Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swine Flu Update #18 & Heard Around Los Angeles

Swine Flu Update: Day 18 and Attila's son: "The doctors are planning on doing a tracheostomy on Wednesday."

I can't even imagine! Big Kid is really in a struggle for his life. Please, a moment of prayer and positive energy his way and a note to Attila would be greatly appreciated. Click here for a complete update.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has commented here and over at Attlia's. I know there are many people out there with the Swine Flu in varying degrees of sickness and it's a nasty bug. I wish you and your loved ones all a full and complete recovery. xo Joanna

UPDATE: DAY 17 and Attila's son: "
There's been no changes on his x-ray, and he's holding at 45% oxygen on the bi-level vent. They've been able to wean off some of the pressure needed to keep his lower lungs open. Baby steps."

Don't worry about commenting here, please stop by and show Attila some love. This is so exhausting for her and her family and your support means the world! Click Here.

"Boy, it sure smells good in here. Are you roasting a turkey?"
Handyman commenting on the brownies I was baking.

Me: Hey Sweetie, how was your day?
Him: My name is Godson, please don't call me Sweetie.
Me: Sometimes people who love you like to call you pet names to show their affection.
Him: That's just it. I'm not a pet, I'm a boy.
Driving home from school last week.

"Dad, pleeeezzzzeeee, pull your pants up!"
Mortified teenager sitting in front of us at UCLA football game when she noticed her father's butt crack showing as he stood up to cheer.

Teenage Girl: My Mom's making meatloaf for dinner, she wants to know if you'd like to come over and eat with us?"
Teenage Boy: Meatloaf? Is it the good kind?
In the check-out line at Target in Culver City, CA

"I really wanted a baby brother. I already have two sisters."
Eight year old big sister talking about her 3 months old brother at Junior's Deli in West Los Angeles.

"You have to be crazy to do that."
Gardner commenting on the tree trimmer balancing on a branch about four stories up in the air in our back yard. (Do you see him on the right side of the tree.)

Have you heard anything good lately?
Welcome to The Fifty Factor - Joanna
Photo Credit: Khomyakoff


  1. LOL! Are you roasting a turkey, when you´r baking brownies! :) hahaha
    That guy really has to have his nose checked! :)

  2. You must get out a lot more than I do--or you have better hearing!

  3. Awww, Godson is growing up and doesn't want to be called a "pet" name!

    Loved the overheard conversations. They put a smile on my face!

  4. Turkey brownies? Mmmmmmm....

    Joanna, those quotes are hysterical and the irony of the teenager telling her father to pull up his pants. Priceless.

    Also - that's one hell of a tree you've got in your back yard. We just had all our palms trimmed, but none of them are as impressive as your giant!

    No good Larryisms for awhile. I do love them so and am hopeful I'll be getting some new material soon. Stay tuned!

    Thanks for the smiles. XO

  5. You don't have to be crazy to come here, but it helps!

    HA! Love what you hear! LOVE it!

  6. OMG! I wish I lived there, laughter cures the soul ;)

  7. I love that joke....I love anyway jokes....my sweet boys are always plenty of new ones to tell....!

    I am so glad and happy Attila's son's health makes little steps ahead!

    Have a wonderful week
    ciao elvira

  8. Are you by any chance one of those people constantly drawn to observing others? ...Can't read a book in a public place because people are way more interesting? If so, - snap -! :)

  9. I'm so glad we are a constant embarrassment to our teenage kids.

    Loved your post LOL

  10. "Don't go near my experiments in my laboratory, Grandma. Those bottles are full of pee."

    I suspect the meatloaf remark had to do with the application (or not) of the red sauce... V. funny;)

  11. So goes the sense of smell of the Alpha male. I baked brownies this morning to feed the Strongbacks (Farm hands) harvesting the soybean crop and they smelled nothing like turkey. The brownies that is I avoid sniffin' the Strongbacks at all costs!!!

    Thanks girlfriend, I needed a good laugh right now.

    Have a terrific day and may God bless your week!!!

  12. Did you baste those brownies??

    Hope you are having a great day!

  13. LOL.. tell me, please... what kind of stuffing do you use in those brownies? :)

    This weekend, we were at a wedding and overheard "I'm getting another drink. I didn't even feel that one." It kind of spoke for a lot of us. :)

  14. ummm...just exactly what do you put in your brownies?

    i love meatloaf...

    and you do have to be a little crazy to do that!?!

  15. oh and from the backseat...dad, when do dead people start smelling like fish?

    where that came from i have no idea....

  16. So funny!! Yes, I overheard something last week somewhere, made a mental note to remember it... and have forgotten it already!! xoxo

  17. The smell comment reminds me of my 5 year old niece- every time I cook something she thinks it smells like some completely different food.

  18. These are too funny...lol. I love people watching and over hearing conversations that make me smile or go hmmm.

  19. Those are great! I love hearing those funny comments in passing.
    You keep telling me you want my trees, but yours looks spectacular!

  20. What a great idea! We were out and about on Friday night, and my mind started putting together the little snippets of conversation I heard along the way! It was funny then, but I can't remember any of it today...

  21. I cried when I found out I was getting a third brother. I knew it was my final chance at a sister.

  22. I will pop over about Atilla's son.

  23. I can't think of any good ones!

  24. Mom's never miss a thing, do they? All the little innuendos that make us smile, laugh...and cry...such as Dad standing up to cheer with his plumber showing!

  25. Those are great!

    I haven't heard anything good lately. :(

  26. How wonderful are those? HAHA!!

  27. Grandma! You are scary when you drink!!
    Just visiting from Casa Hice!! Great blog

  28. Thanks for the laughs, Joanna. People certainly are the best entertainment, and you have an eye (ear) for the most entertaining.

  29. LOL... you are crazy my friend! xoxo

  30. Los Angeles - fun place, fill with fun people. Enjoyed it. And Brian Miller's comment - cute, who can tell what goes through a child's mind.

  31. My 3 yr. old is a cracker jack box full of hilarity.

    Recently, she asked if she had hair like Barbie. I said no...her hair is MUCH prettier than Barbie's. She said "Yeah. Barbie's hair is so YOCK!"

    (The "O" in YOCK is intentional...that's how she says it).

  32. Oh, I finally have a good one to share--leaving school tonight after class, I heard this from a student on his cell phone: "Damn, dude, you ain't got no crank, you ain't got no b*tches."

    Heartwarming, don't you think?

  33. Man, I have GOT to try your brownies!


  34. Joanna these were funny. I think I need to get out more now that I am feeling better....Take care.

  35. Hilarious comments. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Very funny! I do believe godson has mastered the one line end of conversation!

    I so miss getting out and about because I was always overhearing gems.

    My father-in-law, old fashioned, well mannered gentleman that he is told me he must "have the shiniest ass in town" what with all the showers and sponge baths his aids give him! I still laugh when I think of him saying that!

  37. OMG, I didn't spot the tree trimmer guy until you told me to look! That little kid was right, and will go far in life.
    Meatloaf: the good kind? Haha, as opposed to the kind that's served in school cafeteria's.

  38. Words of wisdom from those children and as for that tree trimmer.....better him than me! xv

  39. My 6 yr old grandson was swatting at a fly and I heard him say "I'm going to kill a dead fly." then when I started laughing and asked him how do you kill a dead fly, he realized what he had said and started laughing.

  40. I had it a few weeks ago. Thought I was gonna die.

  41. Took a bit to think of something. My grandson who was in the potty training period was asked by his mom to sit on the toilet and try to go. After a short try with no results, he told her, "It's not working. I need new batteries."

    Hey a post or two ago titled "A Crazy Little Thing Called Blog" you said you were collecting blog related tips. I just noticed your photo credit fotolia. Is there more you can tell us about that?

  42. Was that tree cutter really in your yard?

  43. No son...there is NO good kind of meatloaf. LOL.

    and we are on vacation this week with MiniMac...oh I have heard some funny things. LOL.

    Off to check out your friends site. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for sure.

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  45. I love Brownies, and I love your fun post! :-)


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