Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Doggone It

I was bit by a dog-- Not my neighbor's dog who mysteriously appeared on our roof-- By a yip-yappy, scrawny mutt that belongs to a friend. 

The dog and I have met on countless occasions in the past two years with no problems but for whatever reason, my leg suddenly became his chew toy of choice.  Four significant puncture wounds from his very big teeth, a tetanus shot, and no swimming in the pool for the past month later, and I'm kinda over it.

Then I was attacked by an extremely hungry mosquito who literally chewed it's way around the dog bite on my calf and well, I'm really over it now.

My leg is still nasty looking-- purple and red marks with bruises, and has a long way to go to "normal".  It's awful hot and humid here in Los Angeles-- So hot, I'd actually endure putting on a bathing suit to swim and cool off rather than sweat it out on the sidelines.  And, I had been inching closer to actually getting a dog of our own.

Now, the dog idea is permanently on hold and the bathing suit I bought still has the tags on it.

Sigh.  Is summer over yet?

How's by you?

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Photo credit: © kumdinpitak - Fotolia.com