Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Not In Charge

Just when I thought life was about to get back to my normal routine, I was reminded that I'm not in charge... Not even a little.  Here's what I've been up to and a few things I've learned along the way.

1.  Three weeks ago I got a cold.   It was 90 degrees outside.  Since then I've been drinking cough syrup like it's my job and gone through about 2 dozen boxes of tissues. 

2.  Then totally out of the blue and for no reason at all, I'm getting a stabbing feeling in my right calf followed by what feels like an electric shock-- a really long and painful electric shock in my calf-- and then it just stops.  Completely.  Like it never happened.  At first I thought I was dreaming (while wide awake) but it kept happening over and over.  I have an appointment with the doctor in November-- because it's not "an emergency".  In the meantime, I'm randomly grabbing my leg in pain and trying not to look like a nut case.

3.  Two weeks ago I boarded an airplane with a wonky leg and wearing a surgical mask so as not to infect fellow passengers with my cold.  I discovered said fellow passengers still do not want to sit with me.  When fellow passengers threw a nasty hissy fit they got to have the center seat I was supposed to sit in all to themselves.  I got to sit in Business Class... Where I slept like a baby and never coughed once during the nearly 5 hour flight.

4.  Upon arriving in Cleveland, Ohio from #3's plane ride, I immediately drove like a wild woman to the hospital where my mother is recovering from an emergency surgery.  She's holding her own but has a long road to recovery ahead.  Please keep her in your prayers.

5.  While at the hospital with mom (still wearing a surgical mask along with about ten gallons of antibacterial lotion 100% of the time) I realized it was the same hospital I worked in 36 years ago when I first graduated from high school.  The only thing that's the same after all these years are the elevators-- the ones I used to (and continued to on this trip) get stuck in on a regular basis.

6.  I discovered hospital food is now delivered by folks wearing Fast Food-type uniforms who say "Room Service" when bringing patients their food tray.  I laughed out loud at that one.

7.  I miss the good old days when your actual doctor-- the one who knows you personally because he's treated you for years and has all your medical history-- was still your doctor while IN the hospital.  Now they have "Hospitalists" who make the rounds on every patients in the hospital for your doctor.  Yes, these are smart docs but really... these docs are over worked and have no knowledge of a patient's PAST medical history, they are simply treating the patient TODAY.  It's unsettling when you ask a Hospitalist treating your mother a question about her medical state and a blank stare is received in return-- Followed by a lengthy reminder to the doctor of your mother's medical history.

8.  I think my sisters and I earned gold stars for not knocking the Hospitalists on their butts more than a few times.

9.  That is, except for Mom's surgeon-- Dr. Blue Eyes.  He is awesome, and very cute.  I think our mother would like to take him home with her when she's discharged... Which won't be for a very long time so until then she's enjoying flirting with him shamelessly on a daily basis. 

10. Beware when a hospital offers Valet Parking that is staffed by 80 year old volunteers as a fund-raising opportunity.  It's best to park your own car, even in a blinding rainstorm with a leg that feels like it's being electrocuted.  I'm just sayin'.

11. Are you a "The Big Bang Theory" TV show fan?  If so, then you will appreciate how sweet it was to hear two different generations of my family sing "Soft Kitty" to my mom.

12. Nurses are angels.  Truly-- There is nothing better than a good nurse.  Be nice to them.  And bring them black ink pens.  Everyone is always taking their pens, especially Hospitalists.

Hope you are doing great! 
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  1. What a heroic time you've had!

    You are my heroine now

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  2. will def be praying for your mother...and hope that pain in your leg goes away...sheesh you have had a run of late eh? will pray for you too...smiles.

  3. Oh, my! You have had a time of it. I'm so sorry you have to have all these things at once. (Although the second class sounds pretty good!) I send good wishes for a speedy recovery for your mother and also for your leg. Doesn't sound fun at all. Not a bit. And I hope both are resolved soon -- and well. Take care.

  4. I am also sending you lots of good thoughts, and I hope that you will be getting some relief from all these events, including that electronic leg! :-)

  5. I must admit to laughing just a little at the thought of you boarding the plane with a wonky leg and a mask. Guess you got the last laugh, sitting in business class though!
    I will pray for your Mom. Glad you're looking out for her. I can tell you that not having your own Dr in the hospital isn't so good. We have people come back to us with their meds messed up because no one really knows the patient with this new service.
    Yes - nurses do love black pens. :)
    I am sorry about your leg issue and will pray for you too!

  6. What a eventful few days you are having; mom in hospital, cold, shocking pain in your leg, plane flight. We are Big Bang Theory fans in our house too.

  7. Wow JJ, that leg thing sounds awful. I can't believe how rude the people on the plane were when you were being so polite and wearing a mask. You should have taken the mask off and sneezed on them. Business class sounds wonderful though. As for your Mom, my prayers are with her and your family. It's hard to have family in the hospital and be so far from them. Big Hugs my friend!!

  8. I hope your leg thing turns out to be nothing of importance... it doesn't sound good, though. Glad you're going to get it checked out.

    Sending good wishes your mom's way. My mom is having surgery this week. And of course I'm worried but there isn't anything I can do.


  9. wonder what's causing your leg pain? All the best to your mom!

  10. I'm sending prayers your way for your mom, your cold and your leg. Whew! You're getting it all at once. Hopefully, 2013 will get better....I'll also be praying that 2014 will be pain-free and hospital-free.

  11. Nurses are the ones that do all the work & hold things together...

    That's good for you for being considerate with the mask while flyng... most others would just spread germs &not think twice.

  12. What madness!
    But I'm glad you scored a better seat on that plane and overcame your head cold.

  13. You had to travel with the electric shock going on in your leg? Gads. Good for you that you got to sleep on the flight. And in business class no less. Ahhhh.

    Sorry to hear about your mother's emergency surgery. I hope she recovers completely and can return to her home and enjoy life again. Will be waiting to hear reports on her progress.

    Take care of yourself.

  14. I love that your family sang "Soft kitty" to your mom. What a sweet thing to do. I love Big Bang Theory. ;)
    Nurses really are angels, I know from being in the same situation you were in.
    Hope the Doctor finds out what is wrong with your leg.

  15. I will be praying for you and your mom.
    I too caught a chest cold from hell while on vacation in warm hot Key West!!! Ack!!
    Take care

  16. I'm a big fan of Big Bang as well. "Soft Kitty" was always a favorite of my kids when they were little. My daughter Brenda is an RN, Cindy is a Group Home supervisor and Paula is a supervisor in an assisted living facility. (You can see their photo on my most recent blog.) Hope your mom is doing well and that your epic cold is on the wane.

  17. I have just had an experience with someone in the hospital and I agree with you that nurses are angels and that hospitalists are a pain. I hope things go well with your mom's recovery. I'm glad she has a cute doc that brings some joy into her days.
    I hope it isn't too long before you get some answers about your leg.

  18. Awww -singing WArm Kitty to your mum - how awesome!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  19. OF COURSE YOUR MOM IS IN MY PRAYERS!! Only you could make such a stressful situation funny. Hope your leg gives you some rest!

  20. I will be placing you and your Mom on the distance Reiki list. As to your electrocution in the leg? I had a similar thing going on in my ankle. Something is pressing on the nerve. In may case it was a ping pong sized growth in the space by the knuckle of my ankle. It's why I had foot surgery a couple of years ago. I hope they find the cause because you are totally right, it happens and then shuts off like it never happened and it comes on suddenly and you feel like a nut. Your line about drinking cough syrup like it was your job?!?!? LOLLLLLL that's a great one. One of these days, we have to meet when you're here. Just have to. I love you. Proceed with a joyful heart and know that all will be well.

  21. By George, I think you've cracked it...the way to get a seat to yourself in business class. Good show. Dianne

  22. Hospitalists - that's a new for me.
    I think hospitals and healthcare has become too much a big big business.
    Wishing you and your mom well.

  23. Take care of yourself as you care for your mothers.

  24. Here's wishing you better and a speedy recovery. My son watches The Big Bang... I still haven't got into it totally.

    Greetings from London.

  25. Tough time you've been going through, Hope you and your mom are both on the mend.

    I feel sorry for the docs in the hospitals. Insurance companies have made practicing medicine increasingly difficult as they cut reimbursement rates and increase requirements.

  26. I hope your mum gets better soon, although it sounds like she's quite enjoying Dr blue eyes. Maybe next time I fly I will wear a face mask a d see if I can get upgraded, it has to be better than having a small child kick the back of your seat for four hours! Hope your leg is soon sorted out, that sounds worrying. :)

  27. I hope all is going well for you and yours. I just said a prayer.

    My Dad hated different doctors stepping in to check on him. He used to say. "Every time one of those bastards sticks his head in the room and says, 'How are you feeling today, Mr. Sullivan', it costs me fifty bucks for a 'consultative visit'"

  28. All the best to you and your mum, JJ.

  29. I hate that look from the Hospitalist!!! I know it! IT stinks!!! I'm sorry your dealing with so much. AND I hope you feel better soon. Sending prayers!! and hugs.


  30. Sorry for the late visit.....I hope your Mom is doing better and your are over your cold! I love that you were moved to business class bad behavior should never be rewarded! Keeping your mom in my prayers!

  31. About half of my nurses during a recent hospital stay were male. Dianne

  32. i'm praying for your mom, hoping you're feeling better and completely agreeing with the fact that nurses are angels.

    hugs !!!

  33. The fact that you can find humor in all this and make us laugh as well is pretty amazing - and also a good reminder: Sometimes you have to look hard to find a smile, but don't ever give up looking! You just proved why with this post! Thank you! My favorite part was about the valet parking - so completely true! :) Hope both your leg and your mom feel better very soon!

  34. Prayers for your mom..I hope she is home now and recovering nicely!

  35. That's terrible - I don't get sick often so I know when I do I am down for the count. Hope you are 100% soon! Hope all is going well for your mom - prayers going up!

  36. Oh my.. lots of unpleasantness going on in your world. I will keep you and your mother in my best thoughts. I hope all turns out well.


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