Thursday, September 24, 2015


Is it me or is it crazy to think we actually need a Bike Valet Parker at the mall?

Life in Los Angeles just got a little odder.

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  1. Fascinating to think that the same person who chose to arrive by bicycle - under their own steam - is too bone lazy to park their own bike.

  2. I kind of like it! "Don't dent it."

  3. Do they get a wash and some air in their tires with the valet parking?

  4. What will we see next I wonder, only in LA!

  5. Somewhere, someone is hatching out a plan - to wear a white shirt and black vest, and snatch some bikes! LOL!
    Luv ya, JJ!

  6. This is actually kind of fun! I love it. Somebody is very creative. :-)

  7. who's got time to park their bike? Were there any peddlers nearby?

  8. It's a bit clever isn't it...and gives someone a job as well. It'd be fun to sit an watch for a few hours....

  9. Our daughter goes to college in
    SoCal, so I hear funny stories from
    time to time. This made me smile,
    as my hubby is a cyclist (and out
    riding, as I type), but we've never
    seen any sort of "bike valet" here
    in MN! Usually, he just locks his
    up with a bike lock if he/we stop
    for coffee, etc.

    Hope your October is off to a
    wonderful start!

    xo Suzanne

  10. So, how much does one tip a bike valet?

  11. And you are still bloggin! :) So, about the valet bike parking... I am a cyclist and I would not want someone putting their butt on my seat. So, no. Plus, a tip to park a bike? No

  12. I've never heard of that, but at the prices my husband has paid for his bikes, I would want a security detail watching over whichever one he rode...but seriously...he would not be at the mall. That's no man's land to him. LOL!

  13. Maybe it is less likely to be sold on the black market if parked by a valet in a safe, secure place!!!!


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