Sunday, June 29, 2014


Here's what I've spotted in my neighborhood lately...

These are cropping up everywhere-- 
Just in time for kids to be out of school.

Of course summer vacation means swimming, right?  
We live in walking distance to our community center 
and public pool.  It's the first time I've ever seen this 
sign and, um, no thank you on the swimming.

Anyone a Dr. Who fan? 

And remember when I told you about the single stubburn gladiola in our garden-- The one I've dug up for the past 22 years? 
It's bbbaaaaaaaaack!

How's your summer going so far?
Welcome to - Joanna Jenkins


  1. hahahahahahahahaha

    i just want to know
    who does the diarrhea check...

    can you imagine asking that as people signed in to the pool..


  2. No public swimming for me either!
    We love Dr Who. :)

  3. What do you have against stubborn gladiolas? Is that the new weed?
    Well I think the diarrhea think is a little blown out of proportion for the potential danger. Yes active diarrhea could be a very embarrassing and unhealthy event but 14 days - really? Don't most people shower/bathe over 14 days? I suggest changing it to if you haven't showered/bathed in more than 14 days please leave now.

  4. I agree with the showering/bathing rule! I do use our public pool here -- where the warning also includes warnings that if you use adult diapers, please wear protective coverings -- but the sign does give me pause.

  5. Love the pool sign!!
    Who's going to check???
    Oh and gladiolas are akmost as stubborn as diarhhea . . . . .LOL
    Summer OK so far . . . . fingers crossed ~ Eddie x

  6. I laughed at some of those signs and grimaced at others. Our pool at the YMCA is drained and painted yearly. The water becomes cloudy and rather unpleasant in the months before they do that. Ick!

  7. Oh, Lord, that sure does take the appeal out of swimming in a public pool, doesn't it?

  8. unbelievable about that gladiola, I would give up at this point!

  9. What is it with signs anymore, isn't some of this stuff that should be common sense? As for the swimming and that sign, well I'm glad I don't know how to swim cuz after reading that, I sure wouldn't get in the water. Well that glad is not going to go peacefully it appears, makes you wonder how it keeps on growing when you dig it up - it must have super powers, haha. Hugs!!

  10. I've seen that exact "Drive Like Your Kids..." sign in a few neighborhoods around our area; but not (thankfully!) the Keep Gate Closed sign. I'm not a Dr. Who fan ... had to look up the ref.

  11. am beginning to understand why elders seem bemused by the passing scene...

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  12. You know, as much as I hate the word "retard" and anything derivative of it, I can't help but smile when I see references to the Tardis. Does that make me a terrible hypocrite or just a die-hard Dr. Who fan?

  13. Ah, summer. Some fun spotting here! Our weddings are over and I'm just looking forward to lake time!

  14. I think that gladioli is trying to tell you it's meant to be there :)

  15. That pool sign makes me feel mighty grateful that I live on a lake. I only have boat fuel to contend with.

    Love the gladiola story (I remembered). Perhaps he just sneaks in each year and plants it anew. ;)

  16. :) what a sign!
    I wonder who'll check and how potential 'criminal'! :)

  17. Winter here, so no swimming.
    AS for that gladiola... it wants to LIVE clearly!
    It must laugh out loud every year when it pops it's head up! ha ha.
    Thanks for popping by my blog Chick.

  18. I like that Tardis sign! (I'm a big Dr Who fan.)

  19. JJ, I've been using my "blog" more as a professional web site this year, and haven't been visiting blogs as often. So I am glad you visited, as I have been thinking about you!

    In this post, I love that sign that reminds people to "Drive as if your kids live here." I saw one in my 'hood recently, and it immediately reminded me to slow down. We live in a lovely neighborhood with large trees and a boulevard, but people go racing through as if it were a highway and not a residential area. I worry about children and pets.

    It's bad enough that EVERYONE is swerving while they drive (with cell phones in hand) but when you ad speeding to that, it's really deadly.

    Thanks for the summer reminders, and glad you are back!

  20. The gladiola is really pretty, I think you should just leave it there as an emblem of the floral tenacity and spirit. I don't do pools in general, public or private. Sprinklers, however, all day long yes please! It is the finest way to weed a garden, with a sprinkler across your back every 30 seconds! Especially when it is 97F and 250% humidity.

  21. I think God is trying to tell you that gladiola belongs there :-)

  22. Hey there Sweetie,
    Had a really nice scroll down your page. Let's see, adorable grand daughter, funny dog, weird/nice urn, great traffic sign, beautiful stubborn flower, even more stubborn lizard.
    Had a lot of fun reading it all. Wish you could get a dog statue and put it on your roof. Also think the stubborn flower has earned a little protective fence of it's own & a medal. Love you, xo d

  23. I hope to have the stamina and fortitude of your gladiola.

  24. The diarrhea sign has painted such pictures in my head. I keep swinging between horrified and hilarity. Laughing and laughing...

    Still laughing....

  25. Speaking of diarrhea, I'm back in India and, hopefully, I will not experience a bout of same during my four month public pools for me...or, probably private ones. I hate putting this body in a bathing suit. I get it wet enough walking in monsoon rain. I venture out when I think there couldn't possibly be a drop left in the heavens and, of course, the gods above are just waiting for me.

    Poor gladiola...just let it might have special meaning to which you are not privy.


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