Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fragments

I have looked at the blank post page on Blogger for weeks.  Many days I have absolutely nothing to say-- as if my head did a Spring cleaning and emptied it of words. 

So, thanks to the lovely Mrs. 4444, I'm joining Friday Fragments in an effort to snap out of my funk and back into writing...


I tried pouring myself into the Olympics and remain mostly bored.  Is it my mood or is this Winter Olympics kind of a dud?  And the news announcers who don't give a spoiler alert so listeners can avoid hearing who won before watching the events at night-- Pfft.  They stink.


I made another quilt.  Sewing is calming and surprisingly mindless for me-- Cut, sew, cut, sew... And it's a solitary activity so my crabbiness doesn't rub off on anyone.  I told you about the "Soft Kitty" thing between my brother and Mom here--  This is the quilt I made him out of her tee shirt.

It took me two weeks to send my brother the quilt after it was finished because it meant letting go a piece of mom, so to speak, again.  But the response from my brother was priceless and I'm pretty sure we both had tears in our eyes when we talked about it. 


I got a Jawbone UP wristband for Christmas.  Have you heard of them-- The supped up pedometer that tracks your daily steps, sleep and food consumption?  I started out gangbusters and walked and walked and walked but... As all good intentions go, mine are currently lacking.  Tomorrow, I swear, I'm walking.  No, really.  Tomorrow-- walk, walk, walk.


My sweet great-niece, E is nearly 4 years old!!!  Godson and I sent her a purple feather boa for Valentine's Day.  We think she's liking it.

It's so cold and full of snow back home in Ohio that my niece could not spend one more day outside playing in the snow with her bundled up cutie.  So she brought the snow IN--  She filled the bathtub and let E have at it.

When I loaded and "saved" the above photo to my download file I accidentally labeled the snow photo the "snot" photo.  And THAT, actually made me laugh, all day long.

Have a grand weekend, my friends.

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