Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Other News...

I've been feeling sorry for myself lately as I muddle through a nasty cold and flu.  In all honestly, I'm used to being sick and thought I'd mastered the art of laying low and recovering.  But this bug is kicking my butt so please excuse me for being so late in announcing my GIVEAWAY WINNER....

You remember my giveaway of this beautiful custom designed necklace from Izzy at Under The Copper Sky, right?

Congratulations to HOLLY at Your Mother Know But Won't Tell You.  

Please stop by and visit each of these bloggers.  Izzy is a lovely writer and designs gorgeous jewelry and Holly is one of my earliest blog buddies whose writing is thought provoking, inspiring and sometimes a little bit snarky-- just the way I like it.


In other news, before I was coughing up a lung, I stopped by my local dry cleaners and walked in on a gigantic mess.  The usually very organized and efficient shop was all in a dither because their computer crashed, and after four very long days of trying to recover their info, it seems, sadly, that it's a total loss. Everything is gone.

Staff was going through the laborious task of removing numerically filed miles of cleaned laundry off their massive two-story conveyor belt and refiling them alphabetically.  It's hard to describe the task because it was gigantic-- including requiring an enormous tent in the parking lot filled with rented racks to hold the laundry.

Why share this news with you?  It's a brutal reminder of how important it is to back up your computer on a regular basis-- Which it turns out, is something this dry cleaners never did!
Yesterday, Godson's mom picked him up early from school for a dental appointment.  But before they could drive across town to the appointment they had to stop at a fast food place for him to use the bathroom.  When asked why he "didn't go at school" he informed his mother that the bathrooms are locked except at meal time.

It's true too.  We called and checked.

This is a public high school where kids can't use the bathroom between classes because of "undesirable activities".  I didn't bother asking what that meant because I was pretty sure it wasn't just "smoking in the bathroom" like in my days at school.

I'm still scratching my head over that one.... and angry about it on so many levels.  Sheesh.
I hope to be back soon and healthy again.  Until then, as my mother would say-- "Cover your mouth when you cough so you don't get everyone else sick."

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  1. Ah, coughing up a lung. I do not envy you. Nor do I envy the dry cleaner employees. Perhaps I will remember to back up my hard drive this weekend...perhaps.

    It is shameful what our schools have become. While everyone's busy pointing fingers, the truth is our entire society is failing our children. I'm selfishly grateful not to be raising kids "these days."

    (On the other hand, while our bathrooms in high school were never locked, they were so socially treacherous, I just learned to hold it all day!)

  2. Holy goodness?! I won? Really? I'm so excited and totally caught off guard. Thanks Joanna for such a nice thing you did.

    Feel better...I can't take care of you from all these miles away. And, well, it will make me feel inferior and like a failure. I just don't need that. Get on it!

  3. Sending loads of cyber get well soon wishes!!!!!

  4. Here's sendin' that lovely Holly one of my big old CONGRATULATIONS girl!!!

    I'm so sorry the coughin' crud had entered your world. Bless your heart.

    Take care, snuggle down under a warm blankie, sip some soup and plug in a great movie.

    Hugs and prayers comin' your way sweetie!!!

    God bless and feel better my friend.

  5. YAY Holly! I'll be sending this lovely creation to you soon!

    JJ feel better. Big hug.

  6. ooo a locked bathroom...that could def cause some trouble...smiles...ugh ont he computer crash at the dry cleaners, bet that was a mess...hope you are feeling beter soon jj

  7. You poor thing, I know how you feel I'm still coughing from that bug and wishing it would stop already. I'm shocked that kids can't use the bathrooms except at meal time, what's the world come to and like you I can't imagine what was going on and I don't want to know, but honestly, there has to be something they can do, people need to use facilities. Take care!!

  8. Congrats to Holly and thanks for doing this giveaway. Hope you feel better quick!

  9. My sympathies on your ongoing cold. This seems to be a exceptionally bad year for illness. It seems like half the bloggers I follow are down with something. I have been fighting one thing or another all year. Right now it's mouth sores like I've never had before. Go figure!

  10. I just got over a cough, so I know how you feel. It´s not fun!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Hope you feel better soon!

    Wonder what the school does when on of the kids really has to go and can't hold it.

  12. Big congrats to your winner...this is a lovely gift.
    Girl, I sure hope you start feeling better...sometimes those bad coughs can last for weeks, even months...
    hang in there and drink lots of green tea..

  13. I am astounded at the locked bathrooms. I bet they don't lock the teachers out of the bathrooms.
    I'll have to ask about that at the schools around here.
    I hope you are on the mend and feeling much better soon.
    Congrats to you winner. That is a great necklace.

  14. oh that's terrible about the bathrooms! Hope you feel better soon and congrats to Holly. And what a nightmare at the cleaners, wow.

  15. That bathroom lock-down seems like an over reaction but I don't know anything about the school.
    Dry cleaner brought to its knees by a crashed computer - interesting.
    get well soon

  16. "Holding it in" is not normal or healthy. Get a Dr. to back up the parents.

    And I put my best pics on my blog, and store my info on the cloud at google docs and mailed to my backup email account!

    Computers require regular care, as I blogged about this week.

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  17. I can't imagine the scenee at the cleaners. You have to give them an A for trying.

    Oh dear I hope you feel better soon. I too have been struggling the last 2 weeks with my norm health issues thinking please don't send to the hospital. As soon as I was thinking I was getting better I came down with this nasty cold. Fever, chills, achy bones and stuffy nose, that now is red and raw. I must sound and look terrible my boss told me not to come in this week and my love has put up a pillow between us!! LOL... xo

  18. Hope you feel better soon. I too have the stuffy nose & all the aches & pains that accompany a cold/flu. Boo hoo to us :(

    Sad about the bathrooms at school. It's a mean new world out there.

    And the dry cleaner- oy vey! What a mess!

  19. no to the bathrooms being locked! gah, makes me nervous, not being able to go, when i need to. lol

    hello friend!
    feel better.

  20. Locked bathrooms. Awful.
    Schools in our area seldom have school assemblies because they're afraid if they get the students all together in one place they (teachers) won't be able to "keep the peace" among them. Not good...Hope you're feeling better soon.

  21. The only thing on my computers I would really miss are my pictures, and they are backed up twice. If they weren't so big I'd put them in the cloud, too, but then I'd need to buy lots of space.

    Hope you are over that cold soon. I am also appalled at the locked bathrooms. Good grief!

  22. Hope you feel better soon...I hate colds...they really wipe you out!
    Locked bathrooms?? Sheesh is right!! Again the acts of a few and everybody has to pay!!

  23. Congrats to your winners!
    That bathroom situation makes me so stinking MAD. Your poor godson. What crap.

  24. Sorry you're sick kiddo. I bet you still look beautiful, even when you're coughing.
    I'm on round two of this weird cold that has been making the circuit. This time it just feels like a piece of wool stuck in my throat, not so bad compared to the first round of hacking and sore-red-nose.
    Hope you feel better soon. Try drinking Naked Juice, the green one. It helps. And herbal tea. And a shot of rum before bed takes out the itch. Lots of rest. Try to walk a little if you feel up to it, that will jump start your metabolism.

  25. Good lord woman! Just what you need, to be ill! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    The info about locking the bathrooms totally blows my mind! Who'd have thought such a thing?? I can't believe it!

  26. Good lord woman! Just what you need, to be ill! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    The info about locking the bathrooms totally blows my mind! Who'd have thought such a thing?? I can't believe it!

  27. First, I hope you feel better soon! Secondly, that's incredible, about the bathroom policy for your godson's bathroom. I have NEVER heard of this, but then again, my son is 26 now, and the gradeschool years are long past. Is this common all over the country now? How very sad, and what a commentary on the state of kids, schools, parenting ... I could go on, but won't...

  28. Hope you feel better soon! Colds are so nasty -- whenever they happen.

    Locked bathrooms?? OMG!!

  29. Undesirable activity... well my mind boggles at the thought!
    Sure is different to my day too.
    I hope you are feeling better soon Chick.

  30. Two things - as an asthmatic who gets scary coughs and congestion with colds and bronchitis, the best thing I've found to cure the coughing is a prescription called Tessalon. It is tiny 'pearls' like small vitamin E.

    How can they lock school bathrooms? Shouldn't they have to keep a few opened (with monitors) all the time? That is just wrong.

  31. So sorry you are down with flu. It has been a couple days since I read any blogs. That is a good thing that I am so busy but I miss some news. Hugs to you and hope you are feeling better now.

    Congrats to Holly! She will enjoy Izzy's jewelry, I know I sure do. And I bet Holly and Izzy become friends too.
    You always have the best giveaways.

    What a way for kids to grow up these days with bathrooms locked in schools. I feel so sorry for all kids today with the things they face and have to live around.

  32. congratulations to Holly! And I'm sorry this cold/flu is kicking your butt.

    We always had undesirable activity going down in our bathrooms -- even in elementary school! Teachers regularly toured through them to kick kids out. Locking them seems a cruel thing to do to kids -- perhaps they need to start wizzing on the lawn, preferably near the principals' office.

  33. Just got back from Cali where I saw several Asians wearing masks over their mouths. I was told a lot of them don face masks when they get a cold to avoid contaminating others.

    Seems a bit extreme to me. Just do what your mother said, and I bet you'll be fine soon enough. Be well -- and stay out of those school bathrooms!

  34. Hope you are feeling better. If not I recommend out of date cough mixture. It's sticky, tasty and makes you drunk!
    Fond wishes for a speedy recovery.

  35. Feel better soon jj!
    I'm trying to blockmout the bathroom story...:)

  36. Wow the school thing is a mindblower. These poor kids. Like going to school in a penitentiary . feel better west side lady.

  37. Hope you've fully recovered now, JJ.


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