy.

  23. I would have been very miserable is I was freezing on a plane.
    Still I'm sure it was worth it to see family.
    Your little niece is adorable. They grow too fast!

  24. I've decided all the seats while flying are freezing cold lately....probably because they no longer have blankets to hand out.

    i mean really. why make flying fun or comfortable?


    i hate to fly anymore. they literally have sucked all the goodness out of it :(

  25. Hey beautiful!!!

    Sounds like you've been enjoying every moment of life, as well you should!!! Thanks so much for stopping over to warm my space. You are so very loved.

    one love.


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