Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dr. Who and the Tardis Quilt

Dr. Who collectables scatter my godson's bedroom and Tardis comments pepper his conversation on a regular basis.  I've never seen an entire episode (Shh, don't tell!) but-- I can assure you, Godson has seen them ALL and he and his friends LOVE the show.

Over the years I've searched far and wide for Dr. Who collectibles and treats, picking them up in my travels and hoping it's something he doesn't already have.

This year, I'm pretty sure his upcoming birthday will make me a bit of a hero, if I do say so myself.

This is what I made for him...

(It took a while to put together using the Relatively Dimensional quilt pattern by Hunter's Design Studio.  I made the border slightly larger using Quilter's Linen Metallic-- the solids are Kona Cotton. All are from my favorite fabric store-- Sew Modern in Los Angeles.)

While working on the quilt, I tried to subtly drill Godson about specifics on the Tardis so I could quilt it as "real" as possible.  That process was a bit like pulling teeth but in the end, I figured out enough to give it a go...

Late in the game I learned there is some sort of round seal so I winged it to give the very basic "idea" of where it belongs.

Spoonflower was my source for the printed panels.  Info for that was included in the pattern.

I'll give the quilt wrapped with popcorn and all the goodies to go with an evening of Dr. Who binge watching with his friends.

The quilt has been washed so it's super soft and crinkly, which I love.  And it'll get even better with each washing.

Happy Birthday to my favorite Dr. Who fan!

Welcome to  -  Joanna Jenkins


  1. Wow! No, Wowie Zowie Incredible! You have definitely given a Dr Who fan the best present in the known universe. I am hoping you'll be able to post his reaction. :-)

  2. You are just the best godmother ever! He's one lucky boy.

  3. Oh my good God he is going to FREAK!!! This is freaking amazing! You are one very talented quilter.


  4. lucky godson, what a fabulous one of a kind quilt you are so talented!

  5. Will you be my godmother? This is beautiful work and I LOVE it.

  6. Oh man. How much? Seriously. You wanna make another one? I know quilting doesn't work that way, but it would likely be the best gift my daughter could receive. I couldn't afford it. Nevermind. But you are going to be a star for that boy.

  7. We are big Dr Who fans. I agree - you will be a hero!

  8. Amazing! We're fans of The Doctor here, so we recognize just how out of this world your gift is. GOrgeous work!

  9. Wow, that is an awesome quilt. Your godson is going to be over the moon with it. Well done my friend!! Hugs!

  10. That is AMAZING! OMG you have done a fantastic job of it, your godson will LOVE IT I am sure. My blog went private for a week, but will be public again tomorrow.

  11. You have a great big generous heart and the talent to go with it. Such a lucky boy to have you in his life.
    That's an amazing job you did on the quilt dear Joanna. Bravo!

  12. I don't have a clue about all of this but you did a fantastic job! I'm still reeling from a purple dinosaur!

  13. Coolest Godmother ever! You did a great job, Joanna.

  14. Great quilt. Just wanted to let you know its actually called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space).
    Kind Regards, Ann (I'm old enough - just - to remember these Police Boxes still being used)

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate it.

  15. Hi. I commented last week regarding the Tardis. Did you receive my comment? Regards. Ann

  16. You are amazingly talented. I've never tried quilting but my dear friend of forty years, who lives in the Tampa area, took me to an international quilt show when I visited last year. Some of the quilts defy description and must have been worth a fortune - so creative and breathtakingly beautiful. I've done cross stitch, crewel and the like - and I am FINALLY finishing up the Christmas stocking for my sweet granddaughter, Harper, who will soon be three-years-old.

    I know your godson will be thrilled!


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