Friday, December 16, 2011

Fly Away

Continental Airlines sent me a lovely gift in the mail today. It arrived in a big fancy envelope and even included luggage tags! It was a Silver Elite card that qualifies me for free upgrades, bonus mileage and other nice perks for frequent fliers who spend way to much time on their cramped, stuffy airplanes flying cross-country.

I was all over those fabulous upgrades until I read that the card-- received December 15th-- was for the year 2011 with a January 31, 2012 expiration date. So yeah! I qualified for a 2011 upgrade card but I didn't get it until 45 days prior to expiration.


I could have used those upgrades on the eight flights I made back home to Ohio this past year but alas, my card arrived with only a few weeks to actually use it.... And since Cleveland is colder than a you know what this time of year, that big fancy promo package and Silver Card they sent me is pretty much useless.

But, not wanting to give up the dream of Business Class air travel with big cushy seats, I called Continental's Elite Desk and got a guy that said....

"Um, well, hmm, ahh, wow, um... I'm pretty sure you can maybe perhaps use it longer... yeah, um... probably... huh... yeah... could you, um... maybe call back tomorrow... if you want... and maybe speak to a supervisor because... um... our office is closing for the evening."

Will I maybe, um, sorta, probably, um... call back and try to get a full year of benefits? You betcha! Cleveland to Los Angeles is close to a 5 hour flight!

But it does give me pause as to the quality of my hard-earned frequent flyer points, not to mention the IQ of their customer service people. But oh well, you get what you pay for.


And.... Have you noticed the new Google Profile Page-- The one that distorts 95% of our profile photos so we look like our picture was taken in the reflection of the crazy mirror at the carnival? That stinks, but that's not my problem....

My Blogger problem is when I click on your comment on my blog I link to this new page (the one with the crazy looking profile pic). Then, when I click on the link to your blog, about 25% of the time I'm getting this message...

Profile Not Available

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

So unless a lot of you have suddenly gone underground, there's a problem because I'm trying to read your posts and can't leave comments. Are you having this problem too?

Hope your holidays are great so far.
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  1. i am public...smiles...some days that might not be a good thing...haha...

    ugh, i hope you get someone to let you keep your card for a bit longer that stinks...

  2. isn't that just like the airlines to do that to a person. i am so glad that i rarely fly - esp since i have an metal hip and get the full body pat down through TSA, and no one buys me drinks first, haha. hope they extend that so you can actually enjoy it. By the way I received the Visa Gift Card yesterday and I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful giveaway. Hugs!!

  3. I am not having the blogger problem.

    And wow......I was thinking they sent you completely free tickets. Oh well...

  4. So far as I know, I haven't had any problems with that.

    And, not to be all snarky, but I swear, really, I had no idea Continental was still in business. I really didn't. I thought they went under years ago (and My Dad used to work for the airlines, and I used to travel very frequently, so I thought I knew my airlines. I guess maybe I've been out of the loop too long!)

  5. That is so wacky about getting your benefit package so late in the year...I hope they extend it! I noticed the weird profile page if I click on the persons blog it takes me there. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I sure hope they extend that package! I had a birthday on November 24 and got a card in the mail the next day from Sephora that said they had a free gift for me if I came in on my birthday month. Great! I had just a few days to redeem it. I went in in December and they still gave me the gift - Hope Continental does the same.
    I haven't noticed any blogger issues - I'm going to have to check that out.

  7. I haven't run into that problems with the people I follow, but I have encountered it a couple of times with people who commented on my blog who aren't followers when I've tried to reciprocate.

  8. I haven't experienced those blog problems, but it is saying I'm not logged into a proper account, sometimes.

  9. I'm surprised the airline customer service guy didn't blame the post office for the delayed mailing. I believe they deliberately hold those freebie deals to minimize the number of people who can actually accept the offer. It seems that these corporations who are now legally persons are really stinky people!

  10. I'll be sure not to update my profile pic for now, just in case! Hopefully you can sort out this prestige card, it would make more sense for it to be all of next year.

  11. I hope they extend you benefits, but if they don't you should use them to fly to a nice warm beach sometime in January....I know you live close to beaches, but it is always fun to go to a new one.
    I have so many blogger problems it makes me a little crazy sometimes, but I haven't seen the crazy profile pics....yet.

  12. Problems on blogger you say? Surely, you jest!

  13. I haven't had that problem with blogger but now that you have pointed it out, it's probably up within a day or two. And the frequent flyer thing? Disgraceful!

  14. This shows how we don't tend to visit our own profile pages very often. Since I joined G+ I was asked to use that profile and so mine goes to my G+ page. Thanks for pointing this out I think it's a recent change.

  15. I haven't had access woes yet but I sure have noticed the change in the profile page and photo. It looks like a step backward. And that sure is silly of Continental. I hope you'll be able to have it extended for the full year.

  16. I feel for you. We're in the middle of trying to figure out how to get our money out of a company that went bankrupt. There's an offer on the table. The offer expired before the brokerage company sent out the email. It would help if the government would make companies behave. Fat chance of that happening.

    I've had some trouble commenting on blogs here and there, too. Not that error message though. I will check to see if my account is set up right. Thanks for letting me know the problem is out there.

  17. I gave up on frequent flyer miles a long time ago.

    Had comment problem a while back, but not recently. There was a way to fix it -- wish I could remember how. I think I found out by going to the blogger help page. It had something to do with changing preferences somewhere under "Settings." Good luck!

  18. Yes those frequent flyer bonus thingeys drive me batty too. The advantage is yours!
    I haven't had problems with blogger as of yet. Fingers crossed

  19. We flew a lot last year, qualified for MVP status on Alaska, our main airline. We love the two free bags, the preboarding, and the occasional first class upgrade. Seeing that we were going to be about 3,000 miles short this year, we flew to Houston and back one day last month! Just got back from a legitimate trip to Hawaii with 12 miles over the requirement.

    I wonder if the Continental upgrade could be a typo on the card re the year.

  20. You are right, the nice gift from the airline should be given early in the year so you have a chance to use it. Hopefully it is a small error and they will send you the correct one. You have been back and forth a lot this year, haven't you?

    I don't have a Blogger problem. I am just grateful I am able to leave comments on my favorite blogs and I do get comments on my blog.

    You ask how is our holiday going. I ask how is your holiday going? Love ya.

  21. Pardon my slang...(of course ya always do)...but ain't that just like the airlines??? Heeehehe!

    They should cough up the same deal for ya in 2012. Tell 'em Nezzy said so!

    Yep, I think that blogger needs a good exercism!!! 'Just sayin'...

    Another great read sweetie!

    God bless and have a bright and beautiful weekend!!! :o)

  22. I'm on Wordpress which is pretty much bug free...

    Hope you manage to extend your bonus mileage!

  23. Indeed, JJ I am also having problems with the Blogger site. Have done for a wee while now. Hope you and yours are well and have a great Christmas.

  24. Sounds to me like a scam to get you to fly somewhere very soon even if you don't really want to. Why not be honest and just say, "Fly in the next few weeks and we'll give you a free upgrade," eh?

    Blogger? Well, if you must use Blogger... LOL


  25. Great....45 days of free travel....all during the "Blackout" period!

  26. i pray your words touch the heart of the Continental representative you eventually speak with.

    sending love your way!

  27. I don't think it was a mistake at all. I think the bastards did it on purpose! It just sounds like a dastardly deed the airline industry would pull.

  28. It's a new version of the oldest trick in the world.... You can look at the menu... but ya just can't eat!
    Funny they pay people to write that stuff, and promote it, KNOWIng the truth about it. Sheesh!

  29. Not having that problem here. Between the rush on the tickets and your bloggy problems, it's a cosmic mess over there. Just breathe deep.

  30. OH I'd be wicked pissed at that dirty trick!!!
    I hope they add a YEAR to your card.
    Google's been wonky for me, too. Strange things in the internets...

  31. Oh, I hope Continental makes it right by you with those upgrades! How frustrating that they didn't just get it right to begin with though...
    As far as I know I'm public. I hope so! I haven't had any problems with other profiles yet..

  32. Hope you get the full year from the airline.

    That problem hasn't happened to me with any blogs I know - but occasionally I'll try to follow back a comment on someone else's blog and will get that message. I assumed they are just private blogs.

  33. That's so annoying. Switching to Disqus comments, I learned that that makes no difference--You will always find people who don't have their profiles connected. :(


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