Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When It Rains...

I'm on a roll, it seems, with lousy news.  Not awful news, just not great news and I'd like to call a truce with the Universe and all that keeps dropping unpleasant baggage at my door step.

It started with a letter of rejection from Prudential Insurance. After literally a mountain of forms and paperwork, and two months of phone calls, I was rejected for long-term health care insurance-- You know, the kind of hideously expensive insurance I would voluntarily pay for in case I might nursing care in your "old age". 

Rejection smacked me right between the eyes. 

My beef is that Prudential has a long list and tells you up front that if you have any of the many diseases listed you should not even bother to apply.  Lupus, which I've had since 1994, was not on the list.  But in the end, it really was, and, in my opinion, they just didn't want to be upfront about it-- instead preferring to have me jump through hoops only to get the boot. 

To make matters worse, since I Googled "long-term care insurance" for research, I've received more useless insurance SPAM than I can shake a stick at.  In a word--  Grrrr!

Then, adding to my list of health issues, I suddenly have crazy bad feet with crazy bad toes that I just found out are a hiccup away from breaking.

My feet hurt, a lot.  And they have for several weeks-- Not counting all the years I wore way too high heels through my 20s, 30s and 40s.  My feet ached then too but I was "young", and somehow traipsing up and down the streets of Los Angeles and Manhattan in 4" heels didn't seem to bother me.

But now they do-- bother me-- and I've finally surrendered, albeit it kicking and screaming.

So on my 54th birthday, my least favorite day of the year, I walked into a "sensible shoe" shoe store and bought a pair of ugly shoes.

And I say this with NO disrespect to any one, any where, that gladly wears these shoes.

It just that I am a lover of pretty shoes-- They are my weakness.  Oh. My. Gawd!  I love a good pair of high heels and believe, without question, that they can turn a bad day into "sunshine and butterflies"-- a "fat day" in to "tall and thin", and a feeling of "older than dirt" into "not bad-- not bad at all".  Wink, wink.

Does this picture make me look fat?

I know, vanity.  Guilty as charged.

So I now have a pair of really sensible, ugly, beige shoes.  And I cried all the way home from the store, even though they feel like I'm walking on a cloud and my feet don't hurt nearly as much.

Then I came home to a big stack of mail, including a letter from our primary physician-- the one that my husband and I LOVE and have seen since forever--  The letter advised that Dr. Wonderful is no longer a Blue Cross provider which means he doesn't take our medical insurance anymore-- The medical insurance that costs us as much as a house payment each month to maintain.

That bit of news literally took my breath away because it means we'll need to find a new doctor that takes or insurance.  Insert tear drops on my laptop here...

And then, as if the week wasn't crazy enough, I was driving down the street and I swear as I'm standing here, I saw a homeless man wearing my red panties on his head like a showercap.

I nearly wrecked the car when I saw him.

It's the neighborhood homeless guy who always hangs out at McDonald's.  He "knows" me because I eat way too much of that crap and I always buy him a cheeseburger and coffee in the drive through.  Without fail, he has a smile and a "God bless you." whenever I see him.

And now I see him in my undies.

I would like to think the the panty-wearing homeless guy was the exclamation point at the end of my list of not great new for the week.  At least a girl can hope.

How's your week going?
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  1. I THOUGHT my week was going well till i saw my son's speeding ticket!.. need I say more? shite.... As far as insurance Anthem has the worst, most uninformed employees.... need I say more? btw they seem to quote last year's quotes- how smart is that????

  2. My week is going good! Sorry!
    Red panties on head? Now that is sad but funny too!!
    Insurance...gawd don't get me started
    Good luck

  3. We've been dealing with insurance issues too. We're trying to get some insurance for my daughter, she's a type one diabetic, and because of that she gets either knocked off the list or the insurance is way too expensive!
    I love the thought of the homeless man with your underwear!

  4. Wow, Joanna! That all super sucks! I'm so sorry. Especially the part about your red panties. :)

  5. The LTC insurance situation is a bummer. It might be worthwhile to try with another company (do a pre-qual form first, which it sounds like you may have done this time.) I have seen situations where one company won't take someone with a particular disease and another company will. It is a big hassle to apply but might be worth it in the long run.
    I feel your pain about the shoes, but I am glad you found something that left your feet feeling less pain.
    There is some Karma somewhere in the homeless man you know having your panties....at least you now know what became of them.
    Here's to brighter days coming your way.

  6. you realize i almost fell out of my chair at the foudn panties...as a shower cap....oh my...lol....

    um he does nto realize he just lost his free meals does he...smiles...

    hugs on the rest...ugh...sorry...

  7. When it rains it pours sounds just about right! I'm sorry you've had such a lousy week. You certainly deserve to have some really great things to happen, now.

    I hope it's okay that I laughed out loud when I read about the homeless guy wearing your panties like a shower cap! I was laughing with you, honest.

  8. If this can make you feel good in any way, then I would love to share...
    I'm sharing that you made my giggle box turn up side down! Not because of the first two topics, but because of the homeless man...I pictured this in my mind and it truly came across as a vision that I could not keep from laughing at!!
    Things like insurance can be so very stressful! Seems like every single year, we have to deal with insurance changes...IT STINKS! I am thankful to have ins. but not knowing if you can keep your doctor from year to year is the pits...my sympathy here!
    Tomorrow is a brand new day and JOY comes in the morning...just turn this need over to the Lord and I know that only good will come..

  9. oh man JJ I feel for you on the cute shoes issue. I had to give them up in my mid-40's due to hip problems and then hip replacement. All I can say is check out Keens and Danskos - they're ugly, but not to bad and they are comfortable.

    As for your insurance and doctor, I want to cry for you, that sucks big time,esp to lose a great doc who you are at ease with.

    And then about the homeless man and your panties - well thank you for a super good laugh!!

    Big Hugs!!

  10. Wow! Talk about an emotional roller-coaster! And surely the homeless guy with your red panties on his head provided the exclamation point!
    Onward and upward, Joanna!

  11. well, I THOUGHT I was having a couple of sucky days until I read your post!

    I never could walk in those heels, so I didn't. Have you ever tried Clarkes shoes? Very stylish and comfy -- I have a couple of pair of boots with a low chunky heel that I love and they ARE like walking on pillows.

    I hear your pain on the insurance and doc...with my diabetes I would never get long-term care insurance. Of course they deny the folks who need it most! The way of insurance. We need a major national overhaul.

    Put on some good music and indulge in some chocolate!

  12. I stopped wearing high heels in my forties. I cannot imagine wearing them now, but you know, tennies are not so bad looking. Walking on clouds: Not a bad exchange. But those red panties? I'm sorry, but I cannot seem to stop snickering. I am REALLY sorry!!!! :-)

  13. that's awful news your doc won't take your insurance anymore...and I cannot believe the red panties! lol.

  14. You nut! That panty wearing homeless man was the frosting on your cake!!

    I've never been a shoe kind of gal so I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to walk around in anything over 1" in height. When I WAS in the corporate world, I HATED that part of the shopping...shoes...hated it. So I guess, if someone came to me and said "You have to start wearing heels instead of your comfy NB wide walking shoes" I probably would feel almost like you feel. Good luck!!

  15. This post deserves some catchphrases, I think.

    When it rains, it pours.

    When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

    Even the smelliest farts eventually stop stinking.

    I like that last one the best.

  16. You don't wear red panties on your head? I thought it was the in thing to do. lol

    See, you woman and your high heels...they eventually take a toll.

  17. Sorry so many things are causing you grief, Johanna. I do hope they resolve soon. But the homeless guy.. well that just made me laugh. It could have been worse though. He could have been walking down the street with the subject of this blog post instead. ;) http://www.thefiftyfactor.com/2012/03/watermelon.html

  18. Good Gawd, talk about feeling like a turnip in your very own shit stew!!! Goodness, this is a bunch of mean nasty icky stuff. And, I wish I could give you a hug. BIG HUG! Your doc not accepting BC? What the hell does he think he's going to live on?! I can tell you when a doctor thinks he'll just opt out of the the largest health insurance provider network, it has to make you wonder! And, as to the red panties? Look at it this way, at least you now know where they are...which is more than you can say about the brainiacs at Prudential.

  19. ok, I don't want to laugh, because health insurance is no laughing, but the homeless man in the red panties really made me giggle.


  20. Oh darlin', my heart goes out to ya. Your stinkin' week sound like my Thursday the 12th. I swear, every blasted thing I touched either broke or wouldn't work!!! Made Friday the 13th a breeze.

    Last Thursday, I laughed when I told Farm Boy I was almost afraid to light the grill to smoke the fish for supper.

    Oh don't get me started on our whole health~care insurance thing. I'm afraid my 'diarrhea or the mouth' would truly come out! Heeehehehe!!!

    I can only picture the look on your face when ya see your panties on Mr. Homeless's head! Ya crack me up girl.

    God bless and please have a sunshiny kinda great day!!! :o)

  21. A pox on those insurance companies.
    HOW did he get your panties on his head????

  22. Thank God your humour bone is still very much intact and kicking! My jaw gapes in horror you are chased to another doctor AGAINST YOUR WILL - and it terrifies me to think if and when you may need medical help in your dotage, no one seems to want to risk your insurance. I love America (especially it's people), but your healthcare system SUCKS. (((x)))

  23. The shoes -- did they have to be BEIGE?! My sympathies to you.

    I do not understand insurance, or how it can be legal... What are we to do then, when we're sick?


  24. well, at least the mystery of what happened to the red panties is solved. hopefully he doesn't know they're yours!
    As for the shoes...well, I've always had to wear ugly orthopedic things, and envied you types who traipse around Manhattan or LA in 4 inch heels!

  25. Oh no, what a terrible week! Is the homeless guy your pantie thief then? Or maybe it's someone else's pants?

    And how's your brother doing?


  26. OK. I want to know how the homeless guy came to have your red panties. I think that calls for a whole other blog post. ;-)

    Beige sensible shoes.
    Hmmmm. Could you not rethink this one and go for a trendy pair of flashy sneakers? No, they're not heels, but they would be waaay more fashion forward than what you described. Get the sneakers (there are some VERY cushy ones for aching feet), then slap on some active wear and everyone will think you're into the fitness craze...Just trying to help.

  27. JJ omg that is too much for one week.....but the panty wearing homeless guy made me laugh! I have feet issues and love my fit flops...I know they aren't stylish as high heels but dang comfortable plus TOMS do well with my feet too! Good luck on Insurance front what a headache!

  28. Since you ask, my week is going much better than your week, that is for sure. I went through the paperwork long ago trying to get health insurance. Most of my life I have had no health insurance. Don't have any now either. I have Medicare A but nothing else. Thank goodness there are clinics for people like me who charge according to income. If these clinics which are few and far between these days ever close their doors I just won't see a doctor. I know that is not possible in your case, and I sympathize with your disappointment regarding your wonderful doctor and the health insurance roller coaster ride.
    So sorry to hear about this week for you.

  29. Red panties on his head - appropriate for a dickhead! That made me laugh - hope you're well JJ.

  30. Oh that is really not a good week. Although you did solve the mystery of the red panties? *snort*

    And ummm you know there are lots of places that have CUTE supportive shoes, right? Have you looked at Earth Footwear or even the Dr. Scholl's shoes - or do they need to be the prescription orthotic shoes?

  31. oh my! so sorry about your bad week, but i couldn't help but giggle at the undies. yikes!

    and the whole ugly shoe thing, i am right there with you. slowly converted over the last year or so, but i still miss my (pretty) heels...

  32. You always KNEW those red panties would come back to haunt you eh?
    OMG so funny.

    As for the insurance... that sucks.

    As for the ugly shoes... wear them to get where you need to be, then sit down, take them off and slip on your 4" high heels and pretend you wore them all the time!

  33. even with the sad/bad news in this post, it cracked me up. life really is full of ups and downs and red panties on the head homeless men.....LOL

    i have sore feet too....and have found that as long as i change them often, even 3 times a day, they feel better in the long run.

    i can only wear little kitten heels and that's about once every two weeks....but hey it's a heel and i'm not complaining.....and the right tennis shoes with the right work out clothes can be really comfy and make you look like a professional athlete. the trick is to be underwear-less under your yoga/athletic pants. if there's a panty line, people will now you're a fake :)

  34. omg! you do make me laugh......I am 54 also, and after having a job in my 20's and 30's that required me to wear heels (flight attendent)....I am nearly crippled too!....my feet are now sporting those ugly shoes too....but they are much more happy, and happy feet are useable feet!....love the homeless guy thingy!....smiles

  35. Oh my you made me cry and laugh all at once. As for THOSE shoes I know what you mean. I have been wearing flats of late myself and its so flipping hard to find pretty, comfortable shoes.

    There is a business opportunity waiting for someone as us baby boomers are growing in numbers. Therefore, there must be more of a market for comfortable shoes.

    Wow, so much bad news in a short time. Maybe that's it for you for the year. Let's hope so. At least the great thing is that you can laugh about it.

    I must show Jordan, my daughter, this post. She runs around in 5 inch heels ALL the time. I swear if she could wear them on the basketball court she would.

    Positive thoughts coming your way for a better week ahead.

  36. Bummer ... The Universe is throwing a lot of poop in the fan and blowing it at you. But when this happens, in my experience, it means that there will be a turnaround and things WILL get better. I am so sorry about the insurance -- that's really sad and awful. Keep researching other providers. And buy yourself some shoes you really love... Hugs!

  37. Oh, Joanna, I hope things have improved for you! Insurance. Meh.

    I have a shoe fetish. I'd be embarrassed to say how man shoes I own. Half of them are high-heeled shoes I no longer wear, because they scare me now. I don't know how I ever wore them. Now, I stick to my Pumas, or my Sperry's or whatever practical shoe that won't kill me. So much more comfortable that way. ;)

  38. You left us hanging, how did he get your red panties?

  39. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! the red panties story keeps Grama nad I in stitches...Thank you for sharing your story, as Grama don't have much to laugh at....we both about fell out of our chairs!

  40. sending loving vibes your way. give thanks for being such a wonderful and giving soul...i know that you will be equally blessed.

    thanks for all you do. one love.

  41. I'm nearly sixty. I have been wearing the same ONE pair of shoes for three years now because I am afraid of sensible shoes. I get that.

    And the insurance. I was self-employed for years, but when I was no longer eligible for the obscenely expensive Chamber of Commerce group insurance, I was on my own, to the tune of $1400/month for just myself.

    I then figured, as I waited for disability to be awarded--for a decision in my favor, I prayed--that by simply paying for my meds, I would save just $400/month. Just????

    Yeah. I had to choose my supplemental coverage by whether or not my doctor was covered.

    And sometimes it's the shoes and the homeless man in panties that does us in. When I was turned down five years ago by three different companies, what did me in was that my favorite seafood restaurant in the world shut down the week before I was scheduled to go there.

    I cried for an hour. I sobbed.

    I hope the panties on the head were the sign from somewhere that things are about to be better. If it is, I gotta say your world of signs from above is insanely creative.


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