Monday, November 17, 2014

Ten Reasons To Love A Maui Vacation

1.  Delta Airlines First Class Cabin:  Thanks to ten years worth of frequent flyer miles we finally were able to "turn left" at the door and entered First Class.  Ahh, what a great place to spend the five hour flight to vacation paradise.

2.  In Maui, we were greeted with gorgeous 84 degree weather for seven straight days.  It only started to rain when we were leaving.  (Yeah for us!)

3.  Westin Maui:  Despite being filled to capacity requiring long waits in lines galore, the staff was outstanding and very friendly with one goal-- To make us happy.  And they did just that!  We were surprised in our room with a bottle of wine and cake for Husband's birthday and a complimentary ocean-side cabana.  You can't beat that.  Oh, and the fish tacos next door at Leilani's were amazing.

4.  Even though it was November, there was not one single Christmas decoration in sight-- Anywhere!  How's THAT for "Not Before Thanksgiving"?!?  No rushing the holidays in paradise.

5.  Every traveler we spoke to was so darn happy to be in Hawaii and not back home where the weather was cold.  It brought the best out in people.

6.  When we got "fresh fished out" we headed to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Lahaina for a big juicy steak.

7.  Husband says the Pina Coladas in Maui, with fresh pineapple garnish, are better than anywhere else in the country.

8.  Fascinating People Watching:  Many, many hotel guests in Maui were rocking tattoos big time.  All ages and shapes from around the globe were showing off their ink and happy to tell you the story behind them... Even when you didn't actually ask.

9.  All you need to pack are bathing suits, tee shirts, shorts and flip flops making traveling light as breeze.

10.  And even though our return flight was delayed due to maintenance issues, Delta Airlines again scored huge points--  During the 90 minute wait, Delta Gate Personnel served warm drinks, sodas and snacks to all the passengers!  In all my years of travel I have NEVER seen that happen before.  Ever.

It was a glorious and relaxing week for us.  It's been a very long time since Husband and I took a "real" vacation-- meaning, just the two of us, not work related, with nothing on the agenda except relax and enjoy. Boy did we need it!

Ahh paradise.

How's your Sunday?
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  1. So pleased you and your husband had such an enjoyable and memorable flight/holiday (sorry you call it vocation . .) Good for Delta ~ nice to hear an airline success story . . :)
    Eddie xx

  2. That's sounds absolutely delightful and relaxing for you. I'm glad you enjoyed.

  3. wow Joanna, what a fabulous vaca, sounds good right about now, it is cold and snowy here.

  4. How wonderful! That does sound good right now, although it's not that bad here in New Mexico. I still have on sweat pants and a hoody......

  5. I'm just a teeny bit jealous as I sit her in my fuzzy slippers and a blankie over the rest of me, reading my blogs. It's been miserably cold here in the Pacific Northwest, dry too for a change. Yes, I'm glad you're having such a wonderful vacation but I wish I were in the next cabana over! :-)

  6. Wow, that sounds really nice.
    "Nice" is lame. That sounds swell.

  7. Sounds amazing, and to sit in warm sunlight sounds miraculous. And everything was secure when you got home?

  8. we made it there once. Did you do any ocean swimming/sailing/waverunner stuff?

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, and THANK YOU for telling others about it!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  10. Sounds like paradise. Never been to Hawaii myself, but maybe I should go, if for no other reason than the Pina Coladas in Maui!

  11. I love Hawaii. I've cruised there a couple of times but I've actually done land vacations ten or so times over the years. Had a great stay, once, at the Embassy Suites, at Kaanapali, and, once, when I was chasing a Royal Caribbean ship to all of its ports, we stayed at several different properties in Hawaii, really splurging which was great fun.

    I am so fortunate, also, to have lifelong friends, of fifty years, who are second generation Japanese, from Hawaii. Whenever I'm in Honolulu, I am wined and dined like royalty though one of my favorite spots to eat is still Ono's Hawaiian Foods where flip flops, shorts or muu muus are the order of the day.

  12. Sounds like a fabulous trip JJ. I've never been to Hawaii, but I may go someday. Until then I enjoyed your pic's on instagram and thought warm thoughts in our freezing corner of the world. Welcome home and hugs!!

  13. Wonderful! Sounds like a great time, Ahhhhhh..... I think I'll just stay here and relax at this post for awhile.

  14. Sounds wonderful....makes me think of my being in Maui several years really have no worries there! One of the young men working at the hotel said that he was actually getting "bored living in paradise...he kind of missed snow." We didn't! And congrats on no travel woes!

  15. We managed to fly business on our last trip too. Especially for the long flights it is such a pleasure. It will be hard to step to "the back" again on our next trip.
    Glad you had a wonderful vacation!

  16. sounds lovely, sweet pea! glad y'all had such a wonderful time and yes, first class flights are the best when they happen! xoxoxoxo

  17. This sounds fabulous and sorely needed, Joanna. I'm impressed about no Christmas yet! First class -- how divine!

  18. What a fantastic holiday you two had. I hope it's not too cold at home.


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