Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Me, A to Z

Do you know Ami. Mental. and Suldog-- both terrific bloggers?  They participated in this get-to-know-me and I am too.  I was surprised that a few of the questions had me thinking hard for the answer!

Age:  Inching dangerously close to 55. 

Bed Size:  Queen-- I like to know hubby is close by when I sleep. 

Chore You Hate:  Window washing, which I really need to do. 

Dogs:  Since we were robbed, I'm thinking about getting a great, big, scary one with gigantic teeth and a ferocious bark. 

Essential Start To My Day:  Sadly, a Coke Zero. Or a nap. 

Favorite Color:  Blue-- the color of Forget Me Nots. 

Gold or Silver:  Gold, but bling is bling and I like it all.

House or Apartment:  House.. that always seems in need of repair. 

Instruments Played:  Guitar, for about 3 weeks when I was 12 years old.  My guitar teacher looked like Bobby Sherman. 

Job Title:  Human

Kids:  I prefer borrowing other people's kids so I can give them back. 

Live:  The City of Angels 

Married:  Nearly 20 glorious years! 

Never Again:  A "cleanse" consisting of nasty green drinks to help me loose weight. (Which it did not!) 

Other Fun Fact:  I'm a pretty good tap dancer.  No really, I am. 

Pet Peeve:  Cigars 

Quote:  "Do right.  Fear not."  I saw this on an antique embroidered sign more than 15 years ago and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it. 

Righty or Lefty:  Righty tighty, lefty lousy, is that what you mean? 

Siblings: Four-- Three cute sisters and one handsome brother.  I'm the 2nd oldest or as I prefer to say, the 4th youngest. 

Time You Wake Up: Usually way too early for my liking. 

University Attended:  Does the school of hard knocks count? 

Veggies You Dislike:  Lima beans-- further proof that God has a sense of humor. 

What Makes You Run Late: Nothing, I'm always freakishly early.  Always. 

X-Rays:  I wonder if they make me look fat. 

Yum Food:  Mashed potatoes and gravy-- home made of course.  And chocolate. 

Zoo Animal Favorite:  It always looks like party time at the Monkey House!

Ami was kind enough to type up the list (below) so it's easy to cut and paste to play along.  Short or long answers, it's your call.  Let us know if you do so we can compare lists.  xo jj

Bed Size
Chore You Hate
Essential Start To My Day 
Favorite Color
Gold or Silver
House or Apartment
Instruments Played
Job Title
Never Again 
Other Fun Fact 
Pet Peeve -
Righty or Lefty
Time You Wake Up
University Attended
Veggies You Dislike
What Makes You Run Late
Yum Food
Zoo Animal Favorite

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  1. Tap dancing, now that must be a fun talent. I have to agree on the Lima bean, thing.... Fun facts!

  2. I love the monkey house, too! I don't know if I'd choose the primates or the birds as a favorite. Fortunately I always have time to visit both.

  3. job title: human...ha...and remarkable at htat you are...a little guitar, a little tap dancing you could be a one woman show...smiles...

  4. Geez. I've been to a few blogs with this meme... and now I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with me, because my A to Z list is three days long. It would have been one hell of a long post otherwise.

    I don't like Lima beans either. I once ate too many of them and saw them again later because I also had too much cream soda that day. (Hey, I was 8). I developed a lifetime aversion to both.

  5. I think I would rather clean windows than clean toilets. Wow. How long have you been tapping? I am so impressed at all of your talents.

  6. I always thought XRays made me look skinny!! Ha!! Only the bones
    Love this list...I will play along!

  7. Fifty-five is WAY young in my book! After your post and all the comments, I am guilty of LOVING lima beans. :-)

  8. Here is my link...


  9. Glad to see so many folks taking a shot at this. Thanks for the linky love! And I've got to tell you, even a cigarette smoker, such as myself, can have a problem with cigars (the really good ones are OK, but a bad one stinks to high heaven.)

  10. I would have a hard time answering some of these also. I'd give it a try but I'm on my way out of town for a couple of days....maybe next week. I love that you are a tap dancer. I would really like to take tap dancing and good exercise.
    This is a great way for bloggers to get to know one another.

  11. Righty tighty, lefty loosey is how I always remember which way to turn the key. Unfortunately, the locks in our current apartment work in the opposite way!

  12. I'm with ya on the lima beans. Yuck. I'll put a list up in a couple of days: ck it out.

  13. Interesting to learn more about you, Joanna. You tap dance? Wow. I like lima beans, did not like them as a child, but now I really like them. I have a recipe for barbecued lima beans that showed me how much I like them.

  14. There are a number of foods I didn't like as a child that I love now. So maybe you will learn to like lima beans yet!

  15. cute guitar teacher, I loved Bobby Sherman! You are so good at these lists Joanna!

  16. Hey Tiny Dancer - good stuff!
    I still remember that taco post you wrote. Is that why tacos were not listed for "yum"?
    X-rays - what kind of question is that?

  17. What an amusing posts, we got to learn a bit about you.;) I might do this one one day when I am all down on ideas.;)
    I love the "bed" part, feel exactly the same.;)) In fact, as soon as he leaves the bed, I can no longer sleep, nor feel asleep if he is not in it.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  18. righty or lefty...that made me chuckle with a tap dance on the side! ;-) i might just have to pass this one on next week!

  19. Thanks Joanna. I'm going to do this someday. Dianne

  20. Great idea, Joanna, and very interesting answers (and questions) x

  21. I am impressed by dancing of any sort, but tap dancing is particularly cool! I am with you on the lima beans, can't get past the texture.

  22. Thank you for the post mind is blank.....a result of already being 55.......smiles!

  23. Love it! Tap dancer....I believe it! You always crack me up! I think they have a door bell out there that sounds a large barking dog....or have a tape playing or barking every five minutes...your neighbors will love that. Happy Sunday!

  24. Getting to know you a wee bit better - is awesome! YUK to lima beans!

  25. I like these kind of lists. You can really get to know a person / blogger better and even find really cool connections. Like: we both HATE lima beans. LOL
    Have a wonderful day!!

  26. Hi Joanna,
    Thanks for stopping over to say Hi...haven't been blogging much as it's been a rough year but I'm slowly starting to get back into it. I enjoyed reading your Me A to Z list...I may give it a try myself. Hoping 2013 will be a better year for you. :)

  27. Oh, I loved getting to know you better.

  28. Fun post Joanna. I enjoyed yours every bit as much as I did Suldog's. You have interesting facts but your guitar teacher looked like Bobby Sherman? I would have be SO envious! ;)

  29. I love this! I'm going to do it on my blog, too. The pet peeves, though... that's gonna be a long list in itself.

  30. Window washing - that's a bit of a pane...

  31. Loved your list and can relate to many of your your sense of that you're happily married...forget me nots are my fav you need to make yourself a do right fear not embroidery girl!

  32. This is such fun! I may have to try it myself. Thanks.

  33. Just discovered your wonderful blog (congrats on the Huff Post recognition!). I've been browsing and having a great time reading some of your older posts. What a fun meme...I might have to give it a go too!

  34. I see we attended the same school. lol

    Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read my book!

  35. Your answers were awesome : ) Thank you for sharing

    Age: thirty freaking six
    Bed Size: King, THANK YOU JESUS!
    Chore You Hate:
    Dogs: No, just three kitties
    Essential Start To My Day: a kiss for Kaish
    Favorite Color: green
    Gold or Silver: gold
    House or Apartment: house
    Instruments Played: 0
    Job Title: Social worker
    Kids: just one but hoping for more. Could you please convince Gary for me Joanne?
    Live: Pennsylvania in a Philadelphia Suburb
    Married: for 5.6 years
    Never Again: staying up all night studying
    Other Fun Fact: i love people
    Pet Peeve: people who complain all the time
    Quote: "Those who spread sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" CM Barrie
    Righty or Lefty: Right
    Siblings: One brother, Johnny and one sister, Betsy. I am the oldest.
    Time You Wake Up: 6:15
    University Attended: Baptist Bible College
    Veggies You Dislike: squash
    What Makes You Run Late: grumpy child : )
    X-Rays: a few
    Yum Food: sadly, there are very few foods I don't love. Darn it.
    Zoo Animal Favorite: monkey

  36. i am always early too....and those who are late irritate the heck out of me !!!


  37. Cool! I can't believe you are always early though.... definitely NOT my problem!! lol!

  38. How fun is this. You make me laugh. I love reading blogs where I am in the same age group as the other blogger as I find myself nodding my head to everything.

    Bobby Sherman. Wasn't he something. I remember my older sister had his poster on her wardrobe mirror. He he. I took up guitar too that lasted a bit longer than you, but not much. You have a great sense of humour too. Just wicked.


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