Friday, April 11, 2014

Asking For Help Isn't Easy

Many of you may know the lovely Sarah S. from Cottage Garden Studios--  She's a blogger from way back and one of my most cherished blog friends.  But she hasn't been around much lately and there's a very serious reason for that.

Sarah has quietly been battling breast cancer for the past few months.

And now she needs our help.

Please stop by her blog and read what she has to say.  And, if you can, make a donation to help her through this difficult and financially crippling battle. 

Asking for help is extremely difficult for Sarah so she is offering this piece of her beautiful original art in a raffle as a thank you to those who donate $5 or more.  She's just that kind of girl.

Please stop by and cheer Sarah on with a comment and if you can, a donation.   And please share this on your blog as well.  The raffle ends April 20th.

A million thanks from Sarah and me.

xoxo Joanna