Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tis The Season

I've been busy, as you can see.

This the my workroom-- which sounds fancier than "my old office".  I might switch to calling it my "studio" in 2015 where I create, mediate and retreat to when the day catches up with me.  But for now it's the space I dumped all my holiday shopping packages.

It's hard to tell, but behind the mountain of boxes and bags is a large table with my sewing machine on it.  Behind that is a long cabinet stacked high with fabric.  Honest.

And I'm usually very neat and organized.  (Not.)

So this week I sorted, wrapped and wrapped and wrapped, boxed up and shipped, and divided the remaining packages into stacks for their local destinations this holiday.

I can almost see the floor again.

Did my husband help, you ask?  Why of course.  He brought home a package of bows from the drug store... And his work is done.

How's your holiday shopping coming along?

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  1. That sounds about right. Men! ;)

  2. I think you were in MY house this weekend.


  3. oh you've been a busy bee! Merry Christmas to you and your husband!

  4. Well, I don't have nearly the volume of gifts to deal with that you do, but I've got it pretty well in hand. I think. Now you make me feel downright organized! :-0

  5. I think I'm almost done with my shopping and wrapping....I don't have much to ship. Now I have to turn my efforts toward preparing for a Christmas Eve open house. Enjoy having all that work behind you and have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. MY WIFE finished her end of the shopping today. She was so excited about it, she burst into my bedroom to tell me while I was smoking (something she is reticent to do, since it stinks and she has asthma.)

    I am almost done with my end of the deal (that is, for others than her, just as she is done with others rather than me - I think...)

  7. hey, never underestimate the power of extra bows you know....smiles.

    done...finished before thanksgiving...less stress that way...

  8. Sounds very familiar.... wrapping presents must be akin to changing diapers... one of those tasks that men will find any excuse they can think of, to get out of doing! You're ahead of me with your holiday prep, though! But I'm determined to enjoy every bit of it, regardless of how hectic and harried it might be!

  9. Wow, that's a lot of presents. And I thought our dining room looked overstocked and overstuffed! You're going to be making someone happy!

  10. you have been a very busy lady. why is it that the hubbies of this world really don't share in the torture, I mean joy of the season, haha, Hugs!!

  11. That looks like my office! Enjoy the holiday season.

  12. What a fantastic feeling
    when you've been to the
    post office and everything
    is signed, sealed, and waiting
    to be delivered!!!

    Merry Christmas, and enjoy
    all of that space you've

    xo Suzanne

  13. You are lucky your hubby helped so much! Mine did NOTHING!
    I am sure your office/work room/studio will be all tidy again very soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS CHICK, and all the best for 2015.

  14. A package of bows? He's a keeper. xo Happy Holidays, friend!

  15. Part of the season is the hustle and bustle, the mess, the wrapping, the baking, and then poof....it's over. I love this time of year. When things are growing cold here, and the heating costs are through the roof, it's nice to have family & friends to focus on. Kind of takes the sting out of the onset of winter.
    I think your "mess" is a positive thing, and a good sign that you are rich in family & friends.
    Merry Christmas Joanna. Here's wishing you all the joys of the season. Love & kisses, xo d

  16. I do have my mailing done (almost ALL the cards and ALL the packages). But wrapping, no. Baking, some. Tree decorated -- not really. It just is too much this year!

    I am filled with awe!

  17. at least those are presents! my office just has stacks of papers EVERYWHERE! ;) Merry Christmas, sugar plum!

  18. I did get the mailing of packages done, but not before paying a arm and a leg to get them to their destination by xmas... that will teach me to not send them the weekend before. SMH. It's all love though... It's christmastime. xoxo

  19. Because we were leaving on vacation, I had to have all my shopping and shipping done by 12/12. It was a bit of a fire drill but boy does it feel good now!! Merry Christmas!


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