Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On A Mission

These are my friends BB and Rosebud-- They are cousins, best friends and two determined nine year olds on a mission.

Despite a very serious kidney disease of her own, Rosebud (pictured on the right) fund-raises all year long for lupus because her mom has the nasty disease. With BB by her side every step of the way, you'd be blown away by the amount of support and money these two dynamos raise... All of this while Rosie is fighting to keep her kidneys functioning.

This week the girls are having a huge bake sale and then on Sunday they are running in the 5K Lupus International Race For Life. Here's what Rosie says about it in their own words...

Why I run …

I run the Lupus Race for Life to help people who are sick, like me. I have HSP IgA Nephropathy. It’s not fair to have people feel the same way I do. People with lupus go through some of the same problems as me.

Running this race makes people feel good inside—those who are sick and those to can run. It’s because we all come together to make a difference. Even if you are sick like me, you can still make a difference. Like George Lopez does for kids with kidney problems at the Painted Turtle Camp. I got to meet him this year—he was really nice and funny too!

So here I am. Trying to make a difference.

I don’t feel good when my mommy is sick. It makes me sad. I am the only one with kidney problems in my family.

I help people who I don’t know, but I am helping the most important person—my mommy who has lupus. What’s better than a daughter and mommy relationship?

My favorite hobbies are running, surfing, pitching and relaxing. I run every year. That means I am helping myself and people with lupus feel good.

I won first place when I was four years old for the 1 mile. It was hard, but fun. Even if you just take a step at least you try. I just really want you to try. Last year I came in last, but I finished. I didn’t give up.

All you have to do is participate—run, walk and/or give. So why not? Plus, after the race, you can get breakfast. They serve pancakes, sausage, eggs, tortillas and fruit.

Will you run the race with me and help people with lupus?

You will feel good about yourself!

xo Rosebud

I adore these girls and I myself have lupus so I especially appreciate their efforts. Please help me cheer them on this Sunday October 2nd. Make a pledge, say a little prayer or read more to understand lupus

Thanks a million.

Welcome to - Joanna Jenkins


  1. You moderate your comments? You must, otherwise i'm the first and that's like uNHEARD OF! :))

  2. very cool jj...what awesome little ones wanting to make a difference and what an example they are to wishes to them!

  3. Reading about great little human beings like these girls gives me hope for the future.

  4. What amazing girls for such a great to check it out!

  5. Good for them! We did a cancer walk, the Relay for Life, back in June -- see -- and it made us feel really good (well, not B so much; she stayed up all night). And we helped raise money for a good cause.

    May you all win the race ... in the only way that's important!

  6. I just melt when it's the kiddos makin' a difference. What amazin' girls these are.

    I'm hoppin' over to check 'em out.

    Have a blessed and peaceful day sweetie!!! :o)

  7. What sweet girls. I wish them great things!

  8. Their smiles are vibrant and full of energy to serve and make a difference.

  9. Doing something positive to help her mom must help Rosebud endure all the treatments and discomfort. What a family. And hooray to you, Joanna, for posting info about Lupus. You are a rock.

  10. Kudos to these beautiful little girls...what spirit they have, and to you Joanna for all the support you give them.

  11. What sweethearts they both are. I love their spirits! I may not be able to contribute at this point, financially but I'll be praying as they raise awareness for lupus and kidney disease.

    They are precious!

  12. Fantastic post -- I am inspired and delighted to be able to contribute to the cause -- I can't walk, but I can support them financially (every lil' bit helps, as they know). Thanks to you for telling their story. I've had friends with Lupus and it sucks. Big time.

    My best wishes to these wonderful girls!

  13. What two amazing girls - so much bravery and kindness! Gives us all hope for a better world.

  14. Hi Joanna - not sure if you noticed but you were one of the winners of a piece of my jewellery for commenting on my blog. If you like to email me your address I will send you your gift.My email address is Congratulations.

  15. What an inspiration these girls are! I wouldn't be surprised if they exceed their fundraising goals!

    I'm off to visit the link.

  16. Wow! They are sure starting early, but they are inspirations to people like me. Thanks for the links, I'll go over there. :-)

  17. Such little angels they are. Beautiful hearts helping others.

  18. Hi JJ, I remember this from last year. I've donated. I would've donated more, but the initial donation page leaves a little to be desired as far as indicating that all donations are tax deductible, etc. I didn't feel very confident. Maybe someone could modify it next year?

  19. That's inspirational, JJ. My heart goes out to them.

  20. What sweet and wonderful girls! I'll be cheering them on!

  21. What a credit to their family and friends these treasures this early age they've discovered the meaning of life...loving kindness for themselves and for others...the future is brighter for all of us....thank you little chicks!


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