Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drum Roll Please...

And the winner of my Silver, Gold and Cash Giveaway is....

A million thanks to all who entered. I really appreciate it. Please know how meaningful it is to me that you participated and that you learned more about Attila The Mom's great company, Highland Roses Design. The ornaments designed and made by her crew are truly stunning. If you haven't checked them out yet, please do. Below are the ornaments I purchased.


In other happy giveaway news, I found out this morning that I was the lucky winner of This Stop Willoughby's giveaway presented by Novica in Association with National Geographic. I was able to purchase a beautiful shawl with my gift card. THANKS!


I type this with several paper-cuts on my hands from wrapping holiday packages for shipping to my family back home in Ohio. They will laugh out loud when the boxes arrive. I think I used nearly an entire role of packing tape to secure the boxes.

Instead of focusing on the task at hand-- positioning three, maybe four, pieces of tape per box, I was thinking about my sweet Step-Dad Dave who passed away in July.

Dave was a meticulous packer. When my mother-in-law passed away a few years ago, Baby Sister baked her famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for us and Dave wrapped them so carefully for FedEx that not a single cookie broke in the cross-country shipment.

Tears are rolling down my face as I think back on it. I miss my family and the holiday blues are starting to sink in.... Tis the season.

Big sigh.

Are you ready for the holidays?
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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. I know the 'first' one of whatever holiday/special occasion is the hardest. I hope you get through the holidays with the intact spirit you're supposed to have... love them, miss them... but be happy.


  2. congratulations to Tammy!! I'm assuming the discount is still available for your readers? I am going to purchase some ornaments either way. They are fantastic.

    I had a dear grandmother pass away from a brief illness on Christmas eve, oh, it must be 12 years ago now. The ache in my heart has finally turned into a little warm spot where I can remember her and how she loved the holidays. I keep her close to me at Christmas, and that helps the blues, my friend. Besides, what would the holidays be without a few bluesy regrets and remembrances? Es la vida!

  3. How sad that this festive time gives you grief.
    Can you not visit your family over the Christmas season at all?
    If not, that is very sad indeed.

  4. re frame:
    not holiday blues, but you are feeling deeply the gift of those people in your life. All is change, and our loved ones teach us to be ready for our own. then we will laugh together again.

    Bless you with warmth and love and Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  5. the VERY NEXT blog I visited had the quote I was trying to remember for you!

    " "When you are sorrowful
    look into your heart
    and you shall see that
    you are weeping
    for that which has been
    your delight."
    Khalil Gibran "

  6. The season is definitely a time for memories!! Hugging you

  7. Taradharma: Yes, the discount is still available. Just drop me an email through the site and wait to be invoiced after you fill your cart. thanks!

    And thanks to all who entered!


  8. ((jj))

    the holidays as always tough, esp after losing someone...will you get to see family over the holidays?

    i am ready for the holidays, i guess

  9. ((hugs)) JJ I'm sorry your heart is heavy....I hope your holiday season is also filled with joyous memories too.
    Congrats to the winner of such amazing ornaments!
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Oh shoot, Joanna, I hate to think of tears running down your face. I wish I had a magic potion to send you that would kick the holiday blues out the door and down the road. The good thing is you can pick up your phone any time you want to and talk with members of your family. Do you use Google video chat or Skype or one of the video talk services? It is great when you are missing family. This is a difficult time of year for so many people for various reasons. I am sending you hugs to cheer you and help you remember how many people love you.

    Congrats to Tammy for winning your great giveaway. Do you know if Highland Roses Design sell ornaments year around?

  11. I saw a movie last week that caused me to weep almost all the way through it. Not for grief, but mostly because I was so deeply touched. It actually felt great to let it all out. I do hope that the tears of memory and loss left you feeling better afterwards, too. Big big virtual hugs to you.

  12. a big virtual hug from me as well.
    Your heart is so huge.

  13. hugs, Joanna. Here's wishing you find some joy in the holidays. Bummer that I didn't win, though!

  14. Dear Snarky Sister:
    We'll sniff together, okay? I won't be with my family this Christmas, either. SO let's remember that our family and homes are where we are now and not just from where we've come. It's better for us to remember that on heart-felt days like the holidays.

    Love To You Where You Are Now!

  15. Holidays and Family are meant to go together so remembering the ones we have lost I think is common around the holidays. I bet Dave spirit enjoys knowing you are remembering him. Good packing shows good care. all the best.

  16. The holiday season if tough on those far from home or alone...

    Congrats to the winner!

  17. I know, it's hard to think about the ones we've lost, esp. at this time of year. But it's also ... nice to remember. Hope you have a happy and fulfilling holiday season.

  18. Congrats to Tammy. So sorry for your loss, please try to have a lovely holiday season though.

  19. The ornaments are so pretty! Heirloom quality for sure.

    Losing family members is never easy and especially at holiday time. Your memory of Dave wrapping those yummy cookies made me think of my wonderful cousin Bethany, who died in October at age 41 of pancreatic cancer. Tough season but I am thankful for sweet memories.

  20. Thank you so much Joanna, it's so exciting to win something and especially that beautiful ornament. Oy Vey I will cherish it. I'm so sorry for the loss to your family and I totally understand how hard the holidays are when you are missing someone you love and all the memories of the wonderful times spent together. Big hug to you my friend!!

  21. I know just how tough it is. It will be two years since I'm seen my twin sister and it is killing me.

    I hope that you'll have a chance to spend the holidays with them.

    I'm so sorry that you had to say goodbye to your stepdad, Dave. It has to be so very tough. Hang in there, JJ.

  22. Ah, but such a blessing to have GOOD memories of someone like that.
    I'm glad for your winner:)

  23. Here's sendin' that hot and flashy Tammy a big Ozark Congratulations!!!

    She sure did win a treasure box there.

    Congratulatons on your great win over a Willoughby's. I'm sure you'll enjoy your shawl.

    Oh darlin' I wish you were here so I could give ya a big old hug.

    God bless and have yourself a marvelous day dear friend. :o)

  24. sending you a big hug dear jj!

  25. Ah, Joanna, do something nice for yourself. You seem to be doing for others, but sometimes we forget that we do best for others when we ourselves are happier. Treat yourself to something you really love. You have my permission! :-)

  26. Big Hugs! Love the ornaments...they invoke a happy feeling!

  27. Sending a big, gift-wrapped hug your way. I'm sorry you're hurting. I have always loved the quote that Cloudia posted here and I think it's serendipitous that she found it when she did. There's so much truth to it.

  28. whoa those ornaments are so colorful and cool! I love every one of them!


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