Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's almost May.  I'm sure you know that already, but it somehow crept up on me this year-- along with the other four months that proceeded it.  I'm still writing 2011 on my checks and trying to find the Valentine card I bought for my husband-- but still can't find.

May-- already!

Thinking about the past four months of this year has me wondering what the heck I've been doing.  I certainly haven't blogged very much, although this is my 450th post.

I flipped though my calendar-- The old fashioned paper kind because I just can't seem to part with a big page and a month's worth of "to dos" noted all in one place, and realize so far this year I've...

--Been to various doctors 17 times-- mostly routine visits, or at least for nothing major.  Some of my docs are close to free city parking lots.  Other parking garages charge $13.50 with no street parking available anywhere.  Ouch.

--Stopped at my new favorite fabric store 12 times and purchased 26 total yards of fabric.  This shop owner is smart and is located close to a $2.00 per hour parking lot.

--Made 5 quilts with some of the above mentioned fabric and have 3 more quilts in the works.  I suspect this is where most of my spare time has gone but I'm on a roll at the moment and warm weather is coming which is not "sewing season" for me.

--Attended one 150th birthday party for 2 great friends who celebrated their 75th birthdays together.  And I attended a 102nd birthday for a dear friend who is mentally sharper than most people I know.

--Tired unsuccessfully to get tickets to the Bruce Springstein concert this past weekend-- The concert that received such a rave review in the newspaper that I was green with envy when I heard a friend was actually there.

--Seven cakes have been in my oven, all from scratch and made for celebrations with family and friends.... except for the one chocolate cake I reallllly needed to cheer me up after one of the above mentioned doctor's appointments.

--Watched more basketball on television with Husband asleep in the chair next to me than I can count.  He's the basketball fan.  I am not.  What's wrong with that picture?

--Dreamed of my own garden filled with tomatoes and herbs but remembered I do not have a green thumb when it comes to vegetables so I promised my BFF I'd help weed her gigantic garden if she shares her harvest with me... She would anyway but I'm making a conscious effort to pick weeds every week.

--Pulled 47 recipes from various magazines but have yet to make a single one. I need to work on that.  Not sure if I'll stop saving recipes or start cooking more.

--Bought a bathing suit online.  Note to self: Big mistake.

--And, I picked my first arm load of white Iceberg Roses of the year.  These are for you.  I'll be around soon to visit.

How's your Sunday?
Welcome to  -  Joanna Jenkins
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  1. I'm no more abnormal than normal, thanks for asking.

    Nice to 'hear' from you.
    How is Jim?

  2. ha you are cool on the we get pics of them or is good for you...thought the real game is over now...just the show that is the nba...smiles....always good to see you jj...

  3. Whew, Joanna! You HAVE been busy! No wonder you didn't notice the time pass. I'm so glad someone else is still hunting for dear husband's Valentine! I actually hid -- and then couldn't find -- two cards I bought for my husband's birthday yesterday. I looked everywhere I could imagine, then broke down and went back to the store and bought two new ones to give him. Maybe I find the others by his next birthday!

  4. Seventeen? I mean 17 doctor's visits in four months; one requiring a special chocolate cake afterwards? Oh Joanna, I'm so sorry. That just sucks.

    Except for the cake.

    And my, my, you have been busy, baking and sewing up a storm.

  5. Somehow I feel sad thinking of my April.

  6. Wow I was a lazy are compared to you in April! lol!
    5 quilts you are amazing! I hope your health is good and the chocolate cake was the cure you needed! Happy May! Soon you will be swimming in the pool relaxing hopefully!

  7. you've done a lot this year! Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL roses!

  8. I do that constantly. I have so many recipes I´ve pulled from magazines or online and I never make them!
    I hope that many Dr. visits means you are getting more healthy and not the other way around!
    Blessings to you JJ!

  9. The roses are gorgeous and hope they cheered you up as much as they did me.
    And hope that seeing all those docs brought you solace and not pain.

  10. I, like others, hope the doctor visits have left you feeling better. You have been busy and time does fly when we are just living our lives. The cakes and quilts tell us you have been doing a lot for other people. Thanks for sharing your beautiful roses with us.

  11. Wow! That is some list, filled with lots of activity. Those quilts sound like a lot of work, but you must enjoy making them, to make so many. I also hope that the doctor visits are over now. There is never enough chocolate in the world, so I'm glad to know you're doing your part. :-)

  12. Roses?? I am totally jealous!! And quilts?? Where are the pics?? Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. Thank you for the white roses. What a lovely gesture! I have been in the habit of clipping recipes over the years but only rarely do I actually use them. Most of them are just too fussy and time-consuming or else use ingredients that I never have on hand. I have wound up with spices that I bought twenty-some years ago for a recipe that I tried once. I'm more cautious (or frugal) now, I guess!

  14. You've been too busy to blog, Joanna! Lovely roses.

  15. Good grief you have been one very busy lady - I might need to take a nap after reading all you've accomplished. The roses are just gorgeous!! Hugs, and so sorry you didn't get those concert tickets. Bruce would have been amazing to see!!

  16. You need to go back to Ohio where most parking is free!!! WOW! That's a lot to park!!

    It sounds to me like you've been busier than you think so no wonder you don't know how it got to be May!!

    Take care!!

  17. WHEW!
    Total bummer about the Springsteen concert.
    But the 150th birthday sounds so cool.

  18. Thanks darlin'...ya know how I love roses!!!

    Sorry 'bout the Springsteen concert...bummer!!!

    You have had a most busy life sweetie!

    Have a blissfully blessed week my friend!!! :o)

  19. I always enjoy catching up with you, Joanna!

  20. I'm sure your friend will be happy to share her harvest.. especially if you shared that chocolate cake.. yum. I hope the doctor appointments are now in the past and that all is looking better. Keeping busy is good.. just enjoy. And thanks for the flowers. They're most lovely.

  21. sounds like it´s been a great 4 months.... you crack me up- i obsess about the price of parking too. (obsessed might be a little strong- but you know what i mean.) And sit and watch golf next to the sleeping fan. :) and I hate to tell you this, don´t hate me, but i have tickets to see bs in madrid and san sebastian. (we are taking the kids to see him in s.s. - can´t wait for them to have the b.s. concert experience.):)
    big hugs!

  22. What a busy life! But cake, parties and those beautiful roses certainly bring joy!

    Here's hoping you can get some relaxation in too.

  23. I'm glad you have been celebrating birthdays- you do know how much I love a good birthday cake and celebration. The roses are beautiful! Enjoy. xo

  24. At first I thought you were going to give us a run down of the parking lot prices. The combination of online payments and the credit cards we do not write many checks anymore. This is certainly cutting down the post office biz.

  25. Gads, I do not miss the cost of parking. When you total it up like this you have to see you really have been busy and have accomplished much. What was wrong with the bathing suit?

  26. OH! Look at those beautiful white roses!
    And, it looks to me like you've gotten a lot done in the last 4 months.

  27. So fun to hear what's happening in your world :)

  28. Five quilts! What an achievement!! I'd love to see pictures of them if you would. I'll have to scroll back in case you did already, too. I do love quilts.

  29. Darling girl thank you for my beautiful roses! And for sharing your sure once you wrote it down you realised that you had achieved more than you expected. What a good idea to help with your friend's garden and share the produce....much more fun than working alone...thank you for sharing with us...our lives are richer for it...

  30. You are so lucky to have such a great roses in your garden. Our weather is still miserable...

  31. I know I read this post and wrote a comment...but I don't see it here. Someone in heavenly cyberspace must have censored it and deemed it not suitable for such an esteemed blog as yours.

    I agree, the days/weeks/months, etc, seem to be whirling past with record speed. That four months in India is my case in point. I am feverishly saving for a plane ticket to return, this time for six months.

    Oh, how nice to be so creating to make quilts. Once, long ago, I did dozens of needlework, cross stictch and crewel projects - but not in years. They are all in storage now, with my other things, piled ceiling high where I can't access a thing, waiting my final decision to finally return home and set up a small apartment.

  32. Those roses are soooo gorgeous!!! We have 3 inches of snow this morning. Guess I'm going to have to go buy some flowers if I want them! LOL

  33. As beautiful as those roses are, they pale in comparison to you J.J.

  34. ok. You live life to the fullest don't you. How inspiring.

    well, except for the doctor stuff of course.

    and I echo the request for quilt photos. please?


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